The Sunflower Farm

We took a little trip to a local sunflower farm last week & the girls have not stopped talking about it ever since. Harper called it “the land of yellow corn flowers” and after sneezing a bunch after we left, she got very concerned about having “aller-jesus.” It has always been my dream to own a place like this, a Christmas tree farm in Vermont or a bed & breakfast in Savannah. Or a house on Melrose in Iowa City during tailgating season. 😉 A place of your own, that you get to share little bits & pieces with everyone else. Kinda like blogging I guess.

I gave Harper & Eloise each a dollar bill so they could go buy a sunflower to bring home. They ended up pulling off all of the petals one by one, and stuffing them inside some hydrangea stems they pulled out of the front yard, and made wedding bouquets to run through the sprinkler with. I love their imaginations. And the fact that I got to drink coffee in peace & quite for almost an hour outside while they were doing this! 😉

If you have a sunflower farm blooming near you, it’s a definite must-see before they are out of season! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! XO


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  1. We have several – and I cannot wait to take my three kiddos (we are a few weeks behind you here in Maryland). Currently we are dreaming about blueberry picking!

  2. I know where this is north of Atlanta! I plan to go this weekend, it is such an incredible spot! Your girls are so beautiful, these pictures are the sweetest!

  3. Wow Harper is starting to look more and more like her father. Also, when are you going to update your profile picture on the blog to a photo with all three of your girls?

  4. Love the first pic, the girls are precious. And so funny because every time we leave my inlaws, my father in law gives the girls flowers from the front yard. And by halfway home, A is sad that it's wilting and Kenley is freaking out for me to put the petals back that she has ripped off….

  5. I saw y'all there on Friday and was like wait I think that's Jessica Garvin, hahaha. Your girls are the cutest! We were there with our photographer-that place is the best for summer pics and my daughter always loves the dog that's out and about! 🙂

  6. My friend lives on Melrose and it is the very best spot for tailgating. We all cruise over with our double strollers, beer, and pan of scotcheroos:) I'll take you!

  7. This is so sweet, I'm sure they loved this so much! All the different types of flower farms are so pretty and the owners are brilliant you're right it would be so fun to share something like that with others!

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