Holiday Movie Night with FLIPZ®

Two of the best things about the holiday season are 1. Christmas movies and 2. festive snacks. And there is nothing we love more than snuggling up for a movie night with the kids! We teamed up with FLIPZ® Chocolate Covered Pretzels to make a kid friendly snack for our family movie night over the weekend. We watched Elf (happily, for the hundredth time) and although Harper first suggested spaghetti with maple syrup, we decided on a minty s’mores pretzel snack mix instead & the girls loved it!

All you need to recreate this snack is equal parts FLIPZ® Mint Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Rice Chex cereal & mini marshmallows. I love this as an alternative to our favorite popcorn snack mixes because toddlers of all ages can eat it. The sweet + salty combo from the pretzels is always my favorite, but these mint chocolate flavored ones remind me so much of thin mint girl scout cookies! It is the perfect mix of flavors, and quite a bit less messy than our usual fireplace s’mores! 😉 I think even Buddy the Elf would approve.

This post was in partnership with FLIPZ®, all thoughts & opinions are my own. You can download a coupon for $1 off here, and if you haven’t tried the limited editions peppermint snowflake pretzels, you are in for a treat!! Happy snacking!

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