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Happy Friday! We are ready to roll into the weekend & bid farewell to January. Here’s are a few snaps from the week & a little update on our open shelving, we still have a little work to do cleaning up the bricks & are just waiting for brackets to arrive, we bought some last weekend & didn’t love the way they looked so we returned them and found a way to make floating shelves work. Hoping they come this weekend because I am so excited to get them hung! 🙂

 Lots of good stuff to share for Friday Favorites, starting with Spring shopping! Gap is having a 40% off sale for kids & baby today, with an additional 20% off using code KBTREAT. I have had quite a few things in my shopping bag for a while now, including the perfect Easter pajamas for all three girls, these adorable shorts for Harper & this neon pink tutu dress that I wish they could all share! 😉

 This pink chocolate chip cookie recipe is perfect for Valentine’s day, I know a few little girls who would have so much fun making these!

Addicted to Capri Blue Volcano candles like me? This Sweet Blush candle from Target smells almost identical but is half the price & also comes in a pretty mirrored holder.

Adore these customized print-your-own Valentine’s by the oh-so-talented Sophie & Lili.

And saving the best for last, my favorite almost four year old has decided that she wants a mermaid party for her birthday. I sorta had a feeling she would, and started planning a few weeks ago. 😉 She asked for a pink cake (again) & lots of mermaid things. She has been asking every morning if it is February yet, now we are just over two weeks away from her birthday & I can’t wait to celebrate her!! 

Happy Weekend, friends!! XO

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  1. Ahh!!! I just love reading Friday Favorites! Your girls are just too cute! I was in Target yesterday and they have a mermaid swimsuit I want to get my 14 month old. I bet Harper would love that! Have you also seen the mermaid tails? They look so fun! So excited to see how her party turns out. 🙂

  2. Mermaid parties are the best!! I'm putting together a coral and Aqua mermaid turned first birthday for a client and we have lots of glitter, handmade chocolate mermaid tails, mermaid lace crown, and lots of seashells.
    Can't wait to see what you come up with. 🙂

  3. Eek, I love your gap picks! Will shamelessly admit, I just went and ordered the bunny pjs and twirl dress, along with a few other things!

  4. I hear you on the party planning! My almost 4 year old, Lulu, has been planning her party since the middle of last year. Her birthday is February too. Lulu wants a Peppa Pig party. Mermaid party might be better as it is summer here and the likelihood of rain for muddy puddles is very slim! Happy Weekend!

  5. That's too funny! My daughter is a few days younger than Miss Harper and she wants a mermaid party too! We've been planning since before Christmas. She loves to check out the cakes and decorations on Pinterest. Can't wait to see what you guys do!!

  6. Love it all! I'm selfishly excited that Harper has asked for that party because my Sofia turns four on March 10th and has asked for the same thing…though she has to wear her Ariel dress up costume and have a huge Ariel cake. I might have to take some inspiration from your party!??

  7. How exciting!! I'm sitting here planing my little one 1st Birthday and cant help but imagine when she is old enough to ask for what she wants!! Harper as always such a cutie!!
    Ps. Love how in every pic Eloise is looking at her! ❤️❤️❤️

  8. My daughter Abigail and Harper have the same birthday. Abby will be 5. She has been waiting for February so much too, and when I told her this morning it was finally February she was so excited!

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