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Harper has recently become obsessed with super heroes and has been asking so many questions about all of their magic and super powers. The other day after making capes for the girls out of dish towels, I heard Harper tell Eloise, “well, I might want to have all the powers from The Incredibles. Or maybe mom’s super powers, she can draw anything AND carry all three of us up the stairs at once!” I laughed so hard, and was so humbled by her sweet response. And I couldn’t help but think about all of the amazing super powers that moms really do have!

Moms can make themselves invisible when it comes to putting their children’s every need before their own. Moms have superhuman strength when it comes to protecting their families. Moms can heal with a kiss, and fix just about everything else with a hug or a hot glue gun. But that’s not all, we also have powers that even The Incredibles probably couldn’t pull off.

Like, the ability to make a perfect over easy egg while two toddlers physically climb you like zombies.

The ability to put on a full face of makeup, mascara included, in the three and a half minute Starbucks drive through.

Or maybe the ability to not completely lose your shit when all your kids are screaming at the top of their lungs about who got a bigger cup of milk, the tv is blaring at max volume 36 because someone is sitting on the remote, and your husband interrupts it all to ask you to put a duvet cover on.

Whatever it is, if you’re feeling defeated or wondering if you’re doing things right, remember that you are amazing! And you can do things that nobody else can. So pat yourself on the back & tell us what your super powers are, we would love to hear them! XO



  1. I applaud Harper for that quote about supermums. It’s only now do my realise how superpowered my parents, especially my Mum, was and is. Imagine working a full-time job every day until 7pm, then coming home with groceries and a homecooked dinner every single night! I could never do that.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Tears. That’s so beautiful! Hold onto what she said when you have those crazy days. She is such a beautiful soul <3 Thank you for the encouragement!

  3. Something all mom’s are familiar with: Balancing on one leg, in heels, with your toddler resting across your raised knee in a public bathroom so no part of her touches the icky sink while you use one hand to hold her and the other to help wash her hands – with your super cape flapping in the wind…

  4. Thanks for making me stop and think about myself for a change! 🙂 I would probably have to go with the fact that I can hear her cry whenever, wherever. I can be on the other end of the house; tv on, husband’s talking to me, washer and dryer about to take flight any minute… I will shush the entire room and shur-nuff she will be crying. 🙂

    • Agreed!! I don’t need a baby monitor to hear her cry, even when nothing else seems to wake me when the little voice says “Mommy!” I’m wide awake!! 🙂

  5. Oh I love this! Moms do have super hero powers. The ability to hold my daughters up by ONE foot. To perfectly place them on the coutch with my feet, to make the perfect grilled cheese with three hyenas, to always know where everything is and to see “when she isn’t even in the room!” Dressing barbies, making the perfect ice cream sundaes and riding my bike with all three also tops the list of ooohhh and aahhhh. Plus being the only one who can do “popcorn” on the trampoline correctly!

  6. I’m really good at knowing exactly how much time to put something in the microwave for. It’s just a sixth sense. My family is so lucky! 😉

  7. The ability to get more of the house cleaned with a preschooler and toddler running around in the half hour before my in laws come over than I got done the entire week before that.

  8. I can make breakfast for my oldest son, make 4 bottles for my baby for daycare, dress them both, put on a full face of makeup, make coffee and run out the door to go to work in under 45 mins. Sometimes I forget my shoes or my shirt but hey I still call it a win!

  9. “The ability to put on a full face of makeup, mascara included, in the three and a half minute Starbucks drive through.” – Yes. Just yes. Everyday. (Well, almost.)

  10. Superhuman powers for sure!! What mascara do you use?!?! SOOOO jealous of your long (or at least long looking!) lashes!

  11. This is fantastic! I love her second response – that would make any mom feel great. : ) My most prized super power right now is being able to comfort a teething baby at two AM back to sleep??‍?

  12. Knowing where every little toy is at all times! You need those half inch doll shoes that you forgot that you put in my nightstand two weeks ago, I got you kid. Also, being a calendar. Everyone always asks what time/what day EVERYTHING is. I really don’t even know why I bother hanging one up or writing things on it, because it’s all in my head. Love this post!

  13. I think all moms can relate…Changing a poop diaper while the baby is laying across your lap or in the car without making big fat mess all to avoid the nasty public restroom changing table- Supermoms…fighting multiple battles at a time… and winning!

  14. Thanks for this. I needed this today. I have been struggling feeling like I am less than good at being a mom. I have lost my shit too many times and have just felt like I need an escape, but at the end of the day I know it will all be okay.

  15. I have twin almost-8-month olds and a just-turned-2 year old. Some days I feel like making it from morning til bedtime is a skill.

  16. How about the ability to understand your toddlers every want and need – when he only communicates with grunts, pointing, and he calls everything “buh boh.” Yes child, I know you see mama’s coffee. Yes, that is a big truck! No, you cannot play with the slap-chop.

  17. As soon as I get home from work they ask me where something is, but somehow despite being gone all day, I locate said item. Also, I am apparently THE ONLY PERSON ON EARTH who can read the story Martha Doesn’t Say Sorry properly! I am a mom of 3 young girls myself, I think that takes special super powers!!!

  18. I fold and put away four loads of laundry while giving my ton sons a bath. I sit in from of the bathroom door sort in piles. Once I get them out of the tub I put all away and give cuddles! My husband thinks it’s awesome lol

  19. Jessica-
    Wondering what your super powers are for keeping kids healthy during sick season? Do the girls take any vits or eat anything different?

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