New House Kitchen Planning

We are just a few short weeks away from closing on our new house & we are so so so excited. One of the first things going down on closing day will be demo in the current kitchen. 
The layout of the kitchen is great, it is smaller than our current one, but has a great working triangle & lots of natural light. The biggest problem with the kitchen in its current state is the cabinets. They are old, the drawers hardly open, all of the shelves are missing inside of them, and the part that contains the current wall oven is falling apart all together. Also, I really wanted a totally different style of doors, so we decided to start from scratch. The current kitchen has an electric cooktop, and we will gas lines ran so that we can install a full size gas range with a hood above it, and plan to do some open shelving on either side of the hood. We ordered a white farm sink & plan to look at honed quartz counter tops this weekend. For years, I always imagined having an all white kitchen, but lately I have just been loving the warmth that grey cabinets bring to a room. We ordered our cabinets this week, they will come unfinished (can’t wait to share more details about this!) so our next step is to finalize a paint color.
I love white subway tile, but after doing it with dark grout in our bathroom, I’m not sure I would ever do that again. I am leaning towards white tile & white grout, and really loving the herringbone pattern. A friend of mine walked me though doing this as a DIY, which would save quite a bit of money, but I am not sure I am skilled enough to do this. We shall see! 😉
Now for the fun part, choosing hardware! This is where I feel like the overall look will all come together, but I am stumped between what I thought I wanted (gold) and what I think may actually look better with our style of house (bronze + chrome). I love the idea of mixing metals, we will be painting or replacing all of the hardware in the house with a dark bronze finish, so most light fixtures will be this finish as well. I just LOVE the way gold hardware looks with grey, and think it would compliment the bronze so well, but that industrial chrome faucet?! All the heart eyes.

Accessorized with my favorite rug of course, I love a little purple in every room! 😉

 So I would love to get your vote! Bronze hardware with chrome faucet? Or gold hardware and a gold faucet? Or bronze + gold faucet and just skip the chrome?! So many choices! I feel like I always have visions of what I love, but it’s the final stages of pulling things together that tend to stump me! 😉

I’ve been pinning like crazy so if you’re looking for a little bit of house inspo, come find me on Pinterest & follow along! Cannot wait to hear your thoughts & to share more updates very soon!! XO


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  1. Where did you order your cabinets from?! We are looking to do the same and would love for them to come unfinished! P.S. I'm loving a mix between bronze and chrome 😉

  2. I think bronze hardware and the chrome faucet- timeless! You will be able to add in gold accents in so many other ways, especially with your open shelving:)

  3. We're actually in a similar state as you. We have a new build and we've been slowly making changes and adding character into our home. Right now we're trying to figure out the design of our kitchen. We've swapped our junky faucet for the industrial chrome one you have picked out and we absolutely love it. It's really easy to clean and we love the versatility of it. Plus, we love mixing metals as well, it keeps everything from being too matchy-matchy.

  4. I am definitely a bronze and chrome girl! Do you mind sharing why you wouldn't do dark grout again? I did white on white subway tile and grout and I LOVE it but wonder about darker grout to get the "farmhouse" look. What do you regret?

  5. Ive followed you since you were pregnant with H, since your two first girls are weeks apart from mine. First comment. Anyways, I cannot believe your buyers backed out in your house. I would buy that on a heartbeat if I lived in good Ole Ga. I live near SF and we have the same price home, but about 1000sq difference! So overpriced here. Anyways… If I did my kitchen over again, I would go with Bronze finishes… I find it cleaner and more stylish. However, if you do go with Gray cabinets, I would still stick with Chrome. Best of luck!

  6. My vote is for the Bronze and Chrome, but I know whatever you pick with be beautiful!! Good luck with your demo and I can't wait to see the progress 🙂

  7. How exciting! I think for the long run, you will be happiest and not get tired of the classic bronze and chrome faucet. You can mix up other things to freshen it up when you want. I am ridiculously excited to watch your house transformation. ?

  8. Ok so fun you should post this! We are in the middle of remodeling our kitchen too! We went with the white and gray Quartz and that exact chrome faucet! I also looked at the gold and my reasoning for going with the chrome was while I love the look, I think chrome is more timeless! So excited to follow along!! I wish a farmhouse sink would have worked for us, but I went with a fireclay undermount because I didn't want to rip into our current cabinets!

