House Showings, Potty Training & Coffee.

Here’s a little run down of our week. So we have had a million showings, honestly, but turns out our backyard is kind of a deal breaker for everyone. Which is funny to me because we never thought twice about it as buyers, but maybe we were just naive as first timers, and it is obviously the reason we chose to move, so I guess joke’s on us. I was confident that showing our house a bunch would be a good thing, like I would keep my house super clean all the time and we would just go on a bunch of fun outings while people were here, and hahahahaha no. That’s actually not even remotely close to how it works. It’s more like fourteen minutes before each showing I shove evvvvverything anywhere I can (and obviously can’t find anything later because I can’t remember where I shoved it) and I swiffer our barefoot selves out the back door. The fact that my kids can fully destroy the entire house in one hour + one meal in between every showing, has me completely baffled, and completely drained.

For the record, a list of things to never have in your home while you are trying to sell it and have toddlers. 1. Stickers. 2. Sticker books. 3. Crayons. 4. Chapstick. 5. Toilet Paper 6. Yogurt 7. Toothpaste 8. Did I mention stickers?

Eloise decided that this would be a good week to potty train herself, which I am one hundred light years away from being ready for, but apparently there is nothing more fun to her than taking a diaper off and leaving it somewhere so she can go flush half a roll of toilet paper down the potty. I used to complain about rompers not having bottom snaps but lately it’s all I want to put on her because she can’t get it off herself. I put her in the car quickly the other morning to run to the hardware store and discovered as I was buckling her car seat that she didn’t have a diaper on, just a bare ass in a mermaid nightgown headed out the door. All the apologies to whichever potential home buyer discovers that missing diaper, wherever it may be.
Claire is getting her molars & has been really clingy lately, which means I am usually holding her unless she is sleeping or in her car seat. This makes talking to contractors at the new house extra fun when I have a baby on my hip who is trying to chew on my hair, but I am strangely loving every single bit of this chaos because we have always dreamed of this stage of life. 
Our Ikea cabinet “guts” were installed yesterday & this morning, so we are ready for the next step which is our cabinet doors & all of the framing, and painting. Our doors won’t be here for another week or so, so in the mean time we will store food & kitchen items in the laundry room and garage and attempt to still live out of the house starting next weekend-ish. This weekend & coming week will be nothing but a packing marathon, fueling up with lots of coffee & wine! Exciting times!!!
Again, I can’t stress enough how thankful I am for all of you, and especially after all of the sweet comments on my post yesterday. Virtual hugs to each of you!! Have a happy happy weekend!!! XO

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  1. I hear ya with the showings. We just got done with the selling chaos! It was a nightmare!! I hope you sell soon! Someone out there will love it!
    Good luck with the 'potty training,' It will be worth it when it's done!

  2. We just sold our house a couple months ago and I know EXACTLY what you are going through! I have 3 kids, and at that time they were 3 years old and under! So, yeah, everything you just wrote… 100% truth! And the missing diaper… HAHA, I can't tell you how many times I find my 2 year old with no diaper on and wonder where that pee filled rank thing ended up! I got to Target a couple months ago with all 3 kids, got her (the 2 year old) out of her car seat and realized no diaper on under her shorts, decided to risk it and yup, while holding her and getting ready to lift her into the cart, she peed all over my side and hip . It was delightful.

  3. Congrats on your blog anniversary and new house!! For the short time you have left living in your current house and showing it, try keeping some empty tote bags or bins to throw stuff in at the last minute. Then you can just carry it out to your car! And I like to keep a cheap pair of sandals or flip flops in the car for my kids just in case I need them. Good luck, and thanks for your wonderful blog!

  4. Haha oh Mama, I can totally commiserate! We are also trying to sell our home. We have 2 boys (2.5 and 1) and 2 dogs. It has been an interesting summer of trying to keep the house clean and driving around on "adventures" during showings. Good luck and I hope the house is sold soon!

  5. Oh my gosh today has been a complete shit show and I've been ready for bed time… well since about 2pm! Anyway then I read " but I'm strangely loving every single bit of this chaos because we have always dreamed of the stage." ??. An't that the truth!! So for tonight I will try to forget about the F-ing crumbs I keep stepping on and embrace the screams coming from my children, because I know that someday I'll miss this crazy life!!

  6. I feel your pain on the potty front. Our Harper decided a couple of weeks ago she was a big girl too and wanted to use the potty which earned her a grade A side-eye from her mother. :/ Thankfully she's been way easier to train than our oldest. Those middle babies be crazy!!

