Six Months of Claire

Our little baby Claire isn’t quite so little anymore, six months old on new year’s day! It’s been a while since we’ve done an update so here we go! πŸ™‚

Age: 6 Months

Stats: Weighs almost 17 lbs, 25 inches tall.
Nicknames: Claire Baby, Claire Bear (I swore this wouldn’t be her nickname but it’s totally unavoidable. And cute.), Claire Berry Pie, and more often than any other name, Ky, which is how Eloise pronounces her name and it just stuck.

Milestones: Laughs lots, rolls over, & finally sleeps without her arms swaddled (still sleeps in a halo sleepsack, just with the velcro around her body & arms out).
She sits up in the high chair, but not unassisted on the floor yet, and totally has attempted the army crawl already. Eek!
She is happy riding in the car now (yay!!) after switching from her infant seat to a convertible car seat, we bought the Diono Radian RXT for her as that is what we now have for Eloise & Harper also, it can be used from infant, to rear facing convertible, to forward facing & booster. She has so much more room, can see better out the windows & the incline seems to make her much happier, it was like night and day switching her. The only downside is that since it is not a traditional infant seat you can’t take it out of the car like a bucket, but with three kids, I rarely took car seats anyway, I always put Claire in my wrap or stroller.
And she finally takes a bottle, which is huge for us!! For those of you going through the same thing, the advice I can offer would be to just keep trying. We would offer a bottle every other day or so, more during the day instead of before bed, because I think she wanted to nurse even more when she was tired. During the day, there would be more going on to distract her, and she slowly but surely would take a 4-6 oz bottle each day. We found that the Comotomo bottle was the one she liked best, which Eloise loved also. We are down to nursing just in the morning when she wakes up & again in the late afternoon, she takes 6oz bottles of formula the rest of the day & an 8oz bottle at night before bed. It has been really great for Brandon to finally get more bonding time with her while he feeds her, and Harper & Eloise love to help too. I am happy to share another post later on our overall breastfeeding experience, the comparison between all three girls has been so different!
Favorite Things: Loves to be held or worn in a baby carrier. Loves her jumperoo, especially now that her toes touch the ground. Loves music, looking out the window & being entertained by her sisters. Loves to chew on teethers and suck on her fingers & toes.
Least Favorite Things: Sleeping. Claire has been our most inconsistent sleeper yet, she has had periods of great sleep (7pm-4am-7am) but for the most part, she still wakes at least once a night to eat around 2am (and luckily falls back asleep quickly), then wakes for the day around 5:45. Some nights she is awake at midnight, and again at two or three am, although she did mysteriously give me a full nights sleep on Christmas eve. Everything is a season, right? πŸ™‚
Signature Moves: Sucking on her bottom lip, humming and playing with my hair. Or sisters’ hair, whatever she can get her little hands on.

 Onesies from Gap, similar here // Fur Boots // Knot Headband
We love you more than words can say, Claire Vivien! You are one sweet little lady & the whole family is absolutely obsessed with you. Happy six months!!!

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  1. So sweet! I am laughing about "Claire Bear"….because Claire was a potential name for our baby girl (Chloe) and I said the SAME thing.

    Please share a post about breastfeeding/switching to bottle! My sweet girl refuses the bottle and as much as I think breastfeeding is great, I would really like to be able to go on a date. See Star Wars…

    Also-just wanna say that you're an awesome mom. I am blown away at all you do with THREE!

  2. She is SO MUCH like my Louise, who turned 7 months on Dec 27. We finally did some sleep training and are getting 7 – 5 nights…I feel like a new person! She is ADORABLE! I have loved watching her, Eloise and Harper grow! They are precious!

  3. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a breastfeeding post!! I am currently knee deep in the trenches of breastfeeding and would love to hear your story.

  4. What a cutie pie! My son is 8 months old and is still in the infant car seat and it is getting so heavy! We already have the convertible car seat ready but I love the convenience of carrying him in the car seat (even though it isn't very ergonomic!) I am getting ready to switch though, especially because I think he'll like it more! Love all of her outfits!

    Annie- All Things Big And Small

  5. I'd love to read about your breastfeeding experience. I'm about six weeks (give or take) from that point and like to hear about how it works out for other moms.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    Will you tell us what app you used to make the NYE video? Your daughters are beautiful and I love how you dress them!!


  7. Happy 6 Months Clair Vivien!!!! You are so beautiful!!!

    PS. Would love to read about your breastfeeding journey and the comparison between all the girls.

    PSS. I absolutely love your blog and Instagram.

  8. She is just so beautiful Jessica! Thank you for sharing the convertible car seat you use. I seriously have been so stumped on which one to buy. So many to choose from. Also my middle name is Claire and at my old job everyone called me Claire bear because we worked with a ton of women who had my first name. So everyone called me by my middle and the nickname just stuck. I ended up really loving that nickname haha. As always love following you and Happy New Year Garvin Family!
    – Lara Novosad

  9. She's beautiful! I think it's amazing she's starting the army crawl! My baby girl is about a week from being officially 6 months but she has zero interest in being on her belly at any time… it has been a bit concerning for me because I know she can't develop her muscles as well when she's not doing enough belly time but I also feel terrible when she cries bloody murder. I just try to remind myself that all babies are different and that I'm just doing the best I can. I will probably ask the doctor her opinion on it all.
    But I loove this update!! Can't wait for the next!

    Xo Melissa

  10. I would also like to hear your BF journey and am curious why it sounds like you are basically almost weaning at 6 months considering everything seemed to be going really well with it? No judgment at all just very curious! I remember how hard the first few weeks are and how much I wanted to stop but then it got easier and here I sit still nursing my 16 month old. Crazy how these things go.

  11. Claire is absolutely gorgeous! I cannot believe she is six months old already!! I remember when Harper turned 6 months! She is the spitting image of Harper in these photos I think! My daughter was exactly the same and didn't take a bottle until around 6 months and it was such a relief!! Happy 6 Months Claire! xox

  12. So cute you call her Ky. My 3 year old Michael pronounced his name "ahk" and baby brother Georgie "Dosh" (long 'o') and that's what we call them 99% of the time. I always wonder what people think at the park when I'm yelling "Ahk! Dosh! Time to go!" Haha at least Ky sounds normal πŸ˜‰

  13. I was curious about this as well!! I enjoy hearing about other mamas experiences, and what has/hasn't worked for them. I had originally planned to nurse until my son turned one but we're still nursing at 21 months!

    Your girls are so adorable, I love reading your blog!

  14. I feel you girl! My first daughter slept 6pm to 7am from four months. My second daughter is 8.5 months and still wakes 1-3 times a night. She has slept through the night twice in her life. My new year's resolution was to surrender to the fact that I won't be sleeping at this stage in my parenting career. If it's not getting up with the baby it's getting up with a toddler that had a nightmare. It's just the season of life we are in. <3

  15. Do you pump during the day or just do straight formula? Would love to know more about the morning/night only nursing. Did it affect your supply? Trying to figure out what could work for us!!

  16. My daughter just turned six months and she hates tummy time! I worry about her being able to crawl too! I guess our little ones will do their own thing in their own time!

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