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Only a few more weeks until our girls are headed off to school, pre-k for Harper & 2 year old preschool for Eloise. It’s so bittersweet this time, I know they’re going to love it so much, but I’m going to miss them like crazy!! Harper is SO ready for school, she used to be so shy but has come out of her shell so much & is such an outgoing little sweetheart. She loves everyone, by nature, and makes friends so easily. She also just loves learning, always asks me to write things out so she can practice them, loves to draw & paint, learn new songs & play make believe. I am so confident that she is going to just love school, and I am so excited for her!! This will be the first time Eloise will go to school, or really go anywhere without me or Brandon, so I worry a bit more about her, but I know she will eventually learn to love it. Although she is a bit shy, she is easy to win over, she loves to play & is never afraid to try new things. She also lives for snacks, so as long as there are goldfish involved, I think she’ll open right up! Claire & I will probably get tired standing in the hallway stalking them through the classroom windows, but oh well, we’ll live! 😉

I thought I would put together a little back to school mini style inspiration today, as I am on the hunt for some easy outfits & key pieces that will make getting ready in the mornings EASY. We can’t get anywhere on time, ever, and I hate myself for it. Convenience is key for us, shoes that the girls can put on themselves, comfy dresses & of course our long tie favorite backpack that they both cannot wait to use!!

Embroidered Dress // Gold Sparkle Flats // Tulle Backpack // Cargo Vest // Kitty Lunchbox // Stripe Mix-Fabric Dress // Camo Backpack // Suspender Cargo Pants // Varsity Sweater

 This year at their school they are going to bring their lunch instead of coming home before it, which means lunchboxes + major meal planning! 😉 I’m also 100% planning to be that mom that draws pictures & writes notes for their kids lunch, and you know I’m totally excited to do that. We will also have dance twice a week, and I’m confident Claire will start dropping her morning nap just as soon as my big girls start school, so I’m probably going to need to get a Costco membership so I can buy coffee & wine in bulk.

Are your babies headed off to school this year? How are you holding up?
Sending good vibes. XO



  1. I have three kids, about the same age as yours. I had to LOL when you wrote that you can't get anywhere on time, ever. Girl, neither can I.. and I get so irritated at myself for it. So all the heart eyes to anything that will help us be on time, even if it's just once 😉

  2. My daughter started Preschool at age 3, in January. She goes twice a week. Starting this September, she will go 3 times per week. Our sitter drives her. it's awesome! She will go to school with all of the little ones that are in her preschool class now. Then, she starts Primary in Sept 2017(same as Harper I assume). I have already been shopping for her clothes and have them stockpiled in her closet. I am going to get her LL Bean's Jr Bookbag. Its perfect for Primary age! (check it out, it gives the measurements). Time flies!!!

  3. My sweet boy is going into pre-k as well, and I'm so happy-sad about it… 😉 Thanks for always including a little something for the boys in your mini style posts, I always love your picks!

  4. Adorable! My oldest is starting KINDER this year and my youngest is starting preschool for 3 year olds. We're all excited, but I know I will shed some tears. The thought of Kindergarten still frightens me though 😉

  5. Our daughter does half day preschool with no lunch, but did summer camp 3 days a week this summer. I was so dorkily, happy and excited about putting together fun lunches to pack for summer camp. I probably had way more fun than I should have!

  6. Omg get to costco! I *only* have one toddler and I already buy their coffee and wine in bulk (among other things). Plus we love their samples haha. Hope the girls have a smooth transition with school!

  7. Hi there! I don't know how many international readers you got, but I would love to hear more about our school system in US. The idea of preschool for 2-year-old sounds so bizarre to us in Scandinavia. Is it more like a daycare or actual school? In Finland, for instance, the preschool start at the age of six and at the age of seven starts the actual primary school. Before the preschool, we got daycare system. But the government actually pays you (it's not much though) so you could be at home with your kids until they are 3-year-olds.

    I'm so excited to hear how the schools are going with Harper and Eloise. Wish you all the best!

  8. Same as you! One going to pre-k and our youngest going to the 2 year old room! He's our handful so I'm super nervous about how he'll do!!!! Good luck to you and the girls!!!

  9. My girls have both been in school since they were 12 weeks and my only advice would be put them in outfits that they can be messy in. With all of the painting, glue, water, sand and food at nursery school, they usually come home a mess. Excited and exhausted about their day, but a mess.

  10. My four year old started preschool and she loves it! It's definitely bittersweet & I'd give anything to be a fly on the wall while she's there. I will say, I love that it tires her the heck out! Bedtime is a breeze now. I already have some of her art work hanging up & I actually look forward to prepping her lunches everyday.(I usually suck at meal-prepping or doing anything in advance.) My biggest problem is dressing her. She's in desperate need of new dresses considering she's outgrown all the ones she has & that's all she ever wants to wear! So the mornings are a mix of rummaging through piles of clothes while she cries about not getting to wear her favorite Elsa dress. 😛

  11. I just bought the toddler version of that vest from Target. I had picked out a preschool for my daughter for when she turns 2.5 but I found out recently that they do half days for her age so she's going in from 9-1 3 days a week. It means I get to take on more clients and have adult conversations woohoo!

  12. Kindergarten and Pre-k over here… Best part is they're uniformed this year!! Our go to for lunches: mini bagel w/cream cheese, go-gurt, mini cucumbers and cherry tomatoes! Easy peasy!!! Pack lunches night before makes mornings much easier!

  13. Love this post! My oldest is going to preschool in the fall too. I'm happy & sad, I know she will love it and I'll get time to spend with my twins. Also, can you re-link the mix fabric dress? I see the vest when I click on it. Thanks!! 🙂

  14. I had a 9:30 dr appt this morning and I barely made it out of the house with both kids dressed and my sanity. And I was thinking "how am I going to get us all dressed and to school at 8:30, 5 days a week? �� Sure gonna miss these lazy summer mornings. Running late is my cardio. ��

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