I’m so happy you all are enjoying these posts as much as I am, they’ve quickly become my favorite because it is exactly how my mind operates. Skipping around to random things that I love! 😉 And the list is only gonna grow as Fall & the holidays approach.
1. Harper as a Happy Camper! You all know how much I love Camp Brand Goods, I think Harper now loves them just as much! How cute is this toddler tee paired with the most amazing Candy Kirby Designs watercolor ikat leggings?! Can Harper please wear this outfit forever? 

2. Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks. If you follow me on Instagram (@jlgarvin) you may have already seen me getting my hands on one. It isn’t coffee or tea, just steamed apple cider with cinnamon & whipped cream! A Fall festival in your mouth! And the good news? They have them all year! 
 Nailcolor is Essie Smokin’ Hot
3. Vests! I’ve always loved vests myself, but I can’t get enough of mini sized ones for Harper! I’ve been eying this yellow vest (from the boy’s section!) for her to wear during football season (go Hawkeyes!) & also love this leather vest for myself! I picture it over a white tee while the weather is still warm or over flannel for the Fall & Winter, plus it is majorly on sale with free shipping! Love!
 I scooped this floral vest up on day one of H&M’s online shopping & also can’t help but want to try on the largest kids size for myself. Think I could pull it off?! 🙂

 4. You all know I love Philosphy products beyond words. Their new Fall body washes, Pumpkin Pie & Apple Pie, just came out & I literally may drink one. They put me in the best mood when I use them each morning!
5. I just bought Harper this pair of Hunter Rain Boots for Fall, I can hardly WAIT for them to arrive! She has grown out of almost all of her shoes already (she is wearing a size 5 now) & I was so excited to find that they made these that small! I will always love her gold metallic shoes that she has worn for the past year almost, so I had to go with metallic again.
6. Finally organizing our upstairs (so I can give you a tour!), which has included hanging pictures (printed from INK361) & adding some new furniture. Oh yes, I don’t care if I feel like a college student with my new Ikea dresser, I dig the shit out of it. The Hemnes Collection speaks my language.
7. Camo. I already mentioned the camo backpack that I love, but something about Fall approaching makes me want more, more, more! I am especially loving this camo baseball tee (two of my favorite things), anyone with me?! 🙂
8. Halloween party planning! Ok, of course you already knew I was gonna go here. I know it’s still two months away, but that hasn’t stopped us from starting to make plans. Conversation with my husband went a little bit like this the other night.
Me: We should have a Halloween party!
Brandon: Ok.
Me: On Halloween night! We can have a firepit in the driveway during trick or treating!
Brandon: And a keg?
Me: Yes!
Brandon: And we could turn the backyard into a haunted forest!!
Me: YES! I love it when you talk dirty to me.

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