New Years Thoughts + Resolutions

Happy 2016! And also, seriously, how is it two thousand sixteen?!
Today I am feeling like time is just passing much too quickly, all of a sudden we have an almost four year old, an almost two year old, and a newborn baby who isn’t so much a newborn anymore. Where has the time gone? This is the last full year before Harper starts kindergarten (how can that be, school all day long for my first baby?) and we are determined to make the very most of it. It seems like I can hardly remember a time where I wasn’t pregnant, or completely overtired, or essentially just drowning in motherhood. Having two back to back babies can be a bit draining, as much as it is also every bit wonderful. But things have been on the upswing, Claire is sleeping longer at night, Eloise has become much more independent, and we are officially mobile in a way we have never been before, Harper & Eloise can walk while I wear Claire in a carrier, which means we can actually go places without strollers or lugging a dreaded infant seat around. The world is our oyster!

I am feeling very optimistic about the things we can accomplish this year, but also, very confident in the number of things we will choose not to accomplish. You see, raising kids is the biggest, most important task, and sometimes making sure that all of those sweet-needy-little-people are well taken care of and happy at the end of the day is enough. More family adventures, more saying yes, more finding ways to have fun, all the while keeping things simple, because I am positive that it can be done!

On a much smaller scale, and more personal level, a few things I would love to accomplish this year include maybe giving in to my sweet tooth just a little bit less. I love to cook, and try new recipes, and I am determined to find new things to make for our family that maybe aren’t so much, um, cupcakes.
Now, I don’t want to get ahead of myself here, but sometime this year I would also love to get back into barre or spin class. I used to like working out before I had kids honestly, but now, I absolutely dread it. I will find any excuse not to work out, but I think being able to get away for an hour or so from all the chaos, and maybe pick up a coffee and jam out in the car on my way home might be enough to motivate me. And last, I haaaaaave to get more organized. Clothes, the pantry, the baby gear, all of it, I have a laundry basket full of crap in my car for goodness sake. The best is when people ask me what is in my diaper bag, like I totally have my shit together, and in reality? Things you can guarantee to not find in my diaper bag: diapers and wipes, maybe a change of clothes for the baby. Things you can most definitely find: straw wrappers, chapstick(s), week old sippy cup leaking water everywhere, Target receipts, phone charger(s), teethers, hairbrush (full of hair) and probably an empty (or maybe not) chicken nugget kids meal box. 
This is my year.
And this is your year! What are your resolutions and goals?! I would love to hear your thoughts! And also what is in your diaper bag. πŸ˜‰ Kidding.
Cheers to the new year! XO

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  1. Thanks for keepin it real πŸ™‚ This is the story of my life too! 3 kids under 5 is no joke and I'm constantly struggling with "maybe I should not fold the laundry and play candy land." "When was the last time we read a book?" You're right, keeping them alive is sometimes enough!!!

  2. Oh this post makes me so happy. I love reading your blogs, and every time I read them I think, wow how is she so put together? I only have one baby, with another on the way, and seriously my house constantly looks like a tornado hit it and I'm a minimalist!! Also, every Tuesday night is yoga night for me but I can't remember the last time I actually went because when my husband gets home and it's time for me to leave I'm too exhausted to even change, oh wait I don't have to change because I wear workout clothes ALL. DAY. LONG. Who has time for make-up and cute clothes, right? Cheers to 2016! I'm seriously freaking out about another baby and my husband is thrilled!

  3. Oh my gosh. I have the same simple goals for this year too! My boys are 2 and 8 months and I'm learning more and more how important it is to just be home and enjoy just being. No lofty goals, home projects or insanity. Let's just enjoy bath time and dinner and lazy mornings in our pajamas. I've been following your blog since your pregnancy with Harper and I always love your spin on motherhood! And yes, always weeks old water + Target receipts in every pocket on that diaper bag. xo, Erica

  4. Happy new year! My goals are to run 1000 miles, run 3 half marathons, have a little more "me time" and make sure that my 3 and 1 year old have the best life possible. (and not get so frustrated with them!!).

  5. What's not in my bag may be a more appropriate question… And I only have one little guy. That's the mom life I guess. And I take my hour (sometimes 45 min…he's like a timer I swear) at the gym. Do it!!!!!!!!

  6. I need to keep it simple also with a 7mo and a 3yo. Last year I challenged myself to have one weekend each month without something scheduled in the calendar. It was great. So I am doing that and working towards a real sabbath/ rest day.

  7. My resolution is to lose the dreaded baby weight (even if my youngest is almost 18 months old…not so much baby weight any more…) as well as scheduling things a bit better.

    Good luck!


