Halloween Monster Brownies

Alternatively titled: the most addicting snack of all time. Ok honestly they all are. ANYWAY. Every year we make a fun new Halloween treat, see NUTELLA GHOST HAND PIES and our SPOOKY POPCORN BARK. And this year we went with the most festive Halloween Pretzel Bark Monster Brownies made with delicious brownies (from a box) topped with drizzled pretzels and candy eyeballs. Would this not be the most fun dessert to bring to a Halloween party?! I agree.

You know I’m not one for writing out recipes, but I’m going to give it a very half-assed whirl, but the original inspiration came from the one & only Half Baked Harvest. I didn’t read her recipe or follow it, just saw a picture on Pinterest and winged it. But I highly recommend following hers instead if you’re a perfectionist or need more explaination.

Step 1: Make brownies from a box. Why a box? Because you’re going to dedicate all your time to the toppings, so the brownies aren’t important. This is how making treats in the kitchen get out of control, so pick your battles. Also box brownies are damn delicious.
Step 2: Grab some small twist pretzels and some jumbo pretzels, dip them in melted white almond bark and then drizzle again to create the sloppy monster texture. If you don’t know what almond bark is, I’ve linked it here for you. Repeat with chocolate almond bark for some contrast.
Step 3: Add candy eyeballs, oreos, jumbo chocolate pinwheels and chocolate chips in any way you’d like.
Step 4: Once the brownies cool, add all your fun & festive garnishes.

Serve with iced coffee or wine, depending on what kind of day you’ve had! XO


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