Easter Basket Goodies!

I remember how magical Easter morning was for me as a kid. Our entryway table would be overflowing with glittery green Easter grass, covered in all sorts of candy and a basket for me & each of my four brothers. We had a ball eating donuts, asking each other if anyone saw the Easter bunny overnight & trying to slip jellybeans into our pockets before our parents would attempt to ration it all for us. We went to church with our new kick-ass pez dispensers in tow, anxiously awaiting the Easter Egg hunt afterwards. We would go crazy in our yard looking for our plastic eggs, some filled with candy, some with pennies (which I’m sure my brothers probably swallowed) & some with clues scribbled on pieces of paper to go find other Easter goodies that were likely stuffed in the dryer or the fruit drawer in the fridge. Pretty unforgettable.

This is the exact image that I want Harper to have as she grows up, telling her friends at school or her own children one day. Do I care that she is only ONE and will probably not remember this particular Easter Sunday? Noooooope. We are going all out.

Here are some Easter Basket ideas for your little ladies & gents!

boys easter basket ideas
Here are Harper’s goodies from last year, I still remember trying to take pictures of her in the basket itself. Ha. Hahahahah.
easter basket ideas
Also. I heard about this EASTER EVE tradition (you know I’m all over this) and can. not. wait. to do this with Harper.  Have your kids plant magic jelly beans & overnight, they will “grow” into lollipops in the yard!!!
I knoooow. Take a minute. Catch your breath. And go buy jellybeans & lollipops.

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