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Hey sweet friends! Happy Labor Day! I wanted to come share a little progress from our kitchen reno, and to shout from the rooftops WE HAVE CABINET DOORS!!! Aside from the working sink, this has been the biggest game changer, just imagine how many times your kids would ask for snacks if they could see them all sitting right there in the cabinets without any doors on them! 😉 Assembling the cabinets & installing doors was definitely the most challenging part of the project so far, we were up until the wee hours of the morning trying to make these little puzzle pieces fit just right. But the end result is so worth it!

Throughout the process I second guessed myself for choosing Ikea cabinets so many times, it really is such a labor of love, but the price just cannot be beat. The quality is incredible, it has surprised us every step of the way, and it really requires patience you didn’t even know you had (similar to the patience required to potty train a two year old on a road trip). If you have questions about the cabinets or the process, definitely let me know & I would be happy to cover them in another post! 🙂 The custom doors from semihandmade were one of the best decisions we made in this process, the quality & customer service have been amazing, I have had to throw so many questions their way during the process & have been blown away by how helpful they were. The color of the cabinets turned out EXACTLY as I had hoped, I love the subtle green in the grey!!  We still need to level the range & install the hood, but this wall is already giving me all the happy feelings!

You know the only way to do a kitchen reno with three kids is putting together drawers with a one year old kneeling on your chest! 😉

A little throwback to the kitchen just a few weeks ago, we’ve come such a long way!!!

As we finalize the rest of the kitchen details, like hardware & backsplash, I am always going back to my favorite kitchens to get lots of inspiration. These spaces are all so dreamy, I hope our end result brings a similar vibe!
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Hope you all are having an amazing three day weekend with your families!! I don’t know about where you all live, but it is feeling like Fall in the south and we are loving every bit of it!! 


  1. Beautiful weather here in Nova Scotia Canada! Sitting on my deck getting some sun! We are hoping to gut out kitchen and out an Ikea kitchen in next Fall. nova Scotia doesn't even have an Ikea yet!! Lame…

  2. Kitchen looks wonderful! I would love to hear more about the cabinet installation. We are planning a kitchen reno in our new home and I'm considering going the IKEA route too! Thanks for sharing all the new home updates and photos!

  3. So gorgeous! We are saving up to re-do our kitchen and have a very similar vision. Love all your choices. Also…we bought the same KitchenAid Pro range last year and we LOVE it. My husband is a chef, and even he approves 😉

  4. LOVE! Can't wait to see the final result! What's the paint color you are using in your kitchen on the walls? I'm finding myself gravitating towards lighter neutrals but ripping my eyeballs out deciding between 10 different grays and whites. Would you also care to share what paint color you used in your master bedroom at your old house? It's so bright and airy! Love your new space 🙂

  5. Love the color you chose for your cabinets!! I give you and your hubs major props for doing so much hands-on with three kids! I'm lucky to get a couple loads of laundry done in one weekend, never mind a kitchen renovation. 😉 Can't wait to see the finished product!!

  6. We just moved as well and are planning an ikea kitchen Reno this fall with three kids three and under in tow…. Would love to know a top 5 things you learned from installing ikea kitchen and can you share the grey colour of your cabinets – beautiful!

  7. 1. It is looking great!
    2. I don't know how on earth you guys are living in a construction zone. Baffles me.
    3. I tried to put together a kitchen island on wheels that came in pieces and parts like your cabinets did, and there were sooooo many dirty words said in frustration. Please tell me that you and Brandon have had those moments too ???
    4. Claire is so cute.
    5. Has your previous home sold?

  8. We hired a contractor to install our IKEA kitchen and it was worth every penny! Just wait because everytime you open one of those drawers you'll be so glad you went with them. They are the best!!! Did you get all the drawer organizers? They are fabulous!!!!

  9. Looks great! We bought our house with an ikea kitchen already in it but are interested in new doors, who knew Semihandmade was a thing (not surprised you knew!). I would LOVE to hear more about the process, especially how you painted/stained the ends of the cabinets to match the doors you bought. We currently have birch shaker but would love a gray or a white but what do I do about the ends?!

  10. I love that you decided to paint the ceiling the same shade as the cabinets. (I am assuming it's the same shade and not a trick of the light!) I love that you did this! I think it really makes everything look so cohesive.

  11. So pretty! How did you decide on Kitchenaid?! We are building and are stuck between that and the Frigidaire Professional line, the Frigidaire has the smudge proof stainless so I'm leaning in that direction..

  12. I feel so silly asking, but was there a picture of your kitchen taped up for cabinet painting? I was hoping to show my hubby the pic to help persuade him to hire a pro! Hopefully our kitchen will look as beautiful as yours!

  13. Love where this is going!! I would love to know everything with the cabinets! The process picking them out at Ikea, how you felt when you saw 9,325 boxes!! But seriously I would just love to know how the whole process went.

  14. Hi Melissa, I have to tell you that I have the kitchenaid fridge and flat top stove & I HATE THEM. I have 2 kiddos and the fingerprints are out of control. The icemaker does not have the option for crushed ice, not cool when you have a teething baby who wants to eat ice 🙁 The icemaker on the front also seems to spit the ice out at erratic interavals always leaving me with too much ice or ice that shoots out all over the floor. For the stove it seems like it gets much warmer than my previous one on the front panel, not cool when the kiddos can touch it & the burners seem to cook everything at too high a temperature. Sorry to be a downer if you really wanted these just wish I had know all of these negatives before making the purchase. I will be envious of your smudge free.

  15. A working kitchen sink is a must. How can your kitchen operate without it? The faucet is gorgeous and I love the color choices, the white against the stainless steel appliances adds elegance with modern design. Hardwood floors are perfect for kitchens, especially when you have little ones crawling around.

  16. Hello, You kitchen is perfect. Would you mind sharing the name color of the gray you used? It would be so appreciated. Thank you.

  17. So pretty! I would love to hear more about the cabinets and doors. We are starting to look at options for our kitchen reno this spring!

  18. Hi Jessica,
    I’ve been following your blog since my 4 year old was born. Thanks for all of the great content!
    Desperate for an answer to this question if you have a second-
    how did you go about getting the paint for your cabinets. Did you DIY? Or did someone paint them for you? I see that the paint color is from a cabinet company, correct? How do I obtain the paint? It appears to be the exact color that I’m looking for.
    We just purchased a home and getting ready to start a kitchen Renovation
    Thanks for any info that you can provide!

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