Mini Style // Fourth of July

The most fun weekend of summer is just around the corner, we can’t wait for food trucks, fireworks & sparklers! I put together a few of my favorite Fourth of July inspired mini styles, I always look forward to coordinating the girls in their red, white & blue. I love all of these because they are versatile enough to wear all summer long, my girls pretty much live in dot leotards & graphic tees! I’m also obsessed with those swim trunks and need that pattern on a swimsuit for girls asap! Something about ice cream & bomb pops always gets me.

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven

On the topic of online shopping, I thought I would share this story as a reminder as to why I rarely shop in stores (especially with my kids). Last week I took the girls with me to a local store to buy a dress for my trip back to Iowa, I normally put Eloise & Claire in the double stroller & Harper walks, but Eloise was begging to walk this time. I let her (against my better judgement), so while we were in the store, I had Claire in the stroller, Harper holding onto it, and then Eloise holding Harper’s hand, so she was the furthest from me but they were all being really well behaved. I bent down to look at a pile of folded clothes on the bottom shelf of a table, when all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head and heard a crash. I fell to the ground and turned around to see that the girls had knocked over three seven-foot-tall mannequins, all of which came crashing down on top of me. I burst into tears, one because it hurt SO bad, but second because I had already been on the verge of crying all day buying a dress for my grandma’s funeral. Needless to say, I was so thankful they hit me and not anyone else or the girls, but damn. Lesson learned, we are online shopping for life.

What are your plans for the Fourth?! Hope you are having an amazing start to your summer break! XO



  1. You poor thing!!! Glad everyone is ok. And yup I’m the same way… only online shopping over here. They always have the size I need and I can try it on at home. Most company’s have free return shipping anyway too. SO much easier. But my UPS guy for sure thinks I have a shopping problem haha

  2. My kids knocked down a mannequin once too! I’m so surprised they aren’t bolted down, luckily nobody was hurt. Online shopping is the only way to go!

  3. Dude. Shopping with kids is HARD on a good day, let alone with your recent loss!! I also unfortunately let my 20 month old out of the cart at the grocery store a few nights ago (we were on a emergency milk mission) and she literally took off and I had to leave everything at the checkout to chase her (and my 3.5 yr old, who was trying to catch her) through the checkout area and halfway down the cereal aisle. I was equal parts embarrassed and angry so she is lucky she’s so cute.

  4. Awww did the girls feel bad? My daughter doesn’t like it when I’m upset AT ALL! I’m so sorry about your grandmother. It is very tough. We here in Nova Scotia Canada are celebrating CANADAS 150TH this July 1st!!!! We’ll be partying at the lake at my families cottage and hopefully enjoying sun and heat!!

  5. Oh No! I usually just look at the pictures of the clothes and move on to your other posts but I actually read this one! I hope you’re okay! I will admit that you gave me a good laugh on this Monday morning but I truly hope you’re okay! I’ve been following this blog since your very first babe so believe me when I say I’m laughing as a friend not to be mean! xoxoxo

  6. Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry about that! I am the same way with shopping now. My 19 month old daughter will do LORD knows what if I take her shopping. The grocery store is frightening enough. Online shopping for life!! Also, those popsicle shorts are amazing. I always struggle to find cute themed outfits for my son, and then I have like billions of outfits for my daughter!

  7. Oh my goodness. Of course I mean no offense, but I did laugh while empathizing for you! That story kind of sums up life, huh? It’s hard, and overwhelming, and hilarious, and will make you cry all at once.

  8. Oh goodness!!! That’s so awful and hope you’re ok! I thought shit like that only happened to me!! You’re brave to leave the house with 3 kids let alone shop with them girlfriend!!

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