Weekend Randoms

School again, school again. Harper’s second day is today, she had a blast & was excited to go back. So proud of her. Eloise on the other hand is not a fan of getting shoved into her carseat a few extra times a day, especially when it interrupts her nap & double especially when it’s hot outside. Hello, Fall? Yes, you can come any day now!

Anyway, the weekend. Not a lot going on over here except we are finishing up some projects around the house & packing up a few things that will be making their new home over at my parent’s house since they move here in just a few days!!! Saturday morning I had to make an emergency coffee run as we had the appliance company here looking at not one, but three, of our appliances that are on the fritz. No fridge, no ice, no iced coffee. And the dryer, you guessed it, is a lost cause.
Obligatory Starbucks haul pic in my favorite sweatpants. That was also Harper’s first time trying the random organic vanilla milk that they sell, which tasted like a not-cold-enough milkshake, but of course she loved it.

We had friends over Saturday night, & I did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (nominated by Fiona, cutest name ever, & my BFF Whitney). I would post the video but I’m sure you’ve already seen eighty too many. Watch this video to see a personal story from a mom who suffers from this disease & what this challenge has meant to her & others with this condition. It’s amazing what such a viral campaign like this can do, we donated as well & I read that over over 80 million dollars raised for ALS this month. Incredible!

I definitely should have plugged my nose.

Harper handed over the torch to her little sis, now the proud new owner of her very own high chair! 😉 Eloise took her new whip for a spin & was loving it. I think she is just happy to be at eye level with everyone while we eat dinner, rather than in her bouncer or being held. We have her four month (wait, what?) appointment this week, excited to get the go ahead for starting solids soon!

I went downtown with my brother for a bit to do a little shopping, we stopped at the cutest restaurant called Seven Lamps on our way back, where I tried a new beer that tasted just like a mimosa. And even better, it is brewed in Burlington, VT, which I have a slight obsession with. I loved the inside of this place, brick walls & vintage furnishings. Also was a huge fan of cute apothecary bottles for water. Definitely on my wishlist for home now!

 And that’s a wrap! We are excited for the return of college football this weekend, yea!!! So ready to cheer on the Hawkeyes! Labor Day is the official end of summer in my book, which means it’s all Fall from here on out. Have you seen this amazing black cat hat?! I ordered one for both Harper & Eloise to wear all season long!! I made the mistake of telling Harper about Trick or Treating, now she is begging to do it “pretty please today mom? put a sucker in my bucket!” She’s just as excited as I am!! 🙂
Happy Hump Day, friends!!

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