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Today was the girls official first day of school and we are still shocked at what seven hours with no kids in the house feels like. I touched on this a bit on social media but we were torn on whether or not we would homeschool again up until the last minute. Lots of pros and cons, personally I would have loved to continue homeschooling but ultimately we decided to send them back. They missed their friends, and we truly do love our school. They were nothing but excited to go back! Claire had zero nerves about going to kindergarten, we absolutely love her teacher and can’t wait to see how this year shapes her. She also clearly left her chubby cheeks back in pre-k and I will never get over it.

I asked the girls a few interview style questions on our walk to school this morning and thought they should be documented here for future reading material.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Harper: a blogger and oiler and fashion designer
Eloise: a singer
Claire: an oilist (hilarious) and hair stylist

What was your favorite part of summer?
Harper: being at the lake with all of our friends
Eloise: going off the diving board at the pool
Claire: our seaside trip

What are you most excited for this school year?
Harper: art class and doing clay at school
Eloise: math!
Claire: math too and having friends

What’s your favorite song?
Harper: Me Too
Eloise: Sunday Best
Claire: Whiskey Glasses (lol)

What’s your favorite dinner?
Harper: green bean casserole
Eloise: pot roast
Claire: bisketti (please never stop saying it this way)

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL 2021, here we go!

I promised you guys I’d share a few of our back to school faves, we didn’t buy a lot but do have a few tried & true must haves!!

These super cute stripe dresses the girls are wearing.

I let the girls basically pick all their own school clothes this year, these paperbag style shorts were a hit with all three of them!

My favorite long sleeve basic tees under $20.

Life hack, these simple black sneakers for all the kids, because they go with everything & don’t get dirty on the playground.

Using our backpacks from two years ago since they’re still in great shape, but the girls also loved these! Also thought these were super cute cute for younger kids who don’t need a very big backpack just yet.

Super cute lunch boxes! I ended up buying these because SURPRISE, I couldn’t find our old ones and I needed anything I could get overnight on Amazon prime. They’re definitely for adults, but still work for kids.

These are our favorite bento boxes for inside lunch bags.

These uncrustable makers, kids are currently OBSESSED with this and I’ll take anything that gets them excited about making their own lunches.

And last but not least, all of our favorite oils for supporting our kids during the school year! From feelings and emotions to fueling creativity and improving focus, these are tools every mom should have!!

Wishing you all a happy & healthy school year, cheering you all on through tough decisions and hard circumstances. Cheers, mamas!



  1. love the interview questions! will you do a post on some of your lunches you pack for the girls. my bad if you already have a post on that!

  2. Claire “having friends” oh my gosh my heart. This was such a cute post and so great to see them head back in person – have a great year girls!

  3. Happy first day! I thought Claire was going into first grade? Im only asking because I was pregnant with my son when you were pregnant with her and they were born only a week apart! Sorry if I missed something, I love your blog, but am a little behind on it because of life lol.

  4. I just realized that this is the same board you used for your pregnancy chalk boards, right?? I started following you way back when you first got popular on pinterest with your boards for your pregnancy with Harper!!!

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