Harper’s First Day of Kindergarten

We officially have a kindergartner!! Our sweet girl had a huge milestone yesterday & she loved every second of it! I am so thankful for the kind, happy & BRAVE little girl that she is. Knowing that she was just so excited to meet her teacher, make new friends and learn (mostly about the weather) made it so much easier on us!

She was up bright and early, she could hardly sleep the night before because she was so excited but came prancing down the stairs fully dressed at six in the morning. Our days all of a sudden got so much longer! 😉 We got to walk her into her classroom, I was crying my eyes out when we left but knew better than to look back at her and let her see my tears. The hardest part of the day was Claire & Eloise asking “where’s harpie?!” every seven minutes for seven whole hours. Finally we got to go pick her up, I loaded the little ones up in the wagon and they were seriously bouncing up and down to finally get their sissy back! She came running into my arms screaming “GUESS WHAT?! MOM GUESS WHAT!!! …………MY DRESS HAS POCKETS!!!!” Girlfriend knows all the right things to get excited about!!!

She said she made all new best friends, loved her teacher and couldn’t believe there was a whole room just to do art in! She was completely exhausted so she took a little quiet time after school & was ready for bed so early. I think it is going to take a lot of adjusting for all of us but I know it is going to be an amazing year for her. She is so ready to spread her wings & learn new things, instead of playing with a two and three year old all day. That two and three year old on the other hand, keep me SO busy while she is gone. I realized they have zero chill and are lost without their big sis being their ringleader in the playroom. They will go to preschool in three weeks so we are on a mission to fill our schedule with lots of fun things until then!

It is definitely the hardest milestone yet. Sending your kids out in the big world, hoping they will be safe & surrounded by kind people. Hoping they will never be afraid to speak up, include everyone & be themselves. I hope that no matter what situation she finds herself in, she can be confident & know that she is so loved. And I hope she’ll never say no when I ask to come have lunch with her and her friends!

Thank you to everyone for the kind words & encouragement on my Instagram post yesterday, you certainly made my day a whole lot better and I love you for it! Have a happy weekend!! XO



  1. Glad she had a great day! I hope that Eloise wasn’t too sad that she didn’t get to go with her big sister. Your Instagram story was so sweet the other day.

    I am not ready for my little guy to grow up, but when it is time I hope he is excited about it as Harper seems.

  2. Oh gosh… I’m bawling over here. She seems like such a sweetheart. I’m so glad she loved it!!! I hope I can say the same for Natalie in a couple of weeks. And I hope I can get back to the van before I break down into a huge ugly cry.

  3. I welled up seeing your IG post. My daughter starts in a week and this is the first milestone that really is getting me. So happy she loved it and equally loves dresses with pockets!

  4. I love reading back to school posts!!! I’m a kindergarten teacher and am JUST as excited for the first day of school every year as Harper was…although not nearly as excited to be out of bed and dressed by 6am! 😉 I am always hopeful that my little ones will go home excited to share about their day, I’m so glad Harper had a great start!! <3 I just love reading about your little family!!!

  5. I must admit, I got a bit teary eyed reading this!
    I came across your blog after my daughter was born (January 2012) so I’ve been following you all along! It’s been so fun reading & seeing Miss Harper grow. My daughter started Kinder this year too & I feel your pain. It is not easy letting go! Wishing Harper the best school year, ever. <3

  6. I’m tearing up just reading this! My Brynn starts kindergarten in one month! Where did the time go? It feels like just yesterday I was reading your blog about Harper, the newborn, while I was pregnant myself!

    P.S. I wish they made her dress in my size!

  7. This may have put my mind at ease slightly!! My Jack goes in less than 2 weeks and I am a wreck!! So glad it was smooth!!

  8. Oh my goodness, I bawled reading this and I only have a 1.5 year old! So not looking forward to this milestone!!! Such a hard thing for a mama… praying strength for you!

  9. Oh my goodness, I remember when you were pregnant with her! I’ve loved following your blog all these years and watching the girls grow up …. I can’t believe Harper is already in kindergarten!!!

  10. I remember your chalkboard posts when you were pregnant with Harper like so many other commenters! I got a little teary reading this. I hope you all had an amazing day. It’s so wonderful to watch our littles grow through blogging!

  11. Got so emotional reading this! My oldest goes to Kinder next July and I’m already wondering how we’ll do with him gone so many hours!! I think it’s harder on mom’s than the kids! He’s already talking about being ready for the big school!

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