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I have been planning to put together a post about work + life balance for a while now, but ironically, it has been hard to find the time. My family always takes priority for me, but as someone who needs a creative outlet, it is up to me to find ways to make my business & home life fit seamlessly together.

Also, I wanted to share a little bit of my current workspace! We have a media room upstairs & I love having a spot in there to work! I always feel like I am more focused if I have a dedicated space to get things done, even if it is just in the corner of the room where the girls are playing. Twinkle lights & fun art always put me in the best mood, which is totally necessary for being productive! 😉 Harper loves to sneak in here in the early mornings before everyone is awake and draw at my desk with the lights on, I always find the sweetest pictures from her. And usually washi tape everywhere.

Work Space Garvin & Co.Work Space Garvin & Co.Work Space Garvin & Co.

Three Tire Wire Basket // Metal Letter G // Ghost Chair // Desk

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There are a few things that I do to stay organized in my work life & on track with projects. The first being dedicated time to work, because I have found that the biggest way I can fail in every arena is by trying to do everything at the same time. Now that the girls are in school three days a week, I spend at least three hours those mornings working while Claire takes her morning nap. On the days that she doesn’t nap, she runs around the house like she owns the place & gets to play with toys without anyone interrupting her. I also have a babysitter one day a week for a few hours, so I can get out of the house. I have been taking on more local chalk art projects lately which is so much fun for me, it totally fuels my creativity and I need that. I love feeling like a real human and wearing real clothes, and having real conversations with adults! Having designated time for working helps me to be present with my family instead of trying to multitask and look for small pockets of time to work where I would likely not be productive anyway.

Another huge thing for me is creating an editorial calendar. I think ahead, like weeks and weeks ahead, of things I want to write about or ideas I have for posts, put them all in my calendar & try my best to stick to it. This helps me to prioritize projects, including things outside of the blog, so that I can balance everything so much better. Whether you blog, run a small business, or in general have taken on a lot, sticking to a calendar is one of the easiest habits to get into and it pays off more than anything else.

I put away my phone, especially on the weekends. We are really big into music in this house, so it has become a habit over the years to put our phones on the bluetooth speaker to play music, which tempts me so much less to grab my phone to check emails or social media. The kids get mad if text messages or notifications interrupt their music, so by turning that off, it’s easier to forget about your phone and be present in the real world. This changes the dynamic in our house so much, if our phones are out, our kids know we are preoccupied, and they act as such. Just like when we were little, my mom was always on the phone with my grandma or her friends (and watching soap operas?) which meant it was a perfectly good time to get away with whatever we had up our sleeves.

I say no to projects & obligations that aren’t worth my time. I have watched a lot of TED talks over the last few months about time management & have learned that my time with my family is much more valuable that some of the projects that I would have normally taken on just for fun. I also say yes to my family more, a trip with the kids to the park may lead to me staying up later finishing my work, but who really needs sleep anyway? 😉

I hope this is helpful for those of you trying to balance motherhood & work, whether you work from home or at an office, the struggle is so real! Mom guilt will always get the best of us, but I really believe that is what makes a great mom. I think that it is important to do the things that you love and make you happy, and it is possible to still do those things while giving your whole heart to your family.

Have a happy weekend, friends!! XO







  1. As a soon to be a first time mom in two short months, I have to say I definitely look up to you. Even if you don’t think you are on top of it, it looks like that to me! I can’t wait to implement some crafty projects I’ve seen here and recipes that look so yummy. Also, I am more or less going to steal your baby-style for my little girl – head bows, leggings, and shiny shoes oh my! I can’t wait to see what you have in store this Christmas 🙂

  2. What a fantastic post!! Very encouraging, thank you!! Also, LOVE your office! We have a home office but sadly I have yet to do anything with it 🙁 I currently work from our formal dining room haha. We only eat in here on holidays so it’s a nice, quiet space for me while still being close by my girls.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


  3. I have been reading your blog for years–I always look for new people to follow, but I have kept up with yours consistently because you have the best outlook on the world! I am so grateful for how you have shaped my life as a wife and a mother ? I would love to know which TED talks you have found helpful!

    • Same here! I love reading blogs but hers has been my all time fav. I’ve been so inspired by her through the years – not just her creativity, but the way she does life as well! 🙂

    • Yes! I so agree with all of this. I just love reading her posts and I really appreciate her point of view.

      I would also love to know which TED talks you have watched, Jessica! I am an excellent procrastinator, but I am trying to break this habit so I can invest more energy into what needs to get done. Please share!

  4. I would love to see a pull back of this space or a tour of the rest of your home 🙂 So beautiful in every corner! I also would love to get an idea of what TED talks you have been listening to.

  5. So helpful. I am literally the most organized person ever but my almost 3 month old has not allowed me to get into a good routine yet. My daughter is in kinder so once the little is more predictable hopefully I can make some head way.

  6. Great post! This was exactly what I was hoping to read from you. Thanks for the tips and inspiration. It’s so hard to put the phone down (sounds ridiculous, I know!) but I definitely need to do it more! Happy weekend!

  7. You are so lucky you can work from home part time and still afford a baby sitter/school for your kids. I work 45 hours a week in an office that is an hour commute each way. I’m depressed that I only see my kids for an hour a day, but we are so poor I just can’t cut back. .:sigh:. At least I can live vicariously through you lol

  8. Thank you for sharing!!! I also have to have a dedicated work space to be more focused & productive – we just had our office space done and I absolutely love it, but I do miss sitting at the kitchen island in the mornings & seeing the sunrise!

  9. Thank you for sharing! As a mom who works outside the home, an actual planner is critical for me going back and forth between the space. Do you like that one in he photo? Can you share where it’s from? I’m looking for something simple with dates and the ability to make a lot of lists.

  10. I love your chalkboard art, you are so talented! Do you get asked to do a lot of free jobs for your friends? I went to school for graphic design and specialize in illustration art. I am constantly being asked by friends to do special projects or invitations to this and that. At first it was flattering and I would take any job I could get, paid or not, but now I need to spend my time doing jobs that will put food on the table and am having the hardest time saying no, do you have any advice?

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