Life lately + under the weather.

It has been a bit of a hell week over here since new years, to be honest, our year hasn’t really been off to the best start. We woke up New Year’s Day with a broken furnace, and while it wasn’t all that cold outside (yet) it was still too chilly inside for the kids. We ended up having to replace the entire thing, a totally unexpected expense & not ideal to have a cold, noisy house with people in and out fixing it for two days. 
Brandon took off first thing last week for a short work trip, which is always hard on our family, but I also woke up sick the first day he was gone. I am still not sure if it was just a cold (a cold on steriods maybe) or if I even had the flu, but I had a fever, chills, body aches, sore throat, really just about every symptom that makes parenting three children by yourself nothing short of miserable. By day two, I could hardly get out of bed, and had to call in back up (my mom who lives just up the road) to come help take care of the girls. My main concern was making sure they didn’t catch whatever I had, but also I was desperate for sleep (see previous post about our six month old who still doesn’t sleep through the night). So, I took NyQuil for the first time in my life & went into a full six hour sweating-freezing-sweating-freezing-sweating coma while my mom manned the house. We were all so happy to have Brandon back home the next day, and of course as soon as I started feeling better over the weekend, the girls all woke up yesterday with the sniffles. We haven’t been sick much this winter but this one sure hit us hard!

We woke up today with 20 degree weather, I could hardly believe it. Both girls were supposed to go to the dentist (Eloise’s first appointment) but with them not feeling so well, I postponed it. Our day consisted of couch snuggles, toast, lots of vitamin c, lots of essential oils & mid-day bubble baths. So what’s really the point of this post? Not a darn thing. This is real life, mom life. We’ve had a slow start to the new year, we are hoping to have a house full of healthy kiddos very soon so we can start to plan for some very exciting things happening soon.

1. Harper’s FOURTH birthday! Fun fact: all three girls’ birthdays are exactly 2 months & 8 days apart in a calendar year.

2. Combining the girls room & playroom, Harper & Eloise are moving into the playroom which is going to call for a little bit of a construction project to make the room warmer, better insulated & a little bit more soundproof. Which can only mean one thing, #shiplap.

3. A new blog series on mini meals (ok, much less exciting than the other two) but this comes from all of your requests to share more of the things we eat. I am going to try to post once at the end of each month rounding up our favorite meals/recipes for the kids, and how we use ingredients from the meals we are eating each night to make mini-meals for the girls so we don’t have to cook two different things (for times when we eat later than them or our dinner is too spicy/not things they like quite yet).

And I guess that is enough rambling for a Monday afternoon. Hope you all have a great week, thanks for reading. XO


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  1. So excited to see your recipe/meal ideas! Both my husband and I are not very enthusiastic cooks, and now that we have an almost 7 month old, I feel like we have to step up our game 😉

  2. Thank you for sharing your meal ideas. I have a picky daughter same age and birthday as Harper. Funny thing is, she just became picky 🙁 My second daughter is the same age and birth month of Eloise. So any tips would be greatly appreciated. Also, could you share how you made that video on NYE? beautiful family…get well soon!!

  3. Sounds like our weekend. Stomach flu for me and the baby and she's cutting her first 6 teeth at once. Oy! Ready for normal again. Really excited for the mini meals series!!! Such a great idea, can't wait to read it.

  4. I love your ramblings. Glad you're feeling better! Have you ever tried Mighty Leaf Green Tea Tropical? It's one of my faves and a nice change when you need hot tea instead of more coffee. Lord know mamas can always use more coffee but sometimes ya gotta go light on the caffeine. Your mini meals sound exciting and I'm excited to see what you've got up your sleeve. I'm convinced little kids eat more of anything when they see other little kids eating it. You're lucky you've got H & E to play off of each other!

  5. Which essential oils do you use on your kids when they are sick? I have a 20 month old and a 4 month old and both just came down with a cold in the last week as well. Hope your girls feel better soon!

  6. Being sick with little ones is no fun 🙁
    I am super excited about your mini meals posts! We are struggling with that for our little one right now, so all suggestions are appreciated!