  7. I can so relate to your stickers comment, my little munchkin is 2 1/2 and we have stickers EVERYWHERE! This morning she got upset because the banana scratch & sniff sticker she put on her chalkboard was upside down, oh the joys of being a toddler:) Hang in there with all of the cleaning and packing, you are right wine & coffee will sustain you through this chaos. You're amazing!

  8. this is my life right now, selling our house + no one wants my backyard either! and they keep screwing up on our house that's being built. and showings are ridic and allllways during naps or mealtimes. and my two year old has the flu + is throwing up everywhere! it can't only go up from here right?! ha!

  9. Your comment about Eloise in the nightgown made me laugh out loud (at work). I can totally see my 2-year-old doing the same thing. Love the blog, can't wait to see what you do with your beautiful new home!

  10. I've absolutely loved reading your blog. I've been reading since Harper was a few months old. You were my first "mommy blog" and are still my favorite! I've been as excited about your pregnancy announcements as my own friends! I love your candor and have laughed out loud or nodded my head at many of your posts over the years. I can't wait to see how you decorate your new house. I wish your family nothing but amazing things!

  11. My second decided to potty train himself. It was both awesome and horrible timing. I had just found out I was pregnant after having two miscarriages and potty training was not something I wanted to do. But he was the easiest to pt. and he did it the same exact way, wouldn't keep his diaper on.

  12. So excited to see this next chapter in your life. I have two kids and not sure I could manage three haha. We are going to be moving and listing our current home in the near future and with two kids and two labs i am thinking its is gonna be hell with trying to show out current home:( i just love your blog. I always think you have it all together but you remind us that's not always the case….which makes me feel like I'm not a total failure haha. I truly enjoy your blog and it's what I check as soon as the kids are napping:) I can't wait to see house progress and decorating …. it is my favorite!!!

  13. So many good things to come, it will be so worth it! One day you're going to be out on your deck, drinking a beer and laughing at this chaotic time in your life with all the funny Ellie stories.

  14. Girrrrrrrllll…we were just in your shoes! We just moved this month, and I am so glad to be in our new house and be done with showings and cleanings. Luckily for us, an overseas buyer bought our house sight unseen after like 12 hours on the market haha, so we didn't have to deal with a bunch of showings this time around. Moving is a pain, we bought a new build this time because we hated dealing with all the fixer upper stuff. Hang in there! It will get better! Coffee. Wine. Ice Cream. 🙂

  15. We're moving this weekend too. We had one week between getting our keys to our new house and moving from our townhouse. 5hr sleep a night if I'm lucky before work. Last night my little man had 101 fever so even less sleep because being our first we had no idea if we should go to the ER or not. Tomorrow is the heavy lifting and my husband neglected to recruit buddy's to help, so I'm trying to rangle up anyone who might want to spend a Saturday moving furniture – not fun.

    Good luck!

  16. The bare ass comment was priceless. I laughed so hard! I'm a long time reader/creeper and first time poster but had to let you know you're doing a great job!

    Looking forward to more house pictures. Good luck with the packing, girl!

  17. Our house was on the market for almost a year before selling, and house showings with toddlers are crazy. Pro tip get a couple of those plastic tote bins and if u gave a last minute showing throw all clutter/ toys/ laundry (and I'm not gonna lie once my dirty breakfast dishes) and put it in the trunk of the car. Good luck the right buyer will come along soon ?

  18. Both your homes are gorgeous and just makes me ache to own my own home and be able to do whatever with it. Youre a champ for handling everything with three kiddos. I've been reading your blog since the beginning and it was the first blog I ever started to follow and love. ❤️

  19. I'm surprised that your back yard is a deal breaker. It's one of the things I like best about your house. We'd buy it in an instant if I lived in your area. My 2-year old daughter is also in the "potty train herself" phase and is constantly removing her diaper and clothes. Such a great post.

  20. Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming! 🙂

    I had a friends whose kid would always take their diaper off too. So she put the diaper on backwards. Just a thought. Good luck girl!

  21. Totally can relate. We just sold our house in June after being on the market for 8 months. Our backyard was always the deal breaker for most people too. It was a stressful time with 5 kids from 12 years old to 6 months. We are now in the process of building our dream home while living in a 1,350 sq.foot apartment. I keep telling myself it's only 6 months of my life and it will help us grow closer as a family.??(I hope)

  22. You'll get through it and in the end it will be beautiful. This stage of life can be so tough because we 'never' seem to see the light, thankfully it comes. Hugs!

  23. The bare ass made me laugh so hard. I have two year old twins and my daughter has started to do this same thing! I went up to get her from her nap and her little naked booty was sticking straight up out of her nightgown 🙂

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