Winter Wonderland

We woke up Friday morning to the most festive surprise, the faintest little snowflakes were starting to fall just as the sun was coming up. In the south, there are lots of times when we are expected to get a little snow, but nothing like what we experienced this weekend. I took the girls to school, part wondering if I should have kept them home so they could enjoy it, and part wondering how long it would take for school to get cancelled because that’s the sort of thing that happens around here if we get more than thirty minutes of snow or ice. Sure enough, as soon as all the kids were at school & I was back home getting started with work, we got the call that school would be let out early. By then we were getting the biggest, most beautiful snowflakes and it was all sticking!! Brandon was working from home too, so we ran out & picked up the kids from school to hurry them home & into their snow suits. We had three inches by early afternoon, enough that they could pack it and make a snowman (with whoppers leftover from Halloween for his eyes and mouth) and have dad pull them around the yard in their sled. Of course no proper snow day comes without hot chocolate, so we made a fire in the fireplace, turned on some Christmas movies & warmed up before doing it again. And again. And again.

The girls were worn out from all the fun, but the snow just kept coming! We watched it fall until almost midnight with the string lights turned on, it was seriously one of the most beautiful snowfalls I have ever seen, even after living in the midwest!! It was nothing short of magical!! Brandon woke up early to make sure all the girls snow stuff was dry so they could go back outside first thing in the morning and made French Toast for everyone (we made homemade whipped cream the day before so we needed an excuse to have some for breakfast).

It snowed most of the morning and finally disappeared, we knew it wouldn’t last long but it was seriously the most fun 48 hours. An excuse to slow down in December, which never happens, and make memories that we will never forget!

PS. Dear Santa, we wouldn’t mind if this happened one more time this year, especially on Christmas Eve.



  1. How amazing!! What a magical weekend you got to experience! I know you’ve said you do minimal editing in your pictures and apply a filter while in VSCO, would you be able to share which filter that is? I just love your beautiful moody cosistancey throughout. ?

  2. Oh my goodness! Your pictures really look magical! It’s crazy that over here in Nebraska it hasn’t even snowed yet! My daughter keeps wishing for snow but no such luck yet. As an adult, I sometimes forget how wonderful the snow can be, I need to remember that! Thanks for sharing your cute girls with us! Merry Christmas!

  3. Snow days are the best! My husband and I were giggling seeing all the snow pictures down south while we sit here in Colorado bone dry ? Glad you enjoyed your magical weekend!!

    What filter did you use for your beautiful outdoor snow pics? They look great!! ❄️

  4. How dreamy!!! One of my friends from Birmingham posted this STUNNING picture of her family outside their house in total snow cover and I was so jealous — we got nothing of the sort here in Nashville. Maybe there’s more to come!

  5. These pictures are just pure magic!! The snow day made me think of when you put socks on Harper’s hands and took her sledding on something that was not a sled (can’t remember now). haha! We bought a real sled for the first time this year.. and we lived in MICHIGAN for 7 years. Our front yard is a hill, so it was time.

  6. Beautiful photos!!! That lighting in the snow is something special. We live west of Atlanta and the magic died as soon as our power went out, but the snow really was beautiful!

  7. We were away in when it was snowing so we didn’t get to enjoy a nice cozy snow day at home, but our forecast is actually calling for snow on Christmas Eve!!!

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