Summer Break Day 1

Yesterday was the first official day of Summer break here, all three girls home all day & nothing but three months of heat ahead of us! I thought it would be fun to really document our first season in our new home, the kitchen renovation that is kicking off next week & all the activities that we do with the kids. So we are going to kick off a little Summer series, week by week & share what we are up to!

The first day of Summer break kicked off with impatiently waiting to get out of bed, heaping stacks of pancakes & a long walk around the neighborhood. Harper wanted to make summer fun lists, so we each wrote down five things we wanted to do this season. Harper & Ellie’s both wanted pool, splash pad, lemonade stand, sleepovers at grandmas & an ice cream party. Claire wanted her nails painted, to have coffee & “Christmas!” so we will keep these all in mind when we wake up and need something to do.

The girls ate popsicles, played in the sprinkler and walked around the house with watering cans to water all of our flowers & grass. Having freshly laid sod in the heat of Summer is no joke! By early afternoon, everyone is pretty exhausted, I usually let them have their ipads for an hour, and nine times out of ten, Ellie & Claire fall asleep. Dreams really do come true. We are in the middle of unpacking, and at the same time, packing back up our half assed kitchen for our full renovation to begin next Monday. We plan to live with a fridge, toaster & microwave in the dining room for about a month. Oh, and eat lots of sushi & bbq!

We really love our new city & are SO excited for our first Summer here, we have big plans for baseball games, late nights at the pool and as many backyard hangs as we can handle!

What are your plans this summer?! What do you want to see more of over here on the blog? Do people even read blogs anymore? 🙂 Hope you all had a great weekend & are staying cool! XO



  1. Sleepovers at Grandmas sound wonderful. Claire and I can have coffee together. ?. Love when Ellie concentrates so hard she sticks her tongue out. Like mother like daughter.

  2. I just had my 3rd girl three weeks ago (!) and love reading and re-reading some of your older posts on your blog. I think this is a perfect series and will look forward to reading your summer updates all season long. 🙂
    Thank you for providing such fun, creative and honest content.

  3. I read blogs?? and actually really love hearing what other moms do schedule wise. It’s inspirational to me! I can kind of get in a rut day in and day out and reading posts like this make me want to make each day count with my kiddos at home for the summer. Oh and I randomly love your posts about what you put in your girls lunches. Bring on all the helpful minutia that goes into being a mom!!

  4. Yes, people still read blogs! (or at least I do) I remember your summer list from last year and I thought it was a fun idea to incorporate their little ideas that are so sweet, such as “Christmas.” Hello Christmas in July theme day!
    I enjoy the aspect of kids being kids, and to me that was Popsicles, sprinklers and no shoes all summer long. I’m sure your kitchen remodel is zero fun, but the progress photos of the house keep me motivated. They look so good.

  5. I LOVE your blog!!! I like being able to go back and look at design ideas, etc. I know insta stories have been taking over blogs (or so it seems) but please keep blogging!!

  6. The blog I only read is yours!!!!! So excited to see your life fall into place at your new home!!! And your photography skills are ?

  7. Oh we read blogs! We always read THIS blog! I’m even ashamed to say I turned on your post notification ?. We are getting a season pass to Sesame Place, lots of pool/beach/splash park hangs and sometimes heading into the city for museum & Central Park dates and meeting daddy after work. Hopefully to catch dinner and a show after daddy gets off work on a Friday night! I’m dying to take her to see Frozen on Broadway!

  8. Yes! Yes! Yes! We still read YOUR blog, don’t stop mama!

    House looking ?? Love ellie’s Yellow suit, and three cheers to popsicle season.

    I have to admit, I love the evolution of your blog however could use a good dose of your old content-just present day. More weekly updates like you mentioned, more candid stuff-raw and real motherhood and life in general.

  9. Sounds like the best day ever! Can’t wait to see what y’all get into next week 🙂
    It would be so fun if you did some girl fashion inspiration too, love your style! Cheers to Summer!

  10. I want to see more of your new home! Alllllll the little spaces and how you filled them, how you’re decorating, and fun things you’re doing with the kids.

