Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!! The first official Friday of Summer and we have sunny skies for the first time in weeks! We are going big this weekend with an indoor camping trip for the girls tonight, fishing on Sunday & lots of time in the pool. We are also trying our hand at online grocery ordering + pickup so I am feeling extra productive already! 😉

I wanted to share a few Friday Favorites before we sign off for the weekend!!

My favorite leggings to keep cool in this Summer.

19 Popsicle Recipes to try.

The best distressed white denim for under $50.

The cutest baby girl ice cream dress, a summer must have! Love it in a onesie print as well!

Five Essential Oil DIYs.

Best gift for guys (got a few for my dad & Brandon for Father’s Day).

Have the BEST weekend friends, hope it involves lots of fun in the sun & a little ice cream too! XO



  1. Girl! Those pint glasses are hilarious! We just had so much fun reading them and trying to figure out the “actual” song! LOL! My husband and brother are horrible at lyrics…. This is the perfect guy-gift! 🙂

  2. No joke. Online grocery shopping changed my life! I almost never step foot in a grocery store now and I LOVE it. It’s 100x easier bc you don’t have kids grabbing and screaming and you spend less bc there’s less impulse buying. I started with grocery delivery but now the Walmart around corner does pick up. You pull up, they load it in your trunk. AMAZING!!!

  3. oh man! Groceries online for the win! I have three little girls too- 6, 3, and 1 and we live in ARIZONA!!! Where I am currently expecting number 4 and in that awesome stage of heat, smells, physical movements, etc all make me want to vomit- I am a firm believer in the ordering online process! I have done it since number 3 came and only go into a store if I happen to be out without kiddos! I feel it really helps me with meal planning, not forgetting things, and sticking to budget. We keep our list on our fridge and my husband knows the order goes in thursday and is picked up thursday night. Helps keep consistency!
    anyway- love your blog and have been a longtime reader. it’s funny how our parenting lives are pretty close. So much tutu so little time!

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