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Every now & then, we come across companies where we not only love their products, but we absolutely love everything that they stand for. We are so proud to be introducing one of our newest partners, fairlife, and sharing why we choose this milk for our family. 
For us, it’s simple, our family LOVES milk & drinks a ton of it. Harper & Eloise each have a full sippy of milk at breakfast & another at bedtime, and always ask for more. They would choose chocolate milk over juice any day of the week. Claire drinks three bottles of milk a day, sometimes more. When you are giving your kids that much of one thing on a daily basis, it is so important to take a look the ingredients & the process for which it is made.

fairlife milk is lactose free, with more protein (13 grams to be exact) & half the sugar typically found in regular milk. And of course when you hear this, the first thought that comes to mind is “yes, but what does it taste like?!” I will be 100% honest here and tell you that I was a skeptic. I have always been weird with dairy products & was a little weary that this could possibly even taste like milk. But you know what? It was absolutely perfect. It tastes just like milk, but better. fairlife milk is filtered into five components (water, butterfat, protein, vitamins & minerals, lactose) and then recombined in different proportions. So there is no need to add proteins, calcium powders or artificial sweeteners, it’s all about proportions.

Brandon’s dad (or papa as we call him around here) who grew up on a dairy farm in Iowa, was here visiting us the week that we first stocked our fridge with fairlife milk & he loved learning about their story & mission behind their brand. fairlife grows their own crops to feed their cows & they never use growth hormones, and they pride themselves on giving their cows a happy & healthy life. If you’ve ever fed an apple to a happy cow, you know how amazing this is!

So the next time you are in the grocery store overwhelmed with the number of milk choices, you can feel confident in knowing what an amazing company you are supporting & even better tasting milk you can get with fairlife.

This post is in partnership with fairlife, thank you for supporting the brands that support us!

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  1. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for sharing this! I will have to try it. Your girls look so happy drinking it, maybe my Olivia Grace will too! 🙂 ( I have been reading your blog for the LONGEST time also, such a fan!) You're unique in your taste and style and have made me want to step outside of my comfort zone on a few purchases. Feel like we would be good friends in person! Thanks for every recommendation and every posted blog that makes me feel a little less alone.

  2. I've been on the search for a new milk that's kinder to its cows and isn't so sugary for my babies. Thank you for the tip!!!

  3. I first found out about Fairlife on a blog. My house is the opposite of yours; we hardly use any milk and were always throwing it out before we used it. Fairlife's filtering allows the milk to last much longer than normal. We end up saving money in the end!

  4. Love this! Will have to see if they offer this brand here in Canada. Currently I limit mine and my girls milk intake – we mostly consume Almond milk. However, the reason I'm not a fan of most dairy brands is the amount of hormones they put into the milk. I do have to ask though, where do you get those darling sippy cups?!

  5. My husband works for Coke and was part of the team that launched Fairlife. We've been buying ever since it launched, and the whole family loves it. My girls actually turned in to milk snobs, and they won't drink as much of other brands of milk.

  6. Cool! I've seen it at Target but didn't know it was lactose free. We actually get our milk here (Western WA) delivered from local farms within 24-48 hours, which is the coolest thing ever, but my husband is lactose intolerant, so this is good to know.

  7. I love that the word is getting out about Fairlife. I'm from the town where this is made, and I love how tasty (and the lesser amount of sugar) that it has!

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