Watermelon Fruit Pizza

Nothing says summer like a fresh, juicy watermelon! All of our girls love it, and love making a mess of it, it’s such a quick & easy snack. Claire has been such a champ eater, watermelon was one of the first foods we gave her when we started baby lead weaning. And as you can see, she’s still a big fan!!

With a fridge full of fresh fruit these days, I decided to put something a little more fun together for the girls, especially since they have had colds on & off for like ever… so they need lots of vitamin c & hydration! I grabbed some blueberries & bananas, fresh coconut & what was left over of our watermelon. We sliced it down the center & cut it into pizza like slices, then I let the girls go to town making their pizzas. There are a million different ways you can make this, I’ve even seen it Caprese salad style with balsamic glaze, and it looked amazing! It would also be delicious with some sliced strawberries, pineapple & maybe some chocolate chips if you’re feeling like mom of the year. 😉 So if you’re looking for a healthy afternoon snack for your toddlers, watermelon fruit pizza is where it’s at!

Now for the weird part, my favorite part of watermelon is the super light pink, almost white part where it meets the rind. I’m not the only one, right? 😉 Yum!
Happy snacking! XO

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  1. Hi Jessica! I just had a question regarding BLW – at what age did you start? Did read the book or kind of just go for it? My little guy is 4 months and I was starting to look into baby led weaning.

    Thank you! Love you, your blog, and your beautiful babies!

  2. Where's that high chair from? I need another one and that looks easy to clean which means it meets my only criteria for a new high chair!
    If you like that part of the watermelon, you might like the watermelon drink spindrift seltzer. I personally think it tastes kinda like butt pretending to be watermelon rind, but it might be for you lol ?

  3. Looks awesome! Love the reader suggestion to put some yogurt on top. (CoolWhip would be awesome too, if serving this for a fancier occasion or not caring what fellow moms think of hopping your kid up on sugar & pretty fake ingreds. It's SO good, am I right?!)

    Just a tip for other readers: it's a good idea to really wash the outside of a watermelon (or any melon) well before slicing. Sometimes they get contaminated with salmonella or other bacteria from the soil, and this gets transferred to the inside by slicing with a knife. I even get a little obsessive and wash off the giant quartered wedges from the grocery store with a little dish soap (just rinse well before eating to get any soap off).

  4. OMG!!! Im not the only one!! You sre the first person that I hear that likes the light pink part!! I ❤️ It! At the farmers market I'm the one asking which watermelon is not quite as ready!??

  5. Good idea! And Claire is such a doll! I made a fruit salad the other day with watermelon, bananas, strawberries and pineapple- tossed together with honey, lime juice and fresh mint. Delish! My kiddo and fiance gobbled it all up.

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