Decking the Halls

The holiday season is upon us & we are so happy to be filling our house with little bits of Christmas magic. We hung our advent calendar, decorated our tree & made our gingerbread mess house that the Elf brought for the girls. Harper wakes up every day asking if it is Christmas yet, and I love seeing all of the excitement in her eyes, and Eloise’s excitement that follows. The girls never miss an opportunity to dance to Christmas music, “ooh-and-ahh” over the tree & tell Claire all about Jesus’s birthday. We are taking full advantage of all that this season has to offer, in both teaching our kids about the true meaning of Christmas, and making every day just a little bit festive.

Pink 12 Days of Christmas Pajamas // Headband // Polka Dot Top

It’s so hard to believe we will be celebrating another “baby’s first Christmas” over here, and this jolly little girl has no idea all the fun that is in store for her.

Happy first week of December, friends! XO


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  1. what a precious gift your daughters are! I love the awe & wonder in little ones eyes in the days leading up to Christmas! please do tell where you found your classic advent pocket calendar?!

  2. What type of camera do you use, and which lens do you use for indoor lighting. Just curious…I have a Canon Rebel, but can never quite get a good indoor pic with manual.

  3. Those jammies are just adorable! Such precious memories you are making with your girls. If you do an advent calendar, you might want to check out doing a Jesse tree and ornaments. We do them with our boys and they love it! Plus its a great way to teach them about the bible.

  4. Just an fyi, as I learned this the other day and felt like a derp…the tinsel on the tree can kill the cat if he eats it. (If you still have a cat) He may not seem interested but from what I'm told even one piece can bind up on their insides just like with yarn or string. Like I said, the thought had never crossed my mind but just a good thing to be aware of.

  5. Love the girls' pajamas! If only I had a niece 🙂 Harper looks like the little girl in the movie Little Miss Sunshine. I love reading your blog, some things I read out loud to my parents because it cracks me up! Have a great holiday season.

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