Mini Meals + Baby Led Weaning Update

 Checking in with a little update on some mini meals from the last few weeks, we have been trying a few new recipes & making sure to incorporate things that work for the whole family, including messy toddlers & our eight month old. I mentioned before that we are doing baby led weaning with her this time around, as she had zero interest in purees or being fed anything from a spoon for the first few months of eating. Now that we give her things we are eating, she is the happiest baby! We can all enjoy meals together and we love that. To be honest, things I give her do still scare me every time.

 Everyone recommends bananas, and she does love them, but I never let her hold them on her own because she loves to chomp off a big mouth full & it terrifies me. I give her waffles, muffins, toast, really carbs of any kind seem to be a huge hit! She loves sweet potatoes, I cut them like french fries & roast them in the oven (she eats the soft ones, we like them crunchy!), but you can also get bags of frozen ones to throw in the microwave to steam. She also loves broccoli, which is great because it kinda falls apart so it doesn’t scare me as much, green beans have been a big hit, peas & also cooked carrots. For fruit, I give her blueberries cut in half, thinly sliced apples or pears, but things like soft peaches she will just chew on the whole thing. It’s totally messy, but pretty cute! She is getting to a point where she can pick things up on her own, so I do give her small pieces of things like noodles or chicken, but honestly she would take a giant piece of pizza crust over all of that! 😉 We also gave her scrambled eggs for the first time last weekend & she loved them!! They really are the perfect size/consistency for babies to eat. She still has no teeth, but is not afraid of taking bites of things nonetheless, so I am still overly cautious of things she might be able to chomp into and accidentally swallow.

On top of trying to make meals that we can give to Claire, I have been trying to minimize prep + clean up time by trying more one pot meals. And you guys, they are everything! I’m not going to lie, I didn’t really realize that one pot meals were a thing, but once you start doing it, you kinda just want to find a way to make everything that way!! 😉 I will be pinning a bunch of favorites over the next few weeks on my pinterest boards, but in the mean time, here are a few recent ones we have LOVED.

One way or another, this little meatloaf is definitely taking in enough calories, she weighed in at a whopping 20 lbs. this weekend. Well, on the grocery store scale anyway! 😉

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  1. I have been thinking of going the baby-lead weaning route this time around with my youngest, so this was so helpful! It definitely makes sense that food would be more appealing in its natural form, rather than goopy baby food paste!!

  2. Claire is so sweet! That's awesome that you're letting her tell you what she needs and wants. I think it's so much easier that way! And yes girl, one pots are everything! I make the lasagna in the crockpot and the chicken and potatoes too! There are soooo many awesome recipes that you can even freeze on Sundays and throw in the pot. Super easy!

  3. This post is so helpful – getting ready to start my 2nd on solids in a few weeks and I need a refresher course!

    My family is obsessed with these banana muffins. 1. They're healthy 2. So easy to make! You only need 1 mixing bow and I typically don't measure anything other than the flour- which is a total baking sin, I know, but the recipe is that forgiving. 3. Easily adapted – I threw in a grated apple, raisins & pineapple juice the other day when 1/2 my bananas were too bruised to use. 4. I always have the ingredients on hand. Make them ASAP!

  4. I love your updates! I've been a reader since you were pregnant with Harper!
    We love 1 pot meals too! Have you checked out She is amazing and has lots of 1 pot meals! A lot of her stuff is healthier versions of bad for you food too which we love! Check it out!

  5. Someone taught me a couple years ago how to feed bananas to kids. You may already know this but it blew my mind.. if you completely peel the banana, then stick your finger vertically down the middle of it, it will split into two perfect slices, then you can easily break it one more time which leaves you with 4 perfect banana sticks.

  6. Great ideas! I'll have to try the one pot meals!
    Did you know that when you do bananas, you can divide a whole one in thirds long ways? Take a 2 inch piece of a banana and kind of twist it with your fingers so it divides. that way, it's easier to grab with a less slimey side.

  7. It made me feel so much more sane hearing that you feel scared feeding Claire since I am so terrified my ten month old will choke on anything and everything! She loves to eat our food as well and will happily take giant mouthfuls of anything she can get her hands on. Also,thank you for these ideas – I'm definitely going to check out some one pot meals since we've never tried them either! 🙂

  8. Try seperating the banana length wise into three sections by poking you finger into the top so it seperates in the middle. It was easier for my daughter to hold that way, and it wasn't so much food going into her mouth and freaking me out. If she uses too much force to hold it or it is too slippery for her, try dusting it with some cheerio crumbs or something 😉

  9. You should check out BLWideas on Instagram! Bethany has so many great ideas. I liked that she put in allergen ideas and how old your child should be. Good luck!

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