Holiday Playlist + Pajama Party

Happy December, friends!! The holidays are here & so is the music!! We have been jamming to Christmas music since early November, while we get ready for school, while we cook dinner, we can never get enough.

We are soaking up every last bit of the holiday season, somehow each day gets busier than the last but we are enjoying every minute. We have some super exciting things to share as we roll into the new year and I cannot wait to bring you guys along (no, not a baby) but for now, let’s just turn up the music!

sources: candy cane pajamas // polka dot pajamas



  1. I’m sorry that you feel the need to clarify that every exciting announcement is not a baby – I imagine that gets exhausting. Some people have no chill.

  2. This is cute and awesome!
    But I have one off question! How do you keep your CPU hes so white!!! Hahahahah – I mean we do let our kids have food, water cups and coloring items around the couches, and they take them there if we tell them not to anyway ?

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