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 While we are dreaming of turkey legs & apple pie over here, the realization has set in that Christmas is only six weeks away! Six weeks from TODAY! And I am so excited to share a small holiday gift guide that I have put together, including a few of the things my girls absolutely love & a few things that will be under the tree for them this year! 

 One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six // Seven // Eight // Nine // Ten // Eleven // Twelve // Thirteen

I love using something they want, something they need, something to wear & something to read as a guide for picking out gifts. It makes things simple & practical in a world where holiday shopping is just plain overwhelming. Every year, I love picking out a few books, some pajamas (and tutus!), and some new puzzles, alphabet activities or art supplies. That leaves the “want” category open for a thing or two that they pick out on their own.

Harper has asked for a hula hoop & a doll bed. She has two of the sweetest ballerina dolls that she loves to pieces, so I am thinking this would be a fun DIY project for us to build her something for them to sleep in! And if you are in love with those dolls as much as we are, our friend Erin at Candy Kirby Designs is offering 15% off to our readers, with coupon code CKDLOVESTHEGARVINS. We love her too! πŸ™‚

Eloise wants a puppy & a basketball. Simple enough!! πŸ˜‰ Eloise is obsessed with dogs, so I found this hilarious dog house full of puppies that I am fairly certain will blow her mind.

The play kitchen is the perfect gift for kids of all ages, we waited to get this for Harper until her third Christmas, but were surprised at how young Eloise was when she started to play with it as well. It is still the most loved toy in the house & it is always so fun to add new kitchen accessories. I am currently loving this felt food breakfast set & these super adorable wooden popsicles!

And then there are babies! I think it’s always so hard to come up with Christmas gifts for babies, because 1. they’re babies and 2. you probably already bought all the things you really need for them. A few of my favorite gift ideas would be milestone cards (if you haven’t already seen these, they’re really the cutest photo props ever!), which would also be the perfect gift for a baby on the way! And some adorable, all natural teethers (like the rubber boat or plush snail) that can also be used as toys!

I hope this has been helpful for anyone still in need of gift ideas, and as always, please share any of your great finds with us in the comments! I cannot even handle the excitement I have for the holidays this year, Christmas with three kids will surely be the best ever.
Happy Happy Friday!!! XO



  1. A play kitchen is the best present! We bought one for my daughter when she was 2 and she loved it. When ever her friends come over it's the first toy that gets played with. Great list x

  2. we have a similar puppy toy, but instead of a dog house, it's a tree with little critters stuffed in it. A bird, chipmunk, bear, fox, and raccoon. Ashlynn loves it. Great list!

  3. My boys are obsessed with dogs too πŸ™‚ May I suggest the book "DOG" by Matthew Van Fleet! (can find on Amazon). It's a pop-up book with real dog pictures.. am about to order my 2nd copy as our first one got absolutely destroyed by being read (and petted/pulled) so often!

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