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It has been forever since I shared a bit about the girls at their current ages & some of the fun conversations we never want to forget. After a whirlwind of holidays and lots of changes, we are entering the season of all my girls birthdays, each separated by exactly two months & eight days. Just enough time for me to stop crying over each new age, collect my thoughts, and plan another celebration.

Harper is going to be FIVE in February. How is that even possible?! She is so grown up it literally breaks my heart a million times a day. She is the most caring, compassionate little girl in the world, her first priority is to take care of everyone. Her sisters have no idea how lucky they are to have her. She changes outfits ten times a day, loves trying on my shoes and accessories & practicing ballet in front of her mirror. She is currently obsessed with art and making letters & love notes for everyone. Her stick figures of daddy and his beard are the very best. She loves to sneak away from her sisters and go draw upstairs, fold up her little papers into envelopes & hide them in the drawers of our night stands or bathroom vanity to find later. Be still my heart.

Eloise, my little lovable ragamuffin. This girl makes my heart swell and brings me to my breaking point hundreds of times each day. She can put a smile on anyone’s face in an instant & has the silliest little personality. She loves school, arts & crafts, and always tells us she’s a big girl and stands on her tippie toes. Her two best buds at school are Brody & Hollis, who she pronounces “booty” and “pelvis” and it has us dying laughing every night at dinner when she talks about them. She is happiest when snuggling or being rocked, and is almost always singing or dancing.

Claire is rolling into one of my favorite stages ever which is the word burst! She has been talking up a storm lately, her favorite sayings being GO CUBS GO and OH NUTS. Her daily struggle is just being too darn little to do everything that her sisters are doing, she will never understand why she can’t cut with scissors or drive the barbie jeep just yet. Her favorite activities include sitting on the side of the fireplace flipping through books like a little elf on a shelf, having her hair brushed, and playing in the shower. She loves all food, loves to hide snacks in her shirt or diaper & is always trying to steal a sip of my coffee. She also has the best kiss face ever & will always run full speed to hug our legs when we walk into a room.

I try to remind myself that these are the days. Even when dinner plates get flipped over on the floor & I am pulling my hair out because I just cannot break up one more fight or make one more snack, I have to just breathe deep and know that these days are fleeting. I want to remember at least one sweet moment from every single day, and I hope that they will too.



  1. Such a beautiful reminder that the days are long but the years are short! My oldest is turning 6 in April, the middle one will be 3 in just two short weeks and our last is turning 5 months at the end of the month. There are days where I feel like we are on auto-pilot and I’m in a constant state of survival mode but I find peace in the little moments my kids share just like this moment of your girls. Thank you for reminding me that I’m not alone in the wanting to pull my hair out sometimes! 🙂 Cheers from Minnesota!

  2. Truly are fleeting but they are wonderful! It all goes by much too fast. My Jack will also be five in May and I honestly can’t believe it. Beautiful sweet babies!!

  3. I needed this post after a hard day with my 5 month old and 2.5 year old- these days are so fleeting- thanks for the sweet reminder!

  4. You speak my heart!! These are the days & they fly by for sure!! I know when you have this way of thinking the “little things” are just that. Lap it all up & ENJOY every second!! ; )

  5. I love how you don’t sugar coat, but you also know how blessed you are. Perfect. You are a great mom. Keep it up. Those lovely little girls are very lucky to have you.

  6. Your girls are beautiful! I also have a 4.5 year old and a 2 year old girl and I just love seeing their sister relationship at this stage. It’s just the best!!! I have number 3 on the way (but decided to be surprised on the gender) but your blog always makes me excited at the possibility of having 3 girls!! 🙂

  7. It’s so true that days go by so fast! Our sweet little babe just turned 7 months & is determined to be on the move asap which has me mentally childproofing every night before bed. Thank you for sharing & love your blog (your Fairlife mashed potato recipe has turned into one of our family favorites!) <3

  8. I like the idea of remembering one sweet moment of each day. Might be worth a designating a journal just for that. The days are long with little ones… sometimes they feel endless. To be able to look back and see concrete evidence of happy times is worth the little bit of effort, and will likely be something your girls will enjoying looking through when they are older!

  9. LOL this is so adorable!!!! Booty and Pelvis?! That made my whole day! I am with you…there are so many beautiful memories every day…even on the hard days!

  10. Totally agree with you here. These are the days that LAST forever and if I have to break up one more fight, I’m gonna loose it. But also, I just love this age so much. My oldest has the same birthday as Harper, Feb 15, but she is turning SIX. I’m not sure I’m ready for this. My youngest is 2.5 and she sounds a lot like Eloise. So so adorable, but can get into stuff like. I other. Abby never got into stuff or made messes, but Elizabeth lives for it. She especially loves lotion and Vicks and no matter where I hide it, she seems to find it! Augh. Lol
    Even though like you said it’s so hard sometimes, I too try to cherish every minute because I know they will grow up so fast. Motherhood is so bittersweet. Hugs!

  11. I love this. My children are 4 (almost 5 in May), 2 (almost 3 in March) and 9 months (will be one in April). So just to clarify we have a birthday exactly one month and 11 days apart from March until May. two girls and a baby boy. I adore this stage, their talking, learning loving every little thing about us days. I know they go by too soon!

  12. What? How are both your kids in school? What “grades” are they in? As a new mom (and to August babes) the school options are a new stressor of decisions! Curious what you chose for your littles?

  13. “Go Cubs Go” is my love language! Haha! From a southern girl now transplanted in St. Louis, it is always music to my ears to hear those words. Very sweet post…thanks for sharing.

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