Summer So Far

Summer 2016 has been the bees freaking knees. The girls are all at such fun ages, this is the first summer in two years that we haven’t had a new baby (sounds crazy right?) so it feels good to be able to run and go and not have to stop to nurse or keep a little one out of the heat. I have said it a million times, I am so thankful that Claire is such an easy going baby. Also maybe a little thankful that she isn’t walking yet. 😉

It has been hectic trying to sell our house, but is kinda fun being forced to stay out of it. We’ve been to the zoo, the pool, the splash pad, the lake & every park in town. But my kids favorite place to be is on the slip n slide in the front yard.

The girls became obsessed with learning how to chew gum. Harper will randomly have hers in her mouth for two hours and then ask if she can spit it out after we have all totally forgotten she had it, and Eloise usually swallows hers in the first thirty seconds & then asks where it went.
We’ve learned that there’s nothing a late visit from the ice cream truck can’t solve, but if you eat it too fast you’ll definitely get “fweeze brain.”

Barefoot is the only way to be, lighting bugs are the best kind of entertainment & letting the girls stay up past bedtime to watch the Little Mermaid for the hundredth time has become our favorite way to spend Friday nights.

Long live summer, we hope you are enjoying yours!! XO

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  1. Your summer sounds so idyllic! My 2.5 yo is spending her summer running in the sprinklers and eating bomb popsicles, while my 2 month old watches from our covered patio. I love how our littles make simple things magical again!

  2. Love all your fun summer pictures! Now that my girls are a little bit older I'm sure when they get older and want nothing to do with hanging out with their parents, Fall will win me over again 😉

  3. I would love to know where the girls' black shoes are from! Too cute! Also, does the mermaid hoodie run true to size?? I want to order! Thanks!

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