Time & Sanity Saving Tips for Moms

I can honestly say, I never thought having two kids would be this hard. Sometimes I feel like I am in totally over my head, especially with little to no sleep some nights. These are a few of the timesaving (and sanity saving) tips that work for us & make our day to day a little bit easier. 
1. Meal Prep. This is something we just started really taking seriously since having two kids. Preparing dinner each night, during witching hour nonetheless, sometimes seems impossible. So on Sundays, after we get groceries, we prep meals & snacks for the entire week. Brandon trims/cuts meat, I make/measure seasoning to put in ziplock bags and we wash/cut all of our fruit & put in tupperware. This makes the biggest difference in weekday efficiency & takes so much stress out of having dinner ready.
2. Get ready for the day the night before. This seems silly, but it is an easy way to start the day off stress free. I put together sippy cups, pump parts, bottles & make my iced coffee the night before so that when the kids wake up, it’s easy to grab everything before anyone loses their patience. We also make sure to stock the “diaper stations”, put snacks in snack containers to grab on the go & pack up anything we will need for any planned activities, like play dates or the pool. All of that stuff is so much quicker to do after the kids are in bed rather than running around doing it last minute.
3. Making the most of naptime. Before Eloise was born, I used to shower during Harper’s naptime, but now I realize that is definitely something that I can do while being fully distracted by the kids. I bring them both into the bathroom with me, Harper plays with bath toys, nailpolish, shoes, etc. & Eloise rocks in her bouncer (we have a glass shower so I can watch them). Same for unloading the dishwasher, Harper loves to help so we make it a game rather than a chore. Instead, I make a list of things that I have to do with no distractions, like work, phone calls, blogging, etc. & make sure to save the beloved naptime silence for those.
4. Take shortcuts. Sometimes we don’t even go downstairs for the day until 10. Harper has her milk & cheerios in my bed, while I feed Eloise & we watch Frozen. Some days we load up in the car & drive all the way to the Starbucks drive through, just to get out of the house. Harper loves looking for things out her window & getting a smoothie, a good way to save my sanity on a rainy day. Dry shampoo, pajamas all day & ordering pizza are all part of what we like to call survival mode.
5. Order Diapers + Wipes online. Once you have toddler in the front of your shopping cart, and either a carseat in the back or a newborn tied to you, there is no easy way to put all of those big boxes in your cart. We have been fans of Diapers.com since Harper was born, getting the best deal on diapers & having them delivered to your doorstep is the best way to go. And right now, you can use coupon code WOWHUGGIES to receive $12 off your first purchase of a box of Huggies
If only they delivered wine as well. 🙂
This is a Huggies sponsored post. All opinions, tips, tricks & chaos is my own. Thank you for supporting the companies & brands that make this blog possible.

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