Summer Bucket List: The Lemonade Stand

The girls have been asking about having a lemonade stand at our house all Summer, and since the weather has finally cooled off a bit, we decided today would be the perfect day for it! They decorated their posters yesterday, some seriously impressive artwork if I might add, and we baked up some cookies after breakfast this morning. There’s always a ton of people outside walking with their kiddos or dogs, and always a construction crew or two, so we had tons of customers and the girls stayed busy for almost an hour! We did regular lemonade & ones with blackberries, which the girls were excited about because they turned pink. I told them it was called fresh squeezed lemonade, so they kept yelling at people to “come squeeze the lemonade!”

It was a ton of fun & definitely one of our favorite ways to spend a Summer day!

Annnnd now we are off to the pool, our favorite way to Friday!! Happy weekend, friends! XO



  1. Umm how long do your crayons stay organized like that!? lol

    Adorable idea, girls! I hope they spend their money wisely! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Priceless pics! What sweet memories for the girls. We did a lemonade stand/art show last weekend. My son (7) is all about the entrepreneurial side of everything and was super into selling the lemonade. My daughter (5) made a bunch of art work that we strung with clothespins from the trees behind us. The whole time she kept yelling, “free art for sale!” I hope that these are the things that they’ll remember when they’re older. Simple joys to cherish.

  3. That picture of Claire concentrating on her lemonade with her legs crossed is TOO MUCH!! I love that girl!! Where would I find her “be kind” tank top? That is adorable. xoxo.

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