Our Morning Routine + Playlist

School is back in session so our morning routine just got real. I am a night owl so I’m always pressing play on just one more episode of The Office and then wishing I could sleep in the next morning! Anyone else?!

I wanted to give you guys a peek into our mornings during the week!

Brandon & I wake up around 6:15 so we can have a few minutes of peace & quiet before the girls wake up. We make coffee, I fill our diffusers & if the weather is nice, we drink our coffee on the back patio with Marvin. I almost always have to wake the girls around 6:45, they were sleeping in until after 8:00 all Summer so this has been an adjustment for us. I love to turn on a fun playlist in the morning to help wake them up & get everyone excited for the day!

Brandon handles breakfast while I make the girls lunches. We try to keep breakfast super simple during the week, we rotate cereal + fruit, yogurt + fruit, avocado toast, or bagels with peanut butter.

We have the girls set out their clothes the night before, this has been a game changer for staying on schedule in the morning. For some reason they’re a lot less picky when they choose clothes at night, and then in the morning they get dressed without all the drama. I do their hair, typically braids and a little mist of peppermint essential oil to avoid all the things that come with long hair + elementary school. 😉

We do vitamins & oils, they pack their own backpacks with library books & their snacks, and then we are out the door by 7:40 so we can walk to school. Walking to school is one of the biggest perks of where we moved to, we love the small town feel of our neighborhood & getting some sunshine first thing in the morning is the best! We are SO excited for some cool weather which will make it even more enjoyable!

When we get home from dropping off the older girls, Brandon typically heads to the gym or for a run with Marvin, and I take Claire bear to preschool. I do my best to not stop for coffee on my drive home, but typically get wrapped up in a phone call and find my way there. My goal this Fall is to get to the gym three days a week after dropping her off, but I just haven’t gotten quite that far yet. I usually just come home and get straight to work. One step at a time!

Lots of you asked about the morning playlist, I sent it out earlier this month to our email subscribers (you can sign up here!) and but thought I would share it here as well!! Sure to put smiles on everyones faces, even the grumpiest of humans who can’t find their other shoe.

Hope you are all having a magical start to the school year & aren’t to overwhelmed with the massive to do lists!! Thanks for reading, friends!! XO



  1. My babies are little, but we did start some home preschool things this year with my oldest, as well as 1 morning a week. Plus, we ended up in MOPS and a morning Bible study. My kids are usually up by 7:30 anyway. All that to say I work second shift so I’m 110% a night owl. Thus, the lack of sleep has been killer lately. Especially when the baby is waking up 3 times/night. I hope you and yours have a good school year!

  2. Except for the help and the wake up time, this is our morning routine. We pack lunches the night before and the girls just add to their lunchboxes in the mornings. Love the playlist. I might be stealing it 😉

  3. Love the playlist! Days Like This was our first dance song at our wedding 😉 We’re also a little sad to see summer go – we moved from the east coast (where school started closer to 9 am) to the west coast where we need to be out the door by 7:40 also. It’s an adjustment after a lazy no-schedule summer!

  4. Here comes the sun is our morning wake up song! I play it across all the Alexa’s and walk through the house turning on their bedroom lights. Sometimes I get singing along, MOST of the time I get grumbles. But, it works!

  5. Perfect routine. Sounds like ours minus the walking to school, how fun! We use Alexa in the morning to keep us on task. She lets us know when it’s time to pack up and get in the car, and then she plays some fun upbeat music to get us going! It’s been super helpful when I lose track of time.

      • If I understand what your asking, Alexa plays different music every morning because in her skills I set her up to “play upbeat music” when the alarm goes off. Does that answer your question?? If not find me on Instagram and I can try and help! @lisammaloy

  6. I thought my night owl tendencies would go away when I became a mom but nope. 3 kids in and I still haven’t learned my lesson, haha. But hey, I’ll sacrifice a little sleep for some alone time!

  7. Ooh.. peppermint oil good one, I’ve been using tea tree oil. Trying that now! Will you ever be bringing back Friday favs? I would also love a round up of Birthday gift ideas for girls ??Thanks much Love

  8. I’d love to know more about the anti lice spray you use. How do you make it? How much do you use? Thank you sooo much. My daughter is starting kindergarten this year and lice is my biggest worry!!!

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