5 Favorite Ways to Relax & Unwind

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!
Since Mother’s Day is over, and we are back to the reality that is stress, exhaustion & complete chaos, I wanted to share a few of my favorite ways to relax & unwind. I’ll be honest, most of the time I forget to do these things, I get so wrapped up in my endless to-do list that I completely wear myself out. I try to make it a priority to do have a little mom time out for at least 30 minutes each day to recharge my battery.

1. Coffee & silence. I think all moms can agree on this one, right? Our bedroom gets the best morning light, I love curling up over here with my coffee before the kids wake up. This oversized Clarice chair by Jonathan Louis Furniture in soft charcoal linen is just as comfortable as it looks! And look, there isn’t even a kid jumping on it! 😉
2. Putting it on paper. Whether it’s a to-do list that is clearing my mind, some doodles or a full blown art project, I love having pen & paper as my creative outlet. Chalkboards used to happen daily at our house, but with six small hands that love to contribute, it’s not always easy to do anymore. Even a box of colored pencils & one of my kids coloring books can be an amazing way to relax, especially if it is with them!
3. Cooking. And not the kind of cooking where there’s a toddler on your leg & a hangry baby in her high chair shouting at you for more finger food. But the kind that involves wine, after the babes are in bed & is most likely a new recipe. Add a side of chips + guac, maybe even a little music & file this under one of the best (and most rewarding) ways to relieve stress.
4. Barre Class. I am usually not a fan of workout classes, but I absolutely love barre class. It’s one of those things that you can jump right into without a whole lot of fitness background, I even did it while I was pregnant & probably the most out of shape of my entire life. It’s a workout that will make you sweat, without making you want to die, which I also appreciate. 😉 I always look forward to sneaking out on a weekend morning for a class, I feel great afterwards both physically & mentally.
5. HGTV in bed. A new episode of Fixer Upper, an exfoliating face mask & probably a big pour of my favorite prosecco, and I think I’ll call it a night. Does anyone else want to be Joanna Gaines when they grow up? 🙂
I would love to know your favorite ways to relax, cheers to finding a moment of peace & quiet in the circus that is motherhood. XO

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  1. I love to roll out my yoga mat in the evening and do some really restorative yoga! Complete with a glass of wine and candle. Though honestly most days, my way way to "relax" ends up being mindlessly scrolling through my instagram feed.

  2. HUGE Fixer Upper fan here! 🙂 her style reminds me a lot like yours! Woodsy, and clean. Happy belated Mother's Day 🙂

  3. Thank you for your great ideas, your honest talk, and your inspiring nature! I am a mom of three little girls as well and have been following you since my friend and I found your Harper chalkboards and just love seeing your updates! You have brought some great inspiration into my parenting and my home! We have a screened in porch similar to yours with great lighting and allows for a great breeze. It's my favorite spot in the house to relax! Did we forget about an episode of Real Housewives Anything and a glass of wine?

  4. Prosecco, JoJo and our bed is like a dream (solo) date!! I just adore your blog, thank you for continuing to share your life and your absolutely beautiful little girls! Go Hawks!

  5. Prosecco, JoJo and our bed is like a dream date night for me. You are spot on! I just adore your blog and get excited whenever I see the email every morning! Thank you for sharing your life with us… Go Hawks!
    Emily from Iowa.

  6. Thank you for the reminder that I HAVE to start getting up before the baby does. I think that coffee in silence has higher caffeine levels than coffee with a toddler does- I feel so much more alive when it actually happens. And I love letter doodling or any kind of "craft therapy" as well… my current favorite is watercolor calligraphy! The videos (my favorites are from Lissletters on instagram) are so soothing to watch. I feel like you would be really good at it 🙂

    P.S.- This is random, but I think I can speak for everyone when I say thank you for being so inspiring with your beautiful chalkboards! I love keeping track of my pregnancies in the same way and you were totally the OG of that idea… I feel like you don't get enough credit for them but I'm pretty sure that 99% of the baby bump chalkboard pictures out there were inspired by you 🙂

  7. As a teacher and mother, my relaxation comes from a quiet drive home after a long day of wild and rambunctious 5th graders to my wild and rambunctious 2 year old. After we moved my drive got shorter, which is great for the morning commute but not so much after a long day. On nice days I take a few extra minutes to sit in my car after j vet home and enjoy the quiet. Also porch time after the boy is in bed I heaven!

  8. I LOVE Fixer Upper but was very sad when I read an article that all of the furniture they display in the homes after the remodel is for staging purposes only. Completely changed my view of the show 🙁 They have to purchase it separately if they want to keep it!

  9. Hi Jessica, I just love the Clarice chair by Jonathan Louis Furniture in soft charcoal linen but I can't find it when I google. Any tips for where to buy? I absolutely love this set-up!

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