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If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’ve probably seen our exciting news that we announced at the beginning of the year, we bought a lake house!!!

I’ll back up a little bit. Growing up both Brandon & I spent most of our weekends and summers at our grandparent’s farms. His was in Iowa, mine was in Missouri. Our favorite childhood memories took place at these little “home away from homes” and we both felt like it was something that really shaped us into who we are today. I can vividly remember being in middle school, having all sorts of middle school girl drama, and would come home from school to my parents who would say “pack a bag, we are going to the farm for the weekend!” And just like that, my troubles were forgotten. It was a place we could spend with family, granted this was before your troubles could follow you with technology, but it was such a good way to unplug and have fun without a worry in the world.

After we started having kids, we dreamt of having a place like this for our kids. In the last five years, we have lost two of our grandmas, and both of our grandparents farms. And earlier this year when my grandma was diagnosed with Cancer, we really felt pulled to find our “place” that will remind us of our grandparents and be a place that our kids can have as their “farm” growing up.

We spent a lot of time this past summer with some of our best friends in KC here at Lake Lotawana, and knew right away this was it for us. We were going to buy a lake house, spend lots of weekends and summers there, and also open it up to our own friends & family to be a getaway for them whenever they need it.

We house hunted for about six months, lost the cutest fixer-upper gem of a house over the summer, made an offer on another that ended up going off the market, and eventually found the lake house of our dreams.

We started moving in just before Christmas, and had the most fun celebrating NYE there with Brandon’s family. So far it is a mix of thrifted pieces & Ikea furniture and we are loving how it is coming together. We have never furnished a house from start to finish and know it is going to be a huge project, but we could not be more excited for it!

In the spirit of making this house feel lived in, truly like it could have been our grandparent’s lake house, I wanted to share a little bit of the design inspiration that we have in mind. This is very different than my normal decorating style so I see it as a challenge and can’t wait to bring it all to life!

sources: one // two // three // four // five

What would you call this style?! Trying to figure out a name for it. Cozy coastal craftsman?

If you have any Instagram accounts or online sources with similar style, please send my way, I want to dive in to all the dreamy lake home spaces for inspiration!!

More to come, soon! Thanks for reading!! XO



  1. @Sweetshadylane – it’s a little traditional, but love the architecture, also @mycostalfarmhouse . Can’t wait to follow along!

  2. These inspiration pics are gorgeous! I would say they’re like mod country living because they’re definitely something I could see in a country living mag. Can’t wait to see what your design magic does to the place!

  3. Everything looks so good! You guys will have so much fun building memories here 🙂 Do you mind sharing where the glass light fixture is from in the entry?

  4. I love the reason behind your why, the barn and my horses were my “home away from home” and this year both of my girls have started riding. Being at a barn regularly with horses and dogs and the chores brings back so many happy memories for me!

  5. Okay super detailed and random….the art picture in your kitchen next to your diffuser…the one of the woman…who is the artist? I remember you linked it a long time ago but now I cant remember who the artist is! Thanks!

  6. It’s all so dang pretty!!! We just moved onto a farm, and it truly is the place to come and escape. I instantly feel at peace when I pull in the driveway, and I still can’t believe this is home. I hope you get that same feeling with your lake house. I LOVE your design inspo!

  7. Thank you for still posting on your blog!! I’m taking a much-needed social media hiatus, so I MISS YOU and I’m grateful you still keep us updated here on the ole blog. Super excited for your family with this new purchase! SO exciting!! Congrats!!

  8. That first pic reminds me so much of the American Girl of the year 2019, Blaire. She bakes, farms, gardens, has a family farm restaurant. (Clearly my 7 year old and I are huge fans of hers!) Can’t wait to see the rest of the decorating progress!

  9. I absolutely love that your heading in a different design direction for your lake house! Just like your Grandparents lived in, what a great way to make timeless memories and honor your Grandparents as well! ❤️

  10. Love your lake house! I would love to have a lake house or cabin one day! I also like the picture of the women, someone else mentioned in your kitchen.

  11. Cant wait to see what you do with the place. I follow Nesting with Grace and was so excited when she said her friends lake house was at Lake Lotawana. I grew up there. I lived on Perdue Road which is the back entrance to the lake. By the Sportsmens Club, if that is still around. I could see the dam from my bedroom window. Attended the Lotawana United Methodist church as a kid and went to Mason Elementary. My parents just moved from the area after 50 years. You are gonna love it there. Just a great community.

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