  11. I do!!!!! More of stuff like this! I love to know what you guys do for fun ordinary days. ? I miss your weekend posts and love Friday Favs!

  12. Sounds like a fun Summer ahead with your girls.
    We’ve just hit Winter here on the Gold Coast, Australia… but in fairness, its a pretty mild season compared to the mid-West.
    Still love reading your blog and eagerly awaiting more house updates – I’ve been following since you started the blog 🙂

  13. Yes! We still read blogs! So excited for you to write again, and super excited about your summer blogging- sounds perfect!
    AND the picture of the girls with the popsicles and crossed legs like little ladies, SO cute!

  14. YES! These are the posts I long for. The “old” posts from the first couple years. The ones that mostly involved things you did with the kids. Stories. Shenanigans. I like the style posts too but definitely not as much as the others.

  15. I still read all of your blog posts!! I love hearing about y’all’s day to day and what the girls are up to. I also love reading about your events and updates on your house. Ok….I love it all! We are spending a few weeks with grandparents this summer and the rest of it will be spent at the pool or beach!

  16. Love reading your blog!! I’m really looking forward to seeing everything house related as we gear up to buy/sell this summer!

  17. I still read blogs! There are so many new ways to interact with people and I love Instagram and your pics and stories. But as a long term follower from your first chalkboards to now, I love the more personal nature of your blogs. Call it nostalgia. ?
    Loving all the house updates and all the fun info and stories about the girls. The clothing and shopping ideas are always great too! You’re on such an exciting new adventure. Thanks, as always, for sharing a bit of it with us.

  18. I love this idea! My three girls are all out of school mid-June and we have lots of nothing planned! Would love to follow what you all are up to and get some inspiration! 🙂

  19. ? Me!!! I read your blog! Keep posting. I’m excited to see what you do with your new house!
    School is not out here until June 14th, but on June 12th we are all heading to Portugal for 3 weeks! So excited. My girls are 7, (Eloise & Sylvie, you might remember my comment from months ago). Then lots of camping and time spent at the lakes once we return home, and sadly I have to go back to work ? Have fun in your new home and neighborhood!

  20. Yes, I love your blog and have been missing you. Any funny posts about the girls, or their (and your) favorite recipes, good books and craft inspiration…

  21. Omg! Sometimes I will check your blog multiple times a day for a new post! ? I’ve been following since Harper was born. Just keep doing what you’ve always been doing! I love it all! All the holiday posts, kids style posts (love seeing how you color coordinate the girls!) and your home style posts! XOXO

  22. okay….so the girls are gorgeous and grown! Our summer includes a whole lot of beach visits, backyard bbq nights, and low key living! And I used to be obsessed with blogs, but now I just read them when people link them on instagram to remind me. How lazy am I?!

  23. I love reading blogs and yours is always the first one I check! Always so excited to see a new post! I especially like anything related to family/mom life, and holidays.

  24. Lots of pool/ water table days in our backyard. Park/ splash pad. Library. And hopefully lots of little weekend getaways! And yes, I have about 5 blogs that I read still! ?

  25. Question…what are some of your tips and tricks to the girls sharing rooms? I’m currently due with baby number two, and we wont have our third bedroom ready in time so the girls will be sharing. I am so nervous about this!

  26. I remember finding your blog when you were doing chalkboard bumpdates for Harper! I don’t think I’ve missed a post! Your blog is so full of realness and motherhood, and also so much inspiration and creativity. I can’t wait to see your fun summer adventures & the transformation of your stunning home!

  27. I might be in the total minority here but I am so over instagram. I deactivated my account and have only been reading blogs instead and it’s so refreshing. I love reading longer content that a blogger takes time and effort to compose. Keep doing what you’re doing, we love following along!

    • Not minority. I don’t have mine as of 2 months ago—- okay. Maybe we are minority’s but you’re not alone.
      So I just turned on this blog post notification

  28. I’ll echo everyone else… I only read your blog! You must be doing something right! It inspires me to do more “life lately” posts. It’s so fun to go back and see a snippet of a day in the past. Keep it up mama!

