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Lots of you asked on my Cultivating Happiness post about ways that I get inspired & what some of my favorite podcasts are. I thought it would make for a fun blog post to talk about these things & a few other ways that I like to spend my alone time. We’ve all heard the saying, you can’t drink from an empty well. This is so true for women & moms, as we constantly take care of others & pour ourselves into them, we must also fill our own well. Be intentional about your own happiness so that you can radiate happiness to others.

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I was chatting with one of my good friends last week and she asked me “what do you like to do for fun, for yourself, like when your husband takes the kids and you can go do anything, what do you do?” She said she had a hard time coming up with an answer for this for herself. It took me a second, and I realize I was trying to think of an answer that would sound right, like maybe go do yoga or read or go for a run, all of those are not for me. I wouldn’t choose to go get a massage or facial, or even to go shopping. I would choose to curl up in my bed, with my favorite blankets and pajamas, and a huge iced coffee and flip through design magazines, scroll pinterest (I keep a private pin board for images + quotes that inspire me!) or maybe work on lettering/design projects while watching Diane Keaton movies in the background. It’s how I get inspired. And after I get a little time to do these things, I feel completely recharged & full of ideas!!

I’m also a compulsive multitasker when I am by myself, if I am getting a pedicure, doing mindless work, putting away dishes, or sitting in traffic, I have to be doing something else. Sometimes I just listen to music (mostly if I am in the kitchen I am listening to Ray Lamontagne or VanMorrison) but when I have a little more time, I like to squeeze in a podcast! Here are a few go-tos (and ones that have been recommended to me!) that you can add to your queue: Girlboss Radio, The Chic Site DAISMagic Lessons, Happier, Brene (the queen!), Chris Loves JuliaRisen Motherhood. Dozens of people have told me that they are obsessed with True Crime podcasts, I have literally never listened to a single one but I am SO curious about Serial & Dirty John, may have to give them a whirl on one of our next flights or roadtrips!

So that’s it, a few of my favorite things to do when I have free time all to myself! Would love to hear a few of yours & any books or podcasts you might recommend!

Have an amazing week, friends!! xo



  1. I am obsessed with The Shameless Mom Academy podcast right now. When I finish listening each morning, I feel so pumped and ready to take on the day. I’m going to check out your suggestions! Thanks for sharing!

  2. True crime podcasts, netflix, and a little online shopping are my JAM!! You definitely have to listen to Serial, Dirty John, and In The Dark (my fav) 🙂

  3. Serial is fantastic! I made myself only listen if I was going walking or running and it was such a great motivator! Definitely try it out❤

  4. I’m so excited to check out those podcasts you listed. I just recently started listening to podcasts. I never did and another mama told me she did while putting away dishes and chores like that, so I tried it and really enjoy it! I highly recommend checking out “simply life on purpose – Kelsey Van Kirk” … I really enjoy her. 🙂

  5. I’m the same way with wanting a day to curl in my bed and flip through magazines (and i would love the whole house to be cleaned simataneously). Loved this post.

  6. I love that you don’t do the things you think you should but do in fact do the things you like to do. Me, I like to scroll through Pinterest or read a frivolous book. I do love a good facial or a pedicure too but actually prefer to do those things with my girls by my side.

  7. Listen to Up & Vanished! Its a true crime podcast that happened in South Georgia in 2005 (about ten minutes away from where I live). It’s super interesting, especially since you live in GA

  8. You need “Awesome With Alison” podcast!! It is so inspirational and uplifting. She is all about cultivating happiness and helping you be the best version of you. Plus she does the podcast with her husband and they are so funny together!

  9. I’d love to know what design magazines you read! I’ve been wanting to get into interior design more but I have no idea what magazines to look for.

  10. I have been trying to stay true to the phrase, “you can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of you” the last few months and it has really been helping! I have 3 boys, ages 5, 4 and 1, work full time and am also working on finishing my degree online. I don’t have much free time and want to spend that time with my kiddos whenever I can. One thing I do is get up an hour before everyone else. I drink my coffee, fold laundry, exercise or whatever else I feel like doing. Its not much but it is enough for me to feel rejuvenated. I also tell my husband when I need a break and even if its just for 30 minutes, he will take the boys so I can have a minute to myself. I just turned 35 a month ago, so I took the day off, got an early morning massage, then got a fancy coffee for the 30 minute drive home. I did some power cleaning (its amazing what you can get done without 3 little helpers) and then took a 3 hour nap before getting the boys from daycare and school. Taking time for myself has made me a much better wife and mother!

  11. YES!!!!!!!! I choose to sit on the couch, with my favorite blanket, and just do NOTHING! AT ALL! Watch a show, fill up shopping carts in my favorite stores without every intending to purchase the things I add! It just makes me happy, makes me recharged, and I need more of it in my life!

  12. Love this post!!! When and if I ever have time to myself, I would actually LOVE to get a manicure and pedicure, stroll through Target ALONE with an iced coffee. Lol if I have the house to myself, I’d curl up on the couch with throws and cushions watching Fixer Upper reruns or catch up on General Hospital. Oh and a large cup of hot coffee. I like hot coffee at home but iced coffee when I’m out.

  13. Thanks for the new podcast recommendations. I have been obsessed with One Bad Mother for a couple years now. It makes putting away the dishes and laundry so much better. Cheers to 2018 and taking care of you.☮️

  14. “I would choose to curl up in my bed, with my favorite blankets and pajamas, and a huge iced coffee and flip through design magazines, scroll pinterest (I keep a private pin board for images + quotes that inspire me!) or maybe work on lettering/design projects while watching Diane Keaton movies in the background.” I don’t think anything else I’ve ever read has more accurately described how I wish to live my life…. Add in an alcoholic beverage when day turns to evening, and life would be grand.

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