Vacation Recap Part Two

One more fun vacation recap post before we get back to reality! 🙂

Thursday & Friday, we took a few more strolls out to the beach to play in the sand. Harper really couldn’t get enough & cried her little eyes out when we had to take her back to the hotel. I love the pictures of her hair blowing in the wind (minus it being greasy as hell from sunscreen), she looks like such a little lady!

I seriously could not get over her baby bikini, I’m not sure if it’s the belly or the rolls, but it was certainly the cutest thing I have ever seen. It gets a little awkward with sizing though, we went a size up, but once you cram a diaper in the bottom (we used these swim diapers) it was perfect. The top was a little too big (don’t worry kiddo, mama’s got the same problems), but hopefully she can still wear it next year! 😉

And for the record, baby powder really does work like a charm in removing sand!! Putting her straight into the bathtub when she was sandy was a horrible idea (more on that later), using baby powder to clean her off outside is totally the way to go.

On our way from St. Pete Beach down to Bradenton, we had to make a pit stop at Mazzaro’s, our favorite Italian Market that we used to visit every weekend when we lived there. Harp loved it just as much as we did! 🙂 And for those of you who have asked, we LOVE the Origami Stroller, talk about the absolute MOST fun stroller to push! It is such a smooth ride, opens & closes at the touch of a button & it charges your cell phone?! Total win!

4Moms Origami Stroller, Striped Sun Dress

Updated: Stripe Halter Maxi (Red Haute from Von Maur last season, similar here)

The rehearsal dinner was Friday night, where we ate the most delicious food at the most beautiful restaurant… string lights & all! 🙂 Harper tried bruschetta, asparagus, steak & garlic mashed potatoes, but favored the dinner rolls more than anything. Like mother, like daughter! (I secretly love little pads of restaurant butter, so gross, I know)
The entire thing was going on much past her bedtime, so it wasn’t long before she got overly tired & lost her shit.
Saturday was the wedding. Since we were both in it, Harper spent the day at a friend’s house, so we were kid free for a few hours! We had so much fun with the bride & groom (and the entire wedding party), it was a beautiful wedding! And open bar… holla!

Harper joined us halfway through the reception & of course, loved dancing her little booty off on the dance floor. This is the only picture that we managed to get of the three of us (epic fail) but after hours of dancing & stuffing our faces with wedding cake, we were a HOT MESS.

But hey, that’s what weddings are all about! 🙂


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