Our Fourth + Claire’s 4th

We are still recovering from what may have been the most fun weekend of the Summer, Fourth of July + Claire Bear’s fourth birthday! We had so much fun with friends & family, lots of time at the pool, good food & drinks, and of course, fireworks!! Does it get any better than that?! It’s been a while since I’ve blogged these things, honestly I feel like Instagram is almost the new mini blog but many of you have told me you want to see it here, so let’s do this thing!

Brandon’s family came down for the Fourth from Iowa, the girls absolutely love spending time with their cousins & we love to entertain! The Fourth of July was our first holiday we spent in our home last year, and confirmed for me that picked the right house. Our neighborhood takes holidays v. seriously and I am here for it!! We started the morning early with a neighborhood tailgate, mimosas and bike decorating for the kiddos! We have a small city parade that my dad drove our truck in, and the kids had so much fun riding along. The rest of the morning was spent underneath tents with live music & food from everyone in the neighborhood until we all got rained out. We all came home and waited out the storm, then spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool (overcast skies & Frosé are a perfect combination!) and then came home to do some fireworks in the yard and watch the city ones around the corner. All in all, the best kind of holiday!!

We spent Friday at the pool again & grilled out for dinner, and then went down to First Friday in the Crossroads to watch the Kansas City Air Show. We grew up going to air shows and I totally forgot how much fun they were!

Sunday we celebrated Claire’s birthday!!! Claire tells us all the time, “my name isn’t Claire, it’s Rainbowgirl” <– And all one word if you hear her pronounce it. If any of you remember the video of her telling us what she wanted for her birthday party earlier this year, she asked for “a rainbow beach party, with a rainbow swimsuit and a rainbow cake and a rainbow dog!” We couldn’t give her a beach, but the backyard was a pretty close substitute! It was a super laid back bash in the afternoon, with a handful of neighborhood friends, cake, cupcakes & popsicles! The girls had a blast & Claire was asleep on the couch before all of her friends even went home. It’s her party and she’ll sleep if she wants to.

Sources: Oversized Rainbow Sprinkler // Rainbow Slip n Slide // Rainbow Mini Pool // Rainbow Swimsuit // Rainbow Balloons

In years past, I have always been excited when we roll into the second half of Summer because I love Fall so much. But! Elementary school brings a whole new meaning to Summer, I love love love having the girls home with us and not having to get up to rush around each morning. We are savoring every last drop of this season!!

I hope you all had an amazing Fourth of July, as always, thank you for reading!! XO



  1. And I am here for your blog! I’ve been missing the days when I opened my bloglovin’ app more than instagram (as much as I love the gram). You’ve been at the top of my favs list since I found your blog back in 2011 🙂 Love following along and seeing your beautiful girls grow!

  2. When I read “our fourth” I thought you were announcing a pregnancy. I was so excited. However, the 4th and the party looked amazing. I’ll keep waiting on the other …..

  3. When the title said our fourth, I briefly thought oh yay another Baby Garvin!!!! But 4th of July makes sense too. You can tell where my brain lies these days. Sounds like you all had an old fashioned hometown 4th! and 4 already…. She is a few months older than my youngest and I am not ready for him to turn 4. I have baby fever like whoah and the thought of 4 and older seems so far removed from babyland!

  4. Looks like such an amazing time! I have a question about your incredible neighborhood…did you happen to get very lucky and end up with amazing neighbors, or did you know your neighbors before moving in? Thanks!

  5. What a fun party!!! Love your cake! Also, where is your patio set from? That one that’s in the picture behind Rainbowgirl. Too cute!

  6. Love your blog posts and birthday ideas! I have a little 4 year old girl obsessed with rainbows and unicorns as well, so this gives me great tips and your parties are always perfectly homegrown and affordable 🙂

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