  9. SO excited for you & your family! I started following you when you lived in your little apartment & here you are customizing your new (old) home. I've always admired your style so it's no surprise that I absolutely love ALL of your choices! What a tough call. I vote bronze handles & gold sink!! It'll make the sink stand out and the bronze handles will match through out the house. I absolutely love the chrome sink, but they scratch easily if you don't clean them carefully!! I do have major heart eyes for the industrial style faucet & have one of those myself though!

  10. We are about to get started on our new kitchen and that Champagne Bronze Delta Faucet was my first purchase! I am in love with it! I randomly pull it out of the box just to look at it, it's so beautiful! Good luck with the kitchen remodel!

  11. I can so relate! We close on our home 2 weeks from tomorrow and are still trying to find the right backsplash. I am loving the herringbone pattern and figuring out we should have shopped around moreally before making a quick decision that almost ended up a disaster! Normally I would vote for the bronze and chrome but I am really digging the gold – especially if you are doing light grey cabinets!

  12. I love the idea of gold hardware with all the white you plan on doing. I think that it will bring some pop to the room. I know people say gold hardware is the nineties haha, but I think it could make a comeback if done right and I know you would make it look good. But whatever you decide will be beautiful and I can not wait to see your new kitchen! Have a great rest of the week! -Lara Novosad

  13. Definitely go with gold or bronze hardware & faucet. It is SO timeless an looks so sheek but I feel like the gold hardware has to go with white cabinets. The gray and gold seem to dull each other out but the white/gold combo seems to have great contrast. We just redid our kitchen…the brightest white we could get for the cabinets on walls then gray for the island. Looks amazing with the two tones.

  14. I'm kind of SUPER excited that you are remodeling planning right now, we are in the process of building a house and everything that you listed is pretty much on our "want" list — we are doing white painted cabinets with a black island and lighter/white (we haven't picked out actuals yet) granite counter tops — I have been on Pinterest waaaaaay too much (which would probably be an understatement) and now I'm super excited to see what you brainstorm for ideas to give me some more inspiration for ours as well 🙂

  15. Everything on the left speaks to me! I always lean towards white+black+wood components though so I totally love the dark with white 😉 but gold… it's hard not to go gold.

  16. i'm obsessed w/ your blog (in a healthy way, obv) and love that you're embarking on this sort of adventure! your style is amazing and your dilemma is exactly what i am struggling w/ as i decide on finishes for our "new to us" kitchen as we just moved in to our forever home a few months ago. so excited to learn what you decide! 🙂

  17. Can I ask why you wouldn't do the white tile with dark grout again? This is one of my options for a reno, and just curious if there was a specific reason for not wanting to do that again. 🙂

  18. We are doing a VERY similar kitchen as soon as we close and are likely going with gray on the lowers and white Uppers! Best of both worlds 🙂
    Can't wait to see your finished product

  19. Gold cabinet pulls still look dated to me, I don't think we're far enough past the early 90s for them to make a comeback just yet, even though I think the style of the ones you posted helps modernize them. I would go with bronze+chrome, personally, but I also think bronze+gold could look good.

  20. I think you go gold hardware, chrome faucet. I love all the gold stuff right now, but I am too afraid to commit to it in a large way for fear it will go out of style. I have been moving to all bronze everything in our house.

  21. So exciting. I too love gray cabinets. I love the look of white tile and white grout as well, but after moving into a new house 3 weeks ago that has really light gray tile with white grout, I'm wishing it didn't. It shows every little piece of dirt, or non white color, and doesn't come clean. I'm so sad, because I love the look, but after 3 weeks I'm wishing to redo it already. Have fun with the reno!

  22. I'm more inclined to choose chrome faucet and bronze hardware, but I always prefer cooler tones and not gold. I just think it gives a white/gray kitchen a fresh clean look 🙂 But do what you think will look nice in your home and be classic through the years.

  23. While I have never considered myself to be a gold fan, the combination of the all of the elements you pictured here with the gold faucet and gold hardware is so beautiful. So my vote is definitely gold!

  24. We did white cabs/white Quartz with black hardware and stainless steel kitchen faucet. The stainless faucet goes so well and matches the appliances! It looks so much better and cleaner than chrome.

  25. Have you considered a range with an induction cooktop? It's quick like gas but there's no flame so much safer with little girls who are learning to cook.

  26. Gold brass! I just finished my kitchen last month and I am so so so glad I went with the gold hardware for the grey cabinets. It totally makes the kitchen! I have mixed metals between the sink and door hardware and it all still works great. You can get away with it more in an older home, I think. Congrats on the new home! It will look great!