  7. This post honestly made me feel much better about my current state. Between me, my husband, and my 2 year old daughter, we've been to all of our drs.,the er, and even some testing centers. We're never sick, but haven't felt even moderately normal sick December 27th. I've been so disappointed that we didn't do anything fun over my husband's winter break, because we were too sick. I hope your girls feel better soon! Also, I'm really excited for this food round up! I feel like I always offer a boring sandwich when we eat something too spicy.

  8. Sooooo sorry to hear you are all feeling the yuck. It hit our house HARD the day after Christmas and we are still not quite back to normal. It really sucks hard! Hoping you are all feeling better ASAP!! XO And PS – I'm totes excited for the mini meals series 😀

  9. If it makes you feel any better our my two (2 year old & 5 month old) have had the pleasure of entertaining sicknesses since Oct 21st (I only know the exact date because that's the week they started daycare 3 days a week). Our pediatrician and I have an on-going joke that we have either called or been in once a week since then (including a Thanksgiving call, Black Friday visit, day before Christmas Eve call and most recently a Jan 11th call) lol It's like a rotating door of ear infections, colds, prescriptions and the NoseFrida (which 5 month old Mad Max is not a fan of). Here's to feeling better… and better sleeping for the 5-6 month olds!

  10. Sucks so bad when you get sick and have little ones depending on you! Sooo crappy! I'm excited for the girls' new room, and I'm guessing you're like me and wishing Joanna Gaines could just come over and work her magic 😉


  11. So glad to hear about the essential oils, they have really helped my family! I use & love doTerra, I apply onGuard day & night! Which do you use? If anyone is interested look up @essentiallylivingbetter on instagram!

  12. Hey Jess! Love you and your mini-me's! Your blog is so inspiring!!!
    Please may you do a review comparing your baby joggers and whether on not they are suitable for long walks with a dog! I am stuck between the city mini and city select!
    All the best for the new year – keep up the super posts. xxxx

  13. I always love your real mom life posts. It always blows my mind when you mention Harper's birthday because that means I have followed your blog for four years! How has that much time passed?!!?

    I am interested to know how about your sleep/nap routine. My baby girl cannot figure out how to self soothe when she is sleepy and out nap schedule is all out of wack.

    Hope you all get to feeling warm, healthy and we'll rested!

  14. When mom is sick, it is the worst because we can't do our job! We finally started the New Year yesterday! I had been sick since Christmas Eve and it got very bad over New Year's. Someone in our house has been on antibiotics since Thanksgiving! I am looking forward to hearing about the progress on the girl's room! We are starting to renovate our daughters' bathroom. I am trying to get my husband on board with the tile you used, but he isn't a fan of the grout….:)

  15. Hope you all are on the mend! Sounds a lot like our year so far…a series of colds had by all and unforeseen (major) house repairs all in the matter of a week! The good news is, it can only get better from here, right?! Can't wait to see what you do with the girls room 🙂

  16. So sorry to hear that you are under the weather. Our house has been the same way. It makes life so hard when little ones are sick and especially hard when mom the glue that holds it all together is sick.
    I've been following your blog for years. I'm so happy to hear you use essential oils. Which brand do you use? We are an oil family. Love our Doterra oils and healthy life style. I would love it if you did a blog on essential oils, they are huge now and I always like to hear how families are using them. If you want more information on Doterra or want some free samples let me know… Doterra oils are amazing!!
    Feel better ��

  17. Aww man!! I hope you all are feeling better! I agree, when we are sick, it's freaking hard to parent!! Especially when they don't understand ha! It reminds me of that NyQuil commercial where the mom or dad go in the kids' room and tell them they're taking a sick day haha! I'm like you on the NyQuil, I've never taken it because it terrifies me! I'm glad you go to rest though! 🙂

  18. I hope you are getting better now, I love your family so much <3 you guys are so adorable.. Raising children is never easy but it is always worth all the sweat and time 🙂 and about the essential oils, they are amazing!!! But remember to chose wisely, you should try and chose which kind is suit you the best! Loves.

  19. I love that your blog is so real! Sometimes being a mom (I have three under 3) is so hard and it's so nice to know I'm not the only one who feels defeated sometimes. Most of the other blogs I read everything always appears so perfect and we all know that's not real life. So thank you for being real all the time!

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