Happy Halloween!

Good morning & Happy Halloween to you all!!!
I thought I would share a super quick & easy festive treat for any of you that may be whipping things up last minute. I found these little ghost peeps at Party City the other day & knew they would be perfect to turn into something fun. I dipped the bottoms into some dark chocolate candy coating, added sprinkles & stuck them onto a lollipop stick. These would be cute alone but could also be used as cupcake toppers! Not sure what we will do with ours, but we have some peep lovers in the family so I know they will be a hit! 😉 Plus, they are a fun little project for kids, Harper put on the sprinkles & loved every minute of it.

We finally carved our pumpkin, which we have all been excited to do all season. After we put Eloise to bed the other night we let Harper stay up late as a special treat for her, she picked the pumpkin, which was probably way too small to carve but she wanted it because of the long stem. She was loving this. She would not stop talking about all of the “goo!” inside & had the best time scooping it all out. We asked her what she wanted on it & she picked Mickey. I am pretty bad at carving, Brandon did the scooping & I did the cutting. But Harp was mesmerized with the result & definitely did not want to go to bed after!
Last night we decided to finally kick back to watch some scary movies, and what better way to make sure it was extra scary than to watch them outside!! We have a tv mounted to the side wall on a swing arm mount so we can pull it out to watch movies, or face it outward if we want to watch football from the patio or hammocks. There were tons of scary movies on so we went with Scream (always a favorite!) & Halloween, the scariest & definitely a classic!! And yes, that is a new chalkboard we built on the back wall! It has been such a great addition to the porch since Harper can color on it or we can deck it out for the holidays!

So halfway through the movie, Brandon decides that he can’t see very well so he insists that we move the chairs so that our backs are towards the screen a little bit more. I hate this idea because it’s scary & I am sure someone (or something. probably a bear). is going to come up behind us. We are well into Halloween, which seriously scares me to death, when I start to hear something rustling in the leaves. I’m of course terrified & telling Brandon I hear something. We are looking behind us, he assures me it is a squirrel so we just go back to watching the movie.
My heart STOPS. I scream. I drop my beer. Frozen like a deer in headlights. 
And Brandon bursts out laughing.

Brandon & his pranky mcprankster friends thought it would be sooooo funny to have our friend Will come scare me while we were watching the movies. WELL PLAYED. I was SCARED TO DEATH. I guess that’s what I get for always wishing we could make a haunted backyard!! 😉 Naturally, we invited Mr. Scream himself in for a beer.

I hope you all have an amazing day & have so much fun trick or treating this evening!!! And if you’re not feeling the sugary candy, how about a little eye candy? Have you all seen the new Kate Spade for Gap collection that launched yesterday?! It is all so adorably festive, I especially love the Pretty Sneaky top & candy cane striped tights!! Can’t wait to go see it all in person!

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