These are the days.

After the last few weeks of traveling & sick babies, we were so thankful to have this quiet weekend together. We had breakfast at our favorite spot & took the kids to the park to enjoy the crazy beautiful weather. Brandon got me an hour long massage which was Heaven on earth after toting a twenty three pound baby around in my ergo all weekend & then had a fun dinner out with family. Harper made me the sweetest homemade card, which was cut into a heart shape & had all three girls drawn on the front. I think it will have to remain on the fridge for the next 30 years.

Maxi Dress c/o Rent The Runway // Striped Crop Top // Headband // Playsuit

This was my fifth mother’s day. It seems surreal that I have been a mom this long, yet I look back and really can’t remember much about what life was like before my babies. It won’t be long before these precious years are gone, the years of bringing life into this world, snuggling your tiny babies whose smell you never want to forget & being needed every minute of every day. The few short years of your life where you will lose your patience over another lost shoe or find yourself on your hands and knees three times a day scooping up food from the floor. Those toes won’t be little for long, their voices won’t be so small & there will eventually be things they’d much rather do than follow you to the bathroom.

Motherhood has this way of breaking us down & building us right back up all within mere seconds. It is hard, and it is draining, but there is still so much beauty in this journey. I wanted to be a mom my whole life, I couldn’t wait. I hoped and wished and prayed to have little girls some day, and now here we are, five whole years into it. And it has gone by so fast.
These are the days, right here in the palms of our hands.

Lots of love to all of you who celebrated mother’s day this year, I hope it was an amazing one. XO


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  1. Thank you for sharing these words with us – it's everything I am feeling but so beautifully said. I will be printing this off to keep as a reminder that these truly are the days.

  2. Love this! I am in the "next stage" and I find myself getting really bummed that I don't need to entertain my kids as much! Each stage is amazing, and comes with its own set of stresses…..and then it ends and you miss it! SLOW DOWN TIME!

  3. Love, love, loved this post! My youngest who is 10 came into our room last night after having a bad dream. She cuddled up with me and it reminded me of when she used to co sleep with us and how she cuddled right in. I couldn't believe it was now 10 years later! They do grow so fast…

  4. Absolutely. I keep reminding myself during the hard times that "they'll never love me as much as they do right now." It is crazy how fast these 5 years have gone for us too!

  5. Thank you for this post. I had a rough day, losing my patience too quickly and feeling worn out. But this was the perfect reminder that though the days are long, the years are short! Planning to snuggle my baby a little more tomorrow

  6. Beautiful post….reminders like this can't come too often! Also…Claire's thighs are the bee's knees! I miss my baby's chunky thighs, luckily I have my own to remind me ?

  7. My hubby always smells Elliot's feet and he says they smell like apples and cheese haha! Then he kisses them while I wince, then he tells me it won't be long before he can't kiss them anymore and I proceed to kiss them too. Time is precious!!

  8. Thank you for this wonderful reminder. I have two year old twins and one is a little wild like Eloise. There are days I pray the day passes quickly or that they will be in school soon. One day they will be gone and I will miss their little toes and two year old speech.

  9. So very true – it is beyond bittersweet, this journey of motherhood. Thanks for the reminder to stay present, love more and stress less.

  10. I just happened upon your blog a couple months ago and I wanted to thank you so much for keeping it real and honest about motherhood, daily life with kiddos, etc. There seems to be a trend lately in blogging, especially blogs about kids or mommy-hood, that show everything as perfect- never a moment or hair out of place. Thanks for showing how it actually is.. messy, emotional, and totally amazing.

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