  8. Love your honesty and your goals mama. It's a breath of fresh air when you find out most people, like you, don't have their shit together 24/7.
    As for me, I just want to be the best, most patient mama I can be and work on my relationship with God and my faith. I am also planning on expanding and getting my new little shop to boom! I have always wanted to be able to stay home and raise our babies while also doing something that I am passionate about and can make a living off of (one day). I love that my shop is something I started, something I'm the boss of, and something that will grow and bloom along with my little girl πŸ™‚


  9. Yess, girl! The diaper bag thing is so me. I mean, I feel like I spend hours each week unpacking and repacking that thing and it still looks like that…mommy probs. Thanks for keeping it real!

  10. I love this! You're so real and though I don't have kids yet, you are definitely inspiring. Whether it is making everything so memorble and fun for your kiddos or the real life mom woes, I love reading your blog.

    I hope to make my resolutions simple: Achieve a healthy mind, body and spirit. Find a voice on my own blog AND practice calligraphy…i've definitely been missing that creative outlet!

    Keep up the positivity! You're inspiring others!

  11. Buhahaha! I feel ya on the diaper bag thing… I never have what I need when I need it in that bag… I am hoping after I pop out this baby I am currently pregnant with I want to get back into working out or at least walking on a daily basis (baby steps). I even want to babywear more this time around, it was unfair to my twins what aren't even 2 to have to stop baby wearing so early but they love walking versus the stroller, so I am glad to not have that issue right now… Happy 2016!

  12. My diaper bag also contains a broken candy cane (which the leaky sippy cup is probably turning into a sticky puddle of goo), half of a board book from Chick Fil A (the baby may or may not have chewed up the other half), and at least 15,827 hair accessories that the baby yanked out of her hair.

  13. Happy New Year! You're a breath of fresh air friend – making it look like you have it all together but then letting us know – you're human just like the rest of us!

  14. OH! I totally forgot to add, last week my husband and I went out to a local Mexican restaurant for dinner. We were in such a rush I grabbed my back up diaper bag. As we were waiting for our food my daughter got hungry. So, I rummaged around in my bag for a snack. I pulled out a FREAKIN 3 MONTH OLD BANANA. Good news is I found the source of the leaky substance in the bag. EWWW! Just EWWW! Don't feel so bad about your leaky water cup and nuggets.

  15. I love this, and I a resounding YES! to the line about not lugging around the dreaded infant carseat anymore. And my diaper bag…amen to the leaky week-old sippy cup. Happy new year and may all of us mamas learn to simplify more! πŸ˜‰

  16. My resolution for 2016 is to put my phone down when my daughter is awake and be present with her. At almost two years old she is wanting and needing my attention more and I do not want my social media addiction to get in the way. I would also like to cook more (healthy) meals at home, drink more water, workout…Heck just do better in all areas. Cheers to 2016

  17. Love this. Sometimes I forget that life isn't about to-do lists. It's about the little people making our worlds go round. Definitely need to worry more about the little people in my life than the things that won't matter in ten years like whether the laundry was done or the house was clean.

  18. I have followed your blog since you were about 20 weeks pregnant with Harper and spent many years dreaming about being able to relate and now that I have my own little 5 month old babe, your diaper bag situation has me laughing! I have a beautiful diaper bag that I just HAD to have and this weekend I found myself throwing, 2 diapers, wipes and an extra outfit in a tote just so I didn't have to tote around my heavy, full of nothing useful, beautiful diaper bag! Cleaned it out last night to find a newborn outfit, part of a manual breast pump, 2 entire, HEAVY pack of wipes and 3 hats and a bunch of other useless crap! How did all that even get in there! I hope this is the Garvin's best year yet! Keep inspiring mama's like me to get out there and have as much fun as possible with my family! Your blog and pictures keep me going!!

  19. LOVE YOU! Your honesty is so refreshing, and makes all the rest of us feel just a bit better about not having it "all together". I've been a reader since before Harper was born and my kids are the same ages as H & E. Thank you for your blog, it is seriously the highlight of my day sometimes!
    Also, on the workout note, I wanted to mention Stroller Strides. If you have a franchise around you, I would highly recommend checking it out. It has saved me in motherhood in so many more ways than just exercise πŸ™‚
    Happy New Year, Garvins! Looking forward to sharing 2016 with you! XO

  20. Happy 2016! I absolutely love reading your blog! It's so much fun to see a mom of three girls and follow you on IG. Thanks for sharing you, your little ones, and outlook on motherhood.

  21. I just adore this post, because the last paragraph is so real! I have been guilty of having a diaper bag without diapers on more than one occasion! Hoping your family has a blessed, low-key, SLEEP FILLED year πŸ™‚

  22. Yes to everything! I am trying to get better organized this year. And yup, my car is full of all the stuff I don't have hands (or energy) to bring in after we make an excursion! I am not kidding with the word choice excursion. I feel like going anywhere while lugging the dreaded infant car seat is a monumental feat! I just posted about my goals today on my blog! I am hoping to get into better shape this year (like everyone else πŸ˜‰ but am employing a ton of tips to try to keep with it! Please stop by I am starting an accountability group!