  29. Yours is the ONLY one I still read. It’s always short and sweet and after all these years it would be weird to not check in on the Garvins from time to time. (I’ve been here from when Harper was first announced via the ol chalkboard) thanks for bringing us along the ride!

  30. YES! Keep blogging! I want to see ALLLLL the pictures of your new house and hear all about your new city! I understand if you keep the girls and family stuff more private sometimes, but I LOVE your style and I cannot wait to see what you do with this house! Even when it comes to the girls, youre creativity on the parties you throw and the activities you do are so neat to see! I love Garvin&Co and it is still one of my faves 🙂

  31. I still read! I think your voice is just as important as your content. The way you write and tell stories is what resonates with people. Your wit & sarcasm. We love the pretty pictures, your design style, and the fun & creative adventures you create. Dont worry too much about creating what people “want” to read. Just be you! That’s what brought us all here in the beginning. 😉

  32. YES! PLEASE don’t stop writing 😉 I have followed your blog from Indiana since you were pregnant with Harper. I don’t miss a post and you’ve inspired me in so many ways. I’m about to have our third baby and I find I’m always scrubbing your site to find posts I remember to help prepare me <3 You're a rockstar and I have loved getting to know your family! Cheers, friend!

  33. Sounds so fun! We don’t have kids but love following along on your adventures! Cheers to that beautiful Midwest sunshine!

  34. Christmas in July seems like an awesome idea! Play Christmas music all day, put out a mini tree, and maybe do some dollar store shopping and pack Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

  35. I love checking in on your blog! My morning routine, while I drink my coffee before heading off to work, is to check in on four or five blogs I follow, it’s like checking in on my friends! Your photography is great, whether it is of the kids or projects. I’ve gotten a few birthday gift ideas from you, and love your decorating ideas. I shared your blog with my mom a few weeks ago because we spent a few years in Kansas City in a very old house when I was growing up. It’s very different from where we live now (So Cal) and brings back a lot of memories!

  36. This blog is my all time favorite! Can’t wait to see your kitchen reno! I’m loving all the summer fun list ideas. I’ve got all 3 of mine home for the summer too and I will need ideas!

  37. Your blog is my constant. I look forward to a post weekly and love hearing updates on your family, home and amazing and fun ideas for everything. Keep posting! You can’t leave us! haha.

  38. We read your blog! I’ve been following since Harper was born! I have a 6 year old, a 4 year old, and one on the way. Reading your blog is part of my “me time”.
    What are we doing this summer? My oldest has a classic summer camp from 9am-1pm most days (think kickball, wall ball, freeze tag, swimming, and bracelet-making), and then the youngest and I will meet him at the pool for the rest of the day. It’s going to be a pool summer! Oh, and dollar movies at the cinema near us!

  39. I’d LOVE more info on your great home finds/fixtures (like the fab bathroom faucet above)! I’m renovating too and always looking for the perfect piece.

  40. I love your blog! I enjoy seeing the activities you and your family are doing. You’re hostess skills are ? and your home decor.
    I have a 6yo daughter so I love to learn about where you’re shopping for your girls. I think I have you to thank for my Childhoods obsession. ?

  41. This is one of two blogs that I do still read! Love your ideas, your honesty about motherhood and your creativity! Keep up the good work!

  42. Love the idea for this series and can’t waiting to follow along! I know blogging is a lot of work, but I still love reading them!

  43. Love your updates! ❤️ Noticed you mentioned your kids have IPads. My 3 are the same age as your 3 and we have 1 IPad. They fight constantly over it and we are also getting ready to fly for the first time this summer so I’ve been contemplating buying two more so they each have one. Feeling a little mom guilt about it…husband thinks it’s rediculous for them to have one but feeling better that I’m not the only one! What was your decision to let them have one?

    • we do have three, one was our old one that we had from years ago, and we got two refurbished ones from amazon on black friday last year! we put a timer on them so they specifically only get 45-60 minutes of screen time, and limit them to strictly ABC Mouse, their own movies on netflix that we download for them or coloring games. Never ever youtube 😉

  44. Love your blog! It’s my #1 and I hardly read any blogs anymore! Your style is awesome and I crave more house before and afters!!

