Monday Morning + Maple Iced Coffee

Good morning, friends! For many of you, today isn’t just any Monday morning. It’s the first day of school for your little ones. Whether it is kindergarten, preschool, or even in our case, Harper’s second year of nursery school, us mamas are sending a little piece of our hearts out the door.
Harper has been excited for school for the last few weeks, we had one of her preschool teachers babysit a few times over the summer, so that always reminded her how much she loved it. Today, she woke up bright & early, ready to put on her “pack-pack.” I was so proud of her in the car line, she was all smiles, a sweet little “I love you mama” & she was waving goodbye.
Eloise & I cried like babies the whole way home.

I am already so excited to pick her up, it is entirely too quiet around here without her! 🙂

If you follow me on Instagram (@jlgarvin) you may have already seen our most recent breakfast creation, maple iced coffees! These are super fun for playdates & brunch. I brewed a breakfast blend coffee in my keurig, chilled it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes, then added a few drops of Syrup Shop maple syrup. I used a splash of half & half, along with a small teaspoon of condensed milk & garnished with a mini waffle. Harper had her own little cup of milk with a waffle on the cup as well so she could join in the fun! 😉 I think these will be added to our holiday brunch lineup from here on out!

Wishing you all a happy (and caffeinated) Monday!! XO

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