Holiday Home Tour 2018

It’s our very first Christmas in our house. I feel like I have been dreaming of this and just picturing every detail since the minute we found this house, where the Christmas tree would go, what the wallpapered bathroom would look like with garland draped all over it, everything! It is even better than I imagined. Our theme this year was just natural greenery & lots of little bits of whimsy. I love keeping the decor very minimal, but I also think the live garlands make such a statement. I secretly never want to take them down but I don’t think our vacuum can keep up much longer! 😉

I hope you enjoy our holiday home tour!! (not all pictures were taken at the same time, so really just a compilation of each room).

Hope you enjoyed a little peek into our home, more to come after the holidays as we tackle the last handful of fun home renovations!! Hope you all have the MERRIEST CHRISTMAS, thank you from the bottom of my heart for following along!! XO

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  1. You wouldn’t happen to know/remember where you bought the red truck dish towel? I need that in my life… LOL! I love things that take you back to a simpler time. 🙂 The house is gorgeous and thank you for taking the time to share these moments. Happy Holidays Garvins!

  2. I love your style so much. It’s so unique and you pull it off so well. Thank you for sharing your home with us xoxo Merry Christmas

  3. I wish I could come see this in person!! Amazing! Where did you get the basket for the cook books in your kitchen? And what kinds of books do you have in there? I love the simple, yet modern look!

  4. Hi – I love all the festiveness in your house! It’s beautiful 🙂 Your blog is so fun and inspiring to follow and I have a quick question for you: I know that you love essential oils (I even see a diffuser in one of your holiday house tour photos!) Do you still use essential oils or modify how you use them now that you have a puppy?

    In the past, I loved my essential oils and diffuser. However, I got a little Yorkie puppy this fall and have seen mixed reviews on essential oils with pets (some say injestion can be fatal, droplets from the diffuser are in the air and get on a pets fur which the pet then licks <–heard this from my vet, others say they did not change anything, or used diffusers only in open areas and stopped using them directly on the skin…..the list goes on and on).

    I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic (never thought about it, stopped using essential oils, changed how you use them, etc). Thank you!

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