Vacation Recap

First, I’d like to wish all of you beautiful mamas a very Happy Mother’s Day!! We spent the entire day driving (apparently my husband didn’t get the memo to buy me a plane ticket) so we will be celebrating next weekend instead 🙂

Today, I am sulking because vacation is over, but of course very thankful that we made it home in one piece. Traveling (basically spring-breaking in this case) with a baby is bit of a challenge, but overall we had a complete blast! I mentioned before that this was our first vacation, we never took a real honeymoon since we lived in Florida when we came back to Iowa to get married, so we took a lot of time off work for the wedding (and were still living on post-college funds). The beach means a lot to us since we lived there for a while, so we loved getting to take Harper to all of our favorite places.

She was a total beach babe & loved every second of it.
She was all smiles until she dug up a cigarette butt out of the sand & tried putting it in her mouth. Every single one of us said NO! at the same time, which lead to an immediate bottom lip & tears. It was too cute not to take pictures of, although she looks so incredibly sad.
She loved the water. Every time the waves came up to our feet she would get so excited & pant like a puppy with her tongue out.

Confetti Swimsuit (Gap), Coverup, Sunglasses, Jeweled Black Two Piece, Fedora (Target last year, similar here & here)

 She even wrote her name in the sand 😉

 Aside from the sandy beach, we also had a blast in the pool! Harper was so little last summer that she could only go in the pool once or twice for a few minutes, so it was fun to see how much she loved it this time around. Don’t worry she had a floppy hat & shades on most of the time except for in this pic right before we hopped out of the pool 🙂

Green Punk Floral Bikini, Neon Yellow Swimsuit from Gap last season (similar here)

I want to go back…. right meow.

Up next… Vacation Recap Part 2 (aka. more photos), Roadtripping & Beach Essentials & our firsthand account of why hotel rooms are one of the most disgusting places on earth.

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