  45. I am still a blog reader!!! I can’t wait to see more of your renovations and peaks at the new house. My husband and I visited Kansas City during our first year of marriage and fell in love with it. I’d love to live there one day. I love catching glimpses of places we visited on your stories.

  46. I only read a couple blogs and yours is definitely one of them!! I can’t wait for your weekly updates/posts. I generally like to read about fun things you do with the girls to give me some ideas. Love seeing everything you do to the house and getting inspo from your interior designs. I also LOVE when you share details or parties and gatherings that you have. I love hosting and have found some cute ideas from you. Have a great summer, and God speed!

  47. SO excited to hear that you will be posting every week this summer. I love your post, you are my fav!
    I love seeing all the house updates on insta stories, it would be awesome to see them on the blog as well.

  48. I’m so excited for summer this year- this will be my first at home (my husband and I are self-employed and the kids have always been with us at work!) and I’m excited to have this time with them.

    and YES to blogs! I have a love-hate relationship with social media and take long breaks away from IG and FB but 100% will always read blogs. They’re my go-to everyday.

  49. I love your blog!! Yours and Amber Massey’s are literally the only blogs I read because I love the posts like this one…real life stuff. It feels encouraging, comforting, and believable. I think that’s what made us all love blogs before they became so much of the “find the best red lipstick” type ?

  50. So fun to see you settling into your new city and Summer. Of course, blogs are life- especially yours friend! You have a way with words and spreading goodness and cheer. The world might not be all roses, but you sure help me see it through rose colored glasses at times! XOXO

  51. Joining the boards of commenters to say I LOVE READING THIS BLOG. Instagram is fun for little bursts, but I really enjoy reading a full blog post and hearing the writer’s “voice” instead of just a caption. I always get so excited when I see posts from my favorites blogs (which are understandably few and far between because of the shift in social media and writer’s busy lives).

  52. Not minority. I don’t have mine as of 2 months ago—- okay. Maybe we are minority’s but you’re not alone.
    So I just turned on this blog post notification

  53. Yes, blog reader here! I always look forward to reading your posts and can’t wait to see all of your summer adventures with your little ladies.

  54. This is my favorite blog! I’m sure life is unbelievably busy with three little ones, but I love when you’re able to post and update us. I have a daughter now and you give me so much inspiration for things to do with her in the future. Also, we’re building our dream home right now and I’m constantly telling my husband, “This is something Jessica Garvin would like.” Shameless stalker right here.

  55. You’re the only blog I still read because you’re normal and not all showey, full of ads. You have the best real life posts that are so fun to read, full of inspiration! I’m so excited for you and the family to be back in the Midwest! Cheers to a great summer!

  56. Yes, I read your blog! Glad to see that summer is kicking off with big smiles and wet, drippy popsicle faces. Good luck on the kitchen project. That seems so completely overwhelming to me right now, but you are a fearless lady. Chase those house dreams!

  57. I read blogs and I always look forward to reading yours!! I love all things you post so I can’t wait for more posts this summer, especially about your new house! It’s beautiful!

  58. Yes, keep blogging! I’d love to know what your organizational system is how to store your seasonal stuff (decor and clothes) when not in use. Your house looks amazing, and you must have a great system to keep unused stuff out of sight. Please share your secrets!!

  59. I got so sad when I read “do people still read blogs anymore?”. Don’t scare us like that! Lol. And so I read the comments, and realized I’ve read every blog post of yours since Harper was born. 5ish years!! What. And this is my first comment.
    My point being that if I’ve read for 5 years like many others, and never comment, there’s got to be so many people still following your blog, girl. It’s addicting, and I hope you don’t stop. You embody nostalgia so well and it motivates me to do so many memory making things with my three babies everytime you post.

    Thanks for putting in so much time and bits of your life for us to read about. It does more than you realize.

  60. Jessica, I do not read blogs… I read YOUR blog ha ha ! Thanks for sharing your everyday life, projects and fun! Keep doing what you’re doing 😉

  61. Yes, please keep blogging! I’d love to know how your organize and store all your stuff when not-in-use like your seasonal decor and out of season clothing. Your house looks so’ tidy all the time, please share your secrets!!!

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