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If your kids are anything like mine, they are not big meat eaters but will drink milk all day long if I let them. We are so excited to share with you guys the launch of fairlife SuperKids™ 2% reduced ultra-filtered milk. Fairlife SuperKids milk is an amazing source of protein for kids, with 50% less sugar found in traditional milk. It is loaded with essential vitamins for growing kids, such as 125mg of DHA Omega-3 which is more than any other brand of milk.

My girls LOVE eating cereal with fruit for breakfast, so pairing it with fairlife SuperKids gives them the nutrients they need and a taste they love. The flavor is so rich & creamy, I have mentioned before how I love using it as my coffee creamer! We also love that SuperKids comes in a 4pack of 8oz bottles, so we can grab them to go when we are eating breakfast on the run!

This post is sponsored by our long term partner fairlife, thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!



  1. We love Fairlife in our home! Having their new Superkids with DHA just makes me as a mommy feel so much better. Fingers crossed they’ll offer this in their whole milk soon!

  2. My kids want cereal every single day too! I have honestly never thought about putting fruit in it though and we love fairlife!

  3. So glad you introduced us to Fairlife last year, my husband has a lactose sensitivity and is addicted to their chocolate milk!

  4. I’m confused what the difference between their regular milk and superkids milk is? Besides the different bottle size options, don’t they still have the same nutritional values?

  5. We love fairlife, but the regular kind. My oldest son (almost age 5) has Type One Diabetes and we watch our carb intake. The SuperKids actually has less protein and more carbs than the regular version of the milk. We try to buy the regular version if it’s in stock, and the SuperKids only if it’s all that’s left. Kudos to fairlife though for making a milk that not only tastes great, but works in favor of us who have to monitor and account for carbs!

  6. I’m so thankful that you introduced us to fairlife. My babies always have a lactose sensitivity switching from bottles to whole milk. Fairlife has eased this transition with my youngest. She LOVES it.

  7. I have been on the hunt for cute toddler silverware! Would love to know the source of the spoons! Fingers crossed they are in a set with forks!

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