Summer Starts Here

While our girls haven’t actually been in school, I feel like we have been on the go nonstop with travel & Harper’s activities. And even though it was just soccer twice a week & dance twice a week, I am so freaking relieved they are over! Waking the other two up from naps half the time to bring them along, all the while everyone is complaining that they don’t want to go (mostly Harper, to soccer, she was so over it) or Eloise begging to go in the dance studio with Harper & throwing a huge fit when she couldn’t. She did get to go to “bring a friend” day which was hilarious & horrifying at the same time, she basically ran around the room doing her own cotton-eyed-joe gallop while the rest of the girls actually did ballet. Needless to say, we are ready for a laid back summer schedule & no activities for a little while! 😉

My sweetest big girl at her dance recital, we are so proud of her!!!

We are soaking up every last drop of this gorgeous weather because before we know it, the dreaded heat will have us stuck inside for more hours than we are prepared for. I think we all know what being cooped inside with toddlers looks like.

Harper in time out: “one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine. ten. oh my goodness that was the longest forty years ever, I am soooooooooo sorrrrrrrrrrry!”
Eloise in time out: “one. two. free. fourteen. eighteen. ten! ready or not, here I come!!!”
Harper really is the sweetest big sister, but the one thing that she has no patience for is when one of them wrecks her little people creations. She stacks up all her little princesses in the castle exactly how she wants them, and sure enough, Claire will steam roll right through it it and knock it all over. So after I caught Harper screaming at her & trying to push her over so she couldn’t reach them, I made her go to time out & threatened to take the castle away if she couldn’t share.  Harper threw a massive tantrum telling me how Claire wrecks her stuff & she doesn’t want to play with her, so I told her to stay in time out until she apologized. Shortly after, I laid Claire down for her nap & came downstairs to find Harper drawing at the table. She casually slid her paper over to me, and on it was a drawing of me with my mouth in the shape of a sharp ziz-zag pattern. And she quietly said “mom, this is you. being mean making me go to time out, and just ruining my whole day. and I’m giving it to daddy.”

God help me when these girls are teenagers.

We plan to spend countless days at the pool, let the sprinkler run for hours on end & go to bed each night with rosy cheeks and sticky popsicle faces. The unofficial start to summer is finally here. Wishing you all the happiest weekend!!! XO

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS. This post made me laugh out loud even though both my babes are napping!! Isn't it amazingly hilarious the things toddlers say?! My favorite right now is my oldest will ask for something, for instance a Jelly bean, and will immediately follow it up with "okay, Jellybean" – like, GIVE IT TO ME mom. I bust out laughing every.time! Awesome post as always! xx

  2. Harper is seriously your twin! But they are all adorable and so stinking beautiful!!!! God bless them 🙂 on another note omg to Harper's note hahaha

  3. Oh goodness. One of my twins (3 yo boys) told my husband after he got done scolding the other twin "that why no body likes you. You're always mean and yelling". My husbands heart shattered and he's the nice one between the two of us! I feel like I'm always disciplining and yelling (I'm a SAHM), but I'm sure my time is coming for the "mommy you're mean" card :/

  4. Thank you for posting this! My two are the same age difference as Harper and Eloise and whenever I see how much they are best friends and how well they play together I always think what am I doing wrong?! Glad to know all siblings have their moments!

  5. Love the pictures! Still waiting for warm weather here in Nova Scotia! Harper nda like my daughter Nadia, who is almost 3 1/2 . Her dance class was a shitshow. Haha. Nadia tells me that I 'upset her' when I get angry or don't let her do something. And she is not listening during her swimming lessons. Sigh….

  6. Harper's picture made me laugh! My 6 year old said today if I didn't do something she would tell Daddy that I was being mean. Girls are so cute about Daddy being the savior 🙂

  7. Glad I'm not the only one with a 4 going on 14 year old! Caught mine talking about me to herself in the mirror the other day ?

  8. Glad I'm not the only one with a 4 going on 14 year old! Caught mine talking about me to herself in the mirror the other day ?

  9. These pictures are stunning! Love that last story!! My daughter is the same age as Harper. One day we were drawing pictures and she asked me to draw Daddy. I asked her what he looked like and she said he had pretty glasses. So I did up a quick sketch of my hubby. Then she asked me to draw a picture of myself. I asked her what Mama looked like, thinking I was going to get a cute compliment. She looks at me with a straight face and says, you have angry eyes. I Laughed and drew a grumpy me. I showed her and she said Yup that's Mama! Made me wish for happy eyes. Oh the joys of raising girls! I am dreading the teenage years as well!

  10. I don't know which one's better, time out and go seek or your bad performance review. Hilarious, but mostly because all kids are different and yet, they're not.
    My girls say the same thing about my 2 year old. They set up an intricate fantasy game involving color coded groups of blocks, a mermaid and a unicorn, and here comes Ethan. I call him "Stitch" when he comes through like "Raaaawrrrr!" Kicking down blocks and sending barbie mermaid flying.
    "Go away,Ethan, you ruin everything!"
    And I feel bad for them, but then I think of all the times they've spewed milk across my freshly mopped floor, or wiped red paint off their hands on a brand new dress and I think, "Yup, payback's a…"

  11. There's an awesome book called 'Sometimes I'm Bombaloo' about how to deal with angry feelings at your younger siblings. It's a good one that Harper will definitely relate to 🙂

  12. 1. I have had to wake a baby to go to dance lessons. The lessons the five year old cried about not wanting to go to! (She loved them, but she really hates getting dressed and leaving the house)
    2. We have rehearsals all week and recital Friday night. My poor girl is gonna be so exhausted. But she looks so cute in her costume.
    3. My girl also HATES it when little sis comes in and wrecks everything she worked so hard to make! Screaming and pushing here to, followed by timeout.
    4. To which, A says "This is really not my day! You are mean! Five minutes is sooooooo long! I want up! Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaasssseeeeeee!!"
    5. Aren't these kids great? Hahaha. Nice to know we mms go through the same things!

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