Transitioning to Whole Milk

Whether your baby is twelve months, eighteen months or maybe even older than that, the transition to whole milk is a huge milestone. For the formula feeding mamas, no more crazy spending & mixing bottles! And for the nursing mamas, regular bras & no more dipping into a dressing room to feed your babe while shopping! 😉 Based on my experience, although bittersweet, all of that is to be celebrated!
Transitioning to whole milk may be easier said than done. It has a different texture and taste of course than breastmilk or formula does, and can be a little more harsh on your babies stomachs, just another reason why we love fairlife milk as it is lactose free & 30% less sugar than regular whole milk. Today we are sharing a few tips to make the transition easier!

+ Start whole milk at lunch or first thing in the morning rather than at bedtime. Kids love that bedtime feeding for comfort more than anything, so introducing it during another feeding might go over a little smoother!

+ Try milk at room temp instead of cold from the refrigerator!

+ Mix half whole milk, half breastmilk or formula to make the taste transition a little easier.

+ Consider what they are drinking from, if you’re newly transitioning to a bottle or sippy cup, this could be too much change at once. If they’re used to a bottle, maybe try sticking with it instead of incorporating a sippy cup transition as well, or if they aren’t loving milk from a bottle, maybe try the sippy cup to see if it makes it more fun for them! 😉

+ And of course, if it doesn’t work, just keep trying. As with all things, right?!

Now if only we can figure out how to wean Claire from her bedtime bottle to a sippy cup…! 😉 If you have any great advice or tips to share on the whole milk transition, we would love for you to share in the comments to encourage other moms!! XO

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  1. I've seen Fairlife but never paid much attention to it, I had no idea it was lactose free. We were lucky that the transition to whole milk was smooth and easy but I think we got lucky that our kid just likes milk. I used to drink it at every meal growing up but I rarely do now unless it's mixed into something else. We'll have to check this out!

  2. We go through gallons of milk in our house like no one else! I will have to keep a look out for Fairlife, especially if there is less sugar than regular whole milk!

    I wouldn't rush your littlest weaning off the bottle, enjoy it while you can! She is your last! Sophia still takes a bottle at bedtime! They definitely grow up wayyyy too fast!

  3. We are going through this now too. I have just lived my first 24 hours without being nursing and or pregnant in a long time. It was a smooth transition with my oldest daughter but this one it has proven harder. My best advice is just trust yourself as a mom and hope for the best. It seams to be a nice transition for me because I notice my babies sleeping much better once they start adjusting.

  4. We got my oldest off the bottle the week of his first birthday. My daughter was probably 13 or 14 moths old (who can remember anymore?!) and my youngest? Well, hes 22 months…and still holding on to that "baba" for dear life at nap and bedtime! I've tried taking it away a thousand times but he's dedicated. Plus he's my last baby and I don't want to face reality and let him grow up just yet. Drinking from a bottle at age 5 is still cool right? 😉

    • Same, but I’m starting to mix a little goats milk with bottles to daycare and then I’ll move to fairlife mix. Then eventually to sending bottles of whole milk but still nursing at home. Might try milk bottles after nursing at bedtime to keep LO from thinking she had to nurse in the night.

  5. We gave our lady water in her bottle and milk in her sippy…she took the water in the bottle for a few days but then finally accepted the sippy cup! She was 18 months �� we didn't want too many changes when her little sis arrived a few months earlier!!

  6. I am so happy you posted this!!! I was stalking your blog a few weeks ago to see if you had any posts about whole milk with your other girls!!!! My daughter is now 13 months and I still have her on toddler transitions formula because I can't bring myself to try whole milk again. She was sooooo constipated, irritable, wouldn't eat normal food, basically a different child. Maybe a low/no lactose milk like this is what I need. Love, love, love your blog/instagram/snapchat and I always go back to read your monthly favorites. Your daughters are the sweetest. XO from Michigan 🙂

  7. When I switched my daughter from bottles to sippy cups I found that she would play around and be too silly with them before bed and would get all riled up. Fortunately I was able to get sippy lids that fit her bottles to make the transition even easier.

  8. We made the switch to Fairlife after reading your previous review and our little one took to milk SO much better! Thank you for the tip 🙂 Also doesn't help that it seems to always be on Target's cartwheel as well 🙂

  9. We found the soft spout sippy cups were a great transition bc they were made out of the same material as the bottle nipple. This worked well with both of my kids :). Good luck!

  10. I just bought fairlife for the first time after reading about it when you posted the other week! All the hormones in regular milk are scary- especially when your kids drink so much!

  11. My little guy honestly drank from a bottle up until this spring when he was 21 months or so. We started introducing sippy cups just at meals, and then eventually did his morning milk in a sippy, too. By that time he didn't need milk to 'fall asleep', so he got a sippy of milk about 30-45 minutes before bedtime. He seriously NEVER cried for his bottle back. I know many people would propose taking the bottle earlier, but it was a really easy transition when we made it gradual and when he seemed ready!

  12. Sippy cup and or bottles can take turns at the first few days then find which one your baby feels more comfortable using so you can decide when to introduce drinking in a cup or mug.

  13. I was searching through your posts to see how you transitioned your kids from a bottle to a sippy cup. Do you have any advice? How did you do it?

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