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Good Morning coffee lovers!
It’s been kind of a long running joke that every time I post a picture of iced coffee (which is pretty often), it never fails that someone asks the recipe. And let’s be honest, when I see someone else with it, I am the first one to ask how they make it! Totally understandable, since good coffee is pretty much key to survival as a mom. And for the record, I never, ever get annoyed when someone asks because there is a good chance they just didn’t see it posted somewhere already. So, today, a blog post dedicated to all the iced coffee lovers & my favorite ways to make it! 🙂 
For the longest time, I have been brewing my coffee in the keurig (we have this one). I use either Starbucks Breakfast Blend or Donut Shop Original, something a little bit on the strong side but nothing flavored. I brew the coffee directly into a metal mug or cocktail shaker so I can put it right into the freezer. I use the medium cup setting, so it is a little bit stronger & let it sit in the freezer to cool off for about 5-10 minutes. Then, I pour it over ice & add half & half. Seriously, too easy right? 🙂 I prefer my coffee unsweetened, even a little on the bitter side, but you can always add sweetener, flavored creamers or even honey if you prefer.
Recently, I discovered cold brew coffee. I picked up a bottle of the Trader Joes brand & have been experimenting with it to find the perfect way to make it. I have become completely obsessed with it after finally mixing it right, definitely worth trying because it is just so easy & convenient! I think the trick is just adding enough water since it’s technically a concentrate, it all depends on how strong you like it. And for fun, a few cozy coffee picks, I am in love with those water bottles & they are perfect with a straw for cold coffee on the go!

BKR Glass Water Bottle \ Stainless Steel Straws \ Dave’s Coffee Syrup \ Slingshot Cold Brew
Ceramic Cream & Sugar Containers \ Vintage Cotton Summer Pajamas

Do you have a magical iced coffee recipe worth sharing?
Cheers, friends! Hope you all have a great day ahead!


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