Holiday Playlist + Santa Pictures

I think December is the only month of the year where I am constantly wishing for just a few extra days. Holiday parties, festive events with the kids, or just an extra Saturday to get all of our shopping done. These days are my very favorite! We have our Christmas party coming up this weekend & I wanted to share the playlist I have put together (loved all of your feedback on my Fall playlist, by the way!). If you haven’t heard the Jadon Lavik version of Mele Kalikimaka, you must download it.

Over the weekend, we took the girls to see Santa. Harper could hardly contain her excitement, which of course rubbed off on Eloise who was all smiles as we walked in. The girls watched other kids take their turn, and then as soon as it was time to sit on Santa’s lap, Eloise totally lost it. She burst into tears & made a mad dash into Brandon’s arms. Harper was so shy at first but eventually told Santa that she wanted a hula hoop, a mermaid fin & a flower blanket to give to Claire since Claire wasn’t old enough to ask for anything for Christmas. My heart melted, she seriously is the sweetest big sister.

I think we are still a few years away from getting all three smiling girls on Santa’s lap, but I guess these pictures are pretty priceless. 😉
Hope you all are having a great week!! XO

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  1. Love your choices! I ADORE Otis Redding's version of White Christmas and I was so torn between that one and Bing Crosby's version for my playlist. I just posted mine last week, and I have a couple that you MUST add to yours – Chris Martin's (from Coldplay) version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas… seriously, you will never want to listen to another version of that song as long as you live after you hear this one. It's life changing. Also, I love how you love off the beaten path artists like I do, so I think you would love "Stay a Little Longer Santa" by Shemekia Copeland, and also India Arie and Stevie Wonder's version of "The Christmas Song." Best version ever!

  2. Sweet little Ellie, she breaks my heart ♡ my 14 month old also hated our socal Santa (who was in his 20s,wearing shorts and sneakers).I love the Pentatonix song, "That's Christmas to me" (all acapella and very beautiful). And I feel the same way about the extra days! 😉


  3. Your playlist is pretty much perfection, although I was surprised not to see Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree or Run Run Rudolph on the there…gotta represent Home Alone!

    Love your blog and watching these little cuties grow. Merry Christmas to you all!

  4. You're missing "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree" by Brenda Lee! No matter what mood I'm in, that song turns my day around. Plus it reminds me of Home Alone every time I hear it. You got awesome Christmas pics and that guy looks like a legit Santa. 😉

  5. Bahaha, kind of sounds like out Santa visit. My 2 year old was talking up a storm about Santa, even seeing him with other kids was fine but as soon as they said :you're turn" she bee-lined it to Daddy's arms and burst into tears wanting to go home. But we got a sweet pic of our 5 month old 🙂 Small victories.

  6. no nsync Christmas on the playlist?! But seriously the list sounds great! You should check out Amy Grants Christmas records they always make me feel so warm and cozy on a winters day.

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