Five Festive Things to do in August

It’s the end of summer break for most of us, and as always, I am sad to see the girls off to school but love that this means Fall is coming!! Getting back into a good morning routine is always one of my favorite parts of back to school, I’m less tempted to sleep in until the girls are all climbing in my bed begging to go to the pool, since going for a walk with my coffee in the cool 70 degree weather is actually more enjoyable. August isn’t necessarily a “festive” month, there are no holidays but there is always something to celebrate (and anticipate!!) so I thought  I would share some of the fun things we are doing this month to get through the blah (aka. heat) and busy!

  1. Host an end of summer soiree! Gather your friends, neighbors or even just your family and celebrate the end of Summer break! Menu ideas include: wine + cheese, BBQ + local brews, and of course all the caprese salads and corn on the cob!
  2. Start a morning breakfast date tradition. Kids are back to school and you might have a few mornings a week all to yourself? Plan once a week coffee dates! With your spouse or besties, or even other mamas from your kids school. We did this in Atlanta all the time & it was seriously one of my favorite parts of back to school month. Plus, trying new breakfast & brunch spots and finding the best cup of coffee is the best way to pass the time.
  3. Tackle a big house project. This may not sound super fun or festive, but hear me out. The holidays are just around the corner, and the last thing you want to do is be decorating around an unfinished project! This also goes for end of Summer de-cluttering & donating!  We actually made a list earlier this month of 10 projects we want to complete by the end of August. Because it will be so much more fun to fill the house with pumpkins when walls are painted and pictures are hung!
  4.  Pre-season football fun! I absolutely love the sound of football on the TV in the background, no matter what I am doing! It gives me all the Fall feels!! The games may not be all that important or exciting yet, but they can still be fun! Invite friends over, order pizzas & don’t let school nights be boring! 😉
  5. Apple picking season kicks off right around the end of August, make your way to your nearest orchard while the trees are full! Apple picking is such a fun activity, especially for kids, but the best part is bringing home all of the goodies! Send apples in to your kids teachers or try that new pie recipe you have always wanted to make!

There you have it, five ways to make August just a little bit more fun (plus some random photos from the month!!) as we patiently wait for September 1st, the un-official first day of Fall! 😉 Hope you are all having a great week! XO



  1. Love this! I am literally counting the minutes until I can hang my fall decor. Can you do a blog post about how you prepare to decorate for fall? What stores do you visit? When do you start planning and buying? Just all the fall things! ?

  2. I am the same way! We did a family water balloon fight, the girls loved chasing dad around! Love celebrating the end of summer and beginning of fall! We’re hitting the beautiful white sugar beaches before we move to a different coast!

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