    Annie- All Things Big And Small

  23. I'm joining the mommy bandwagon this year (Feb.) and am trying my best to set realistic expectations for this massive change. Looking back at blogs like yours and HoD for new-mom tips is on the to-do list. Less sweets, more veggies and sticking to a budget also make the cut.

  24. My resolution is to lose 30 lbs this year, which is the year of my 30th bday. I've been making small changes over the last 6 weeks and have lost 5 lbs. I want to be a mama who eats well and moves her body! As far as confessional goes…. I may or may not have been carrying around a wet diaper and an opened fruit squeeze pouch in my Lily Jade bag for a few days. :/

  25. Our goal for 2016 is to start a budget and try to save! It is super hard! I am a shopper! I also want to give up sugar πŸ™‚ Wish me luck, I said that last year.

  26. I can't believe Harper is almost 4! Over 4 years ago I stumbled across your blog via pinterest and have been hooked ever since (recipes, house stuff, no kiddos for me yet but when they come your blog will definitely have an impact on what I do/do not need for babes!). Thanks for always keeping it real and Happy New Year Garvin Family!

  27. Oh the diaper bag! Mine either has zero diapers or 37. I never look, I just throw them in. I switched from my actual diaper bag to the cute reversible tote from Nordstrom…the one with ZERO pockets! My diaper bag is a complete shit show!

  28. I love your honest posts. I am in the same boat about working out. I worked out religiously before I had my daughter (19 months ago). My husband recently asked if I wanted to start working out again and I flat out said no. I'm so tired and have a million other things to do. It does feel good to have an hour + to yourself in the car early on a Saturday morning and getting a good workout in. Give it a try!

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  31. I have been following you for so long and always enjoy all of your posts but never comment (not sure why!) Anyhow, just want to say that you're amazing…love how you keep it so real. And you make me giggle because I can relate to everything. That is all.

    PS I just had to take a dust buster to the inside of my purse b/c there were THAT many crumbs at the bottom. Eek ?

  32. Loooove this! My diaper bag problem is squished crackers, like 3 packs of opened ones with one cracker only out of the pack. And about 8 change of clothes that don't fit my 2 girls anymore and are the wrong season.

  33. You are my favorite blogger/mama/and my wanna be BFF! I have followed you since you found out you were preggers w Harper! I remember reading one of your posts where you explain how you got started blogging and how you followed a certain mom blog, and wanted to be just like her. And I have to say, that's exactly how I feel about you! I share your stories, buy one too many of your baby must haves, and am inspired by everything you do with your little ladies. Harper, Ellie & Claire are the luckiest girls to have you and Brandon as their parents. I love your New Years resolutions! Having two little girls of my own, you have encouraged me to take too many pictures, get messy baking in the kitchen, and made it acceptable to stay in our pajamas all day. But what I love the most about you, is your love of life. You are the mom, wife, host, baker that I want to be! I just love how even though you have it all together, you have no problem admitting when it's falling apart. You have impacted my life more than you know. Thank you for sharing your family with us. We love you!

  34. I'm so glad I'm not the only one with a junk bag instead of a diaper bag. I ran out of diapers in there a couple weeks ago and have been using ones I keep in the car instead. There's no wipes, no snacks, but I have a couple snacks in there I kept for myself. πŸ˜€ Receipts, crumbs, and old sippy cup that at this point probably needs to be thrown away. Ah, motherhood. I'm still working on what I want my 2016 to look like. I'll get back to you on that one!

  35. this is random, but HOW DO YOU DO POTTY TRIPS IN PUBLIC? I have a potty trained three year old and a 15 month old and it is so hard, especially in places where I have to take him out of the cart and hold him while trying to balance her. I am due with my third in March and the thing that scares me the most are trying to do these public restroom trips! Any tricks?

  36. I love the way you keep things real. I try to clean out my diaper bag once a month, but even then it doesn't always happen. I have a 3 year old and a 7 month old. Organization is totally my weakness,thank God for my sister that lives for organizing crap lol Happy New years!!

  37. Love it!!!! So true and honest. I can definitely relate to you, as I'm a mom of an 18 month old girl, aaaaand one of three girls!!!! (plus, I secretly love the name Eloise for my next daughter if I am blessed with another one!!).
    Thanks for sharing and Happy 2016 to you and your beautiful family

  38. I love these types of posts! Now that my youngest is getting a bit more independent (she's the same age is Eloise) I am starting to feel like myself again, and am working on focusing on me and getting back to things I enjoy. I may even start blogging again! I'd love to see some recipes or organization posts, as those are thinngs I am focusing on as well. It's all about moms this year πŸ™‚

  39. I am in LOVE with this poppy swaddle! We are doing a London themed nursery, and I would love to know where you got it, if you happen to recall.

    You are doing wonderful! Keep on keepin on!

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