Blackberry Oven S’Mores

S’Mores are one of our favorite treats, and in most cases, all the fun is in huddling around the fire to roast marshmallows! On the other hand, we almost always have all the ingredients for s’mores on hand, which also makes it a perfect last minute treat even without the fire! This is where oven s’mores come in! And if you have never added blackberries to your s’mores, or any fruit for that matter, prepare to have your mind blown! The cold, juicy fruit added to the warm s’more is what dreams are actually made of. Let’s get started!

Preheat your oven to broil. On a baking dish, lay out your graham crackers, chocolate pieces and marshmallows right on top. You’re going to put them in the oven on broil for no more than 30-60 seconds, keeping the oven door almost open the entire time so you can watch them so they don’t burn. Kids, stay back. As soon as they start to char on top, turn your broiler off, and close the door. I let them sit in the oven for another 60-90 seconds as the marshmallows inflated and the chocolate started to melt.

Once you take them out of the oven, top them with some fresh blackberries, crumble up some more graham cracker on top and of course garnish with just a littttle bit more chocolate!! So quick and easy, and you could make an entire tray of dessert for a large group if you are entertaining!!

Ok who else always has s’mores ingredients on hand and is excited to give these a try?!



  1. Adding the blackberries sounds delicious! For even more flavor, try “toasting” the graham cracker squares under the broiler very quickly, and then add the chocolate and marshmallow, and broil again as you described. Here’s to summer!!

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