  27. I vote for chrome and bronze! More classic IMHO; although it's trendy now, gold can look rather dated after awhile. Plus, I think it compliments grey better. Congrats and enjoy–whatever you choose!!

  28. Oh my gosh! You've gotten so much done already… I commented on your house pic (Insta) today, thinking you were in the beginning stages! Way to go!! We ordered our doors & hardware from a company called SemiHandmade with IKEA boxes. The doors are their "clay" color and we went with gold hardware that is very similar to what you have chosen! So I have to go with GOLD! (Our faucet is black matte, but the gold is gorgeous!) ❤️❤️❤️ Thanks for sharing!!

  29. Girlfriend- perfect timing. Just moved into a new house (it's a little cottage) and I've been needing some serious inspiration- so keep the good finds coming. I am loving gold- but thinking the chrome is more timeless? Can't go wrong either way!

  30. The left side for sure. Do gold pulls/knobs in a bathroom, less to switch out later. And no herringbone subway tile, go for the classic look that never goes out of style. Use herringbone wood art somewhere ?

  31. Are you going with stainless steel appliances? If you are then I'd stick with chrome and bronze. Chrome is timeless and bronze will carry on with the rest of the look you plan on going with in your fixtures. I love mixing metals but you typically want to stick with 2 families of tone. Maybe you could do some fun gold fixtures in one of the bathrooms! I am renovating my 1923 home and went with bronze and gold in the powder room.

  32. I think the bronze pulls for sure, but the faucet could go either way! Love the industrial look of the chrome but the gold would looks so pretty with the honed Quartz! Go with your gut, the best thing is that they can be easily changed!

  33. LOVE a white kitchen. I have to say I have a love/hate with the gold. I love the modern style of it but also think it looks kinda dated at the same time. Either way, I'm sure it'll be beautiful! Maybe do grey lowers and bright white uppers, because toddlers lol. Or navy lowers?? Loving that trend too!

  34. If you were going with the all white kitchen I would say gold but with the grey cabinets I think the left side would look better. Can't wait to see it all come together! Please do before and after shots of each room!!

  35. I love the industrial chrome faucet and don't think it would look out of place with another type of hardware. I think the brass/gold looks great with the darker grey cabinets, and bronze would look best with a lighter shade. I also hear you on the white tile with dark grout. It looks great in the right setting, but I don't think I could handle it in real life. Plus, the white on white just looks so sparkly!

  36. I have been loving the brushed brass myself! But I'm afraid it might be to trendy? That chrome faucet is seriously dream, and I think the bronze would be a nice contrast against the lighter cabinets. Have you seen the white upper cabinets, with the grey lower? Loving that look right now!

  37. we recently painted our entire house, like everything except the floor, and went with SW repose grey on the walls and a bright white for ceiling and trim. for the kitchen cabinets we choose SW aviatrix and it's gorgeous. it goes with warm or cool hardware and is such a pretty grey. we chose black hardware ala chip and jojo for that fixer upper look. i think the gold would add a touch of warmth to the cool grey feel and would look soooo pretty.

  38. in the same boat as you, my friend! we're in the process of a little kitchen revamp and are having the hardest time deciding on grays…those are the same faucets i'm deciding on as well. as much as I love the industrial style, I wonder how clean it would stay as opposed to the sleek bronze faucet?

  39. How exciting! You can't really go wrong with white or gray cabinets. I also love the idea you have for the title. That will be more visually interesting than subway title. Regarding the hardware, something to think about is while the gold is fun if you look overtime gold comes in and out of style often. My sister in-law has a bronze faucet and it has chipped due to all the water at the farm style kitchen sink and has not wore well over the last 9 years that they have had it. She had even asked about this in her high-end kitchen when it was completely gutted down to the studs which everything else still look beautiful and fresh in today. They told her this chipping wouldn't happen but they were wrong. It is for these reasons that I would go with the classic Chrome that never goes out of style. With Chrome I think you can easily mix other metals too and it would look fantastic and long-term.

  40. I feel like anymore you just can NOT go wrong with gold! Its been around, turned "outdated" and came right back in again. I love the gold on gold idea. Gold is my vote all the way….but at least you basically can't go wrong with either choice. Your kitchen will look amazing whatever it is you choose! AND, remember both the faucet & hardware are things that can fairly easily be changed out in the future. A faucet can usually be changed out for much cheaper than all the hardware, but at least it's still an option. Have fun!

  41. While I currently love the look of gold metals in the Kitchen, I think it is very trendy. (I would of hated it 5+ years ago) Chrome and bronze are more classic and I think you will love them for a longer period of time.

  42. I like the gold! Would a polished faucet look better though? More matchy with the hardware…I also love the white tile and dark floors….now for the herringbone, though…really? Reminds me of trendy chevron…I'd go more classic, but that's just me. I also think I'd stick to white cabinets and maybe do a gray island….Can't wait to see what you pick regardless!

  43. I say gold! But that is for selfish reasons 😉 – I love the gold and would love to see how you incorporate it in to your overall vision. Then I can implement it in my remodel someday!

  44. Definitely a vote for bronze and chrome here (though a bronze faucet would also look fantastic) the gold is just…. no. It's too 80's and trendy. I think you'd end up regretting it 5 years down the road (or sooner).

  45. So excited for you and your adorable family on moving into a new home! I vote for the bronze hardware + chrome faucet; classic look that will never go out of style. Just go with your gut feeling; you have a great taste and in the end will make the decision that works best for you! Happy home planning!!

  46. I have two kids under three and a kitchen with white counter tops and all white cabinets. It is such a nightmare to keep looking clean. The countertops especially as everything stains them, including the newspaper. Have fun! It's my dream to design and build my own kitchen.

  47. We put in a very similar faucet when we switched out our sink for a large farmhouse style… the only thing I wanted to tell you was to check how far into the sink the faucet goes. Ours doesn't go very far into the sink so I constantly find myself having to disconnect it from the base to reach bigger items in the sink. Hope that makes sense!

  48. We just redid our kitchen with dark hardwood floors, white Ikea cabinets (seriously amazing) and light quartz counters. We went with the chrome/rubbed bronze combo and I love it. I feel like bronze and chrome is a timeless combo…gold might be flash in the pan here in a few years…but, you can always change hardware. Whatever you choose I'm sure it'll be fabulous.

  49. I have that bronze faucet and it's amazing. it is sleek yet, industrial, yet I have a farm house so with my grey cabinets and open shelves it brings out this warmth and interest to the kitchen. I love the gold pulls too…I have crystal ball pulls with my cabinets but they have a gold fixture around the screw and it just looks very clean and warm. White kitchens can be very stark. I totally agree with the above commentor Stephanie, painted cabinets are much harder to keep clean looking. Wood stain is good for slops and spills…but I do love my grey…I can't imagine how hard white would be..even the finger smudges..ahhh too much for my Type A personality . happy for you guys!

  50. We have gray cabinets (a bit darker than the color that you posted) and love it with ivory/cream herringbone stone pattern in our backsplash). We did chrome faucet and hardware, but think the bronze would look amazing!!

  51. we just renovated our insanely outdated pink kitchen. i went with white cabinets BUT grey under the island cabinets and we have a bar area that also matches the grey under island. pain in the butt, yes.. but its my favorite part of our house and it was SO worth it!!!! good luck!

  52. We have the T-handle bar hardware in our kitchen and bathroom and I hate them! LOL. They stick out and I am constantly bumping into them and my clothes also get hung up on them. Just some food for thought…

  53. Obsessed with all your selections! You have such great taste. Kind of reminds me of Brooke's kitchen reno from Somewhere Lately 🙂
    I personally love the gold and bronze, But that's cause I currently have chrome and it is a bitch to keep clean.
    We are in the process of doing our bathroom and I wanted subway tile with black grout, do you mind if I ask why you wouldn't do it again?
    Can't wait to see the progress mama, good luck!

  54. I recently did my newborn daughter's nursery in gray/white/gold (and blush, but that's not relevant lol) so the gold/bronze gets my vote! Chrome is classic, but gold really is so pretty with gray!!

  55. I'd go with gold, especially if you plan on doing gray cabinets! I just got rid of the gold in my home and it's now making a comeback – lol. But the gold in my home was literally from the early nineties, so it definitely needed to be updated! Can't wait to see your renos!

  56. I love, love, love an all white kitchen and that's what I was really rooting for but my husband needed to have a say too, and he wasn't for it. We ended up going with white and black everything and I couldn't be more pleased. With white and black any accent color goes, so the entire look and feel of the kitchen changes with the season. I like the gold if it's something you can swap out or pack away as the styles/trends change. I'm not sure I could commit to gold